Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Devi sees Adhi’s scar

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adhi says where is Devi? Masa says she is nowhere in the house. Urmi says she might have ran from the house. Masa says she has no shame. Her family will pay for it now. devi is under the bed. Kesar says lets look downstairs. Kesar goes out and says Masa this door isn’t opening. devi comes out of bed. Adhi says let me open the door. Devi come and says were you looking for? Masa says didn’t you hear? Devi says I was looking for my ring. Adhi gets a call from his client. He grabs Devi’s hand and takes her to room. Everyone wonders whats going on. He locks the room. Masa is angry. Urmi says sure they will make love. Masa says he is my son he must be angry at her and ask her wherre she was.

The client calls. Adhi gives the phone to devi. Client says

can I talk to Adhi. Devi says sure. Adhi says I can’t speak in english. devi talks on his behalf. he asks about the land. Devi explains him well. Adhi says he is very impressed with your PA. He wants to work with you company. Adhi says thank you for helping me. Devi says most welcome. She comes out. Everyone looks at her. She goes to her room. urmi says why did you go in the room? Devi says he is my husband. Maassa says don’t do this drama in front of me. Tell me what happened in the room? devi says a foreigner called him so he asked me to call. Masa says enough.

Scene 2
Devi tells Kesar everything. She says I saw a happy child in him. He was so happy. Kesar says what he did was what Masa asked him when he burned you. He is not a bad human himself.
devi puts a phone in shampoo bottle to see what is on his back. She places it in his washroom. Devi says now I will know what is on his back.
Adhi goes to washroom to take shower while Devi does arti. Adhi comes out. He says my tika.. She puts tika on his forehead. Adhi leaves.

devi looks for the bottle in his washroom. Maid says I gave it to the tin man. The tin man is downstairs. Devi says I have to save it. Devi says I want to buy a shampoo. Bansuri says you have no shame? DEvi says look my hair is so rough. She sits down and takes the bottle. Maasa says yoou won’t get anything. Devi says a little bit of it. Masa says take these old bottles and use from them. devi takes them all. She comes room and takes the phone out. Devi feels shy. Adhi takes shower. Devi sees the burned mark on his back. She recalls its the same as hers. She sits in shock.

Precap-Saradh asks Adhi what happened? He says my back is burned a bit. Devi is hearing everything on back. Saradh says masa asked you for this too? Adhi grasps his collar in anger and says Masa didn’t give me this scar.
I gave myself. Devi is shocked. She says today I got to know there is a Ram ipn this beast.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Loved to see all the three witches collectively on the backfoot and imagining all sorts of colourful things about Adhi and Devi .Ofcourse Masa heaves a sigh of relief later when Devi tells her the real reason but Urmi……..I don’t understand why she is so jealous of Devi.She is Adhi’s sister in law and a widow,why is she nurturing unreasonable hopes for Adhi ?Anyways whatever Masa and Urmi think ,it is evident that Adhi is slowly finding comfort in Devi’s company and is appreciative of her intelligence ,medical knowledge ,devotion to God ,civilised background is n’t surprising that he,basically a good human being ,is responding to these irresistible qualities of Devi . I am happy that at last the story is on the right track,,….hope Masa’s tortures are a thing of the past.

  2. I would like to see Adhi take care of Devi’s back…and acknowledge the pain he inflicted, and also what happened when Masa locked those weights to her ankles..the dismissal of that really bothers me.

  3. Lokesh

    First epi
    N its amazing. I think i shld grasp so.e tym fr this show.

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