Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun Does Not Believe Devika’s Truth

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Basanti threatens Maheshwari if she does not stop helping Devika, she will tell against her to Varun, and Varun wil believe her only her. Maheshwari gets tensed. Basanti orders her to call Devika and informs she will not help her from hereon. Maheshwari calls Devika and warns her to stay away form Varun and Dhani as they are made for each other. Devika asks if she is being pressurized by someone. Maheshwari says no, Dhani is Heera’s granddaughter and only she can marry Varun. She disconnects call and cries. Devika thinks how can Maheshwari back off so easily, something is wrong. She walks to Varun and asks if he does not feel anything for her, what if he finds out that she did not betray him and her love is pure like ganga. He promises that he will marry her in front of everyone.


returns home and informs Heera that Maheshwari was helping Devika, but now she warned her, now nobody will help Devika, she will go and inform Kesar that Varun and Dhani’s wedding is for sure. Heera smirks and thinks once Devika’s DNA report is back and Devika’s proved Devi and Adhiraj’s daughter, she will kill even Devika like her parents.

Varun reminisces what Devika told and him promising her to marry if she is telling truth. He walks to her and asks to tell what is truth. She tells him whole story from the time they met to doctor falling for her, their marriage, Heera and her puppets trying to kill her and throwing her in front of truck, etc. Varun laughs and says it is a wonderful story and if she sells him this script, he will be superstar overnight. He continues he should not have involved doctor and walks away fuming. Devika thinks only doctor can tell truth to Varun, calls doctor, but he does not pick call. She leaves him a message to come and help him as Varun is going far away from her. Dhani’s bridal dress comes. Devika thinks it is her wedding and dress should be of her fit.

Kesar gets wedding card and gives it to Heera. Heera also gets DNA report. She reads it and finds out Devika is Devi’s daughter. Varun comes and asks her to give it to him. She crushes paper and eats it. He asks why did she eat it, if a groom cannot see wedding card. Heera relaxes and shouts yes, he cannot see. They both walk away. Devika lifts envelope form ground and finds Varun and Dhani’s wedding card.

Devika in her room thinks only she will marry Varun. Heera walks to her and shouts why don’t she die after trying so much, why she returns back to her life again, she will kill her again. Devika warns to try whatever she can and leaves. Heera shouts she will kill Devika like her parents. Kesar hears her and asks if Devika is Devi’s daughter, then it is bad for them. They saw Adhiraj’s dead body and not Devi’s. Devika told everything happened to Devi, that means Devi is alive and told everything to Devika. Heera says if Devi is really alive, she will create problems for them.

Precap: Varun challenges Devika that today is his and Dhani’s haldi ceremony and not her. Devi dances on Meri and whistles. She mixes Varun’s haldi bowl with other bowls and asks Basanti how will she differentiate now.

Update Credit to: MA

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