Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika finds out Varun is not dead

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pooja starts, Ashka leaves her place to give Devika seat beside Daksh, Devika sits here, Ashka is jealous. Devika smiles recalling her moments with Varun. Daksh asks her to give havan with him but Devika is still lost in memories.

Mansoor grabs Varun and says you have a nice face, I dont want to smear it but we need people to give money to you, every signal should have our beggars, he asks his goons to cut his feet, he has innocent face and mental, Varun says I am not mental, that devil is not nice. Mansoor asks his goons to start cutting his legs. They tie Varun and put him on table. Varun beats them and takes knife, he grabs Mansoor and asks everyone to move away, he says I will kill him, stay away, all goons stay away, Varun runs from there after hitting Mansoor,

all goons go behind him.

In pooja, Daksh’s mom asks Devika to not do anything wrong now. Daksh is about to wash Ashka’s feet. Devika gets a call and goes in corner, she takes call and its Varun, Varun says rani pari. Devika says where are you? tell me. Dakhs’ mom murmurs her drama started again, Devika asks Varun where he is? Varun says they were cutting my feet, he gets scared and cuts call, he runs from there. Devika says to Daksh that Varun is in trouble, someone was cutting his feet, we have to find him, Daksh says to priest that we will finish pooja later, he nods. Daksh leaves with Devika.

Scene 2
Varun is hiding from goons in streets. Mansoor and his goons are searching for him. They see Varun and runs behind him but he hides again.

Devika and Daksh are in car, Devika says I heard mandir bell behind Varun’s call, Daksh says there are many mandirs here, I have sent number to police, they will track it, we cant do anything, Devika says its my Varun, I will go and find him, Daksh says stop, lets go and find him.

Varun is running from goons but Mansoor comes infront of him. Varun runs away from him but gets hit by a car.

Daksh gets a call from inspector and says what? Devika asks what happened? Daksh drives away,

Daksh and Devika comes to morgue. Devika says why we are here? Inspector says we found a body hit by truck, check and identify. Devika panics and says this is not Varun, this cant be. Daksh says just check it and we will leave. Inspector shows deadbody’s face.. Devika is stunned and turns away, she hugs Daksh and says this is not my Varun, I told you this cant be my Varun, she sobs. Daksh consoles her. Devika asks where is my varun? who took it? where is my Varun? Inspector says we had a doubt that this might be Varun so we called you, sorry.

Scene 2
Mansoor have caught Varun again. They bring to their den, Mansoor says we have to do something with him so he is useful for begging. Or we can sell his livers. Mansoor gets a call from Kesar. He takes call and says yes Kesar? Varun hears her name. Kesar asks Mansoor to kill him, he is danger for us, Mansoor tells her some plan, she smirks and ends call.

Daksh and Devika comes home. Devika is shattered, Daksh is supporting. Ashka says wow you forgot your sister after marriage? you left my pooja in middle? he says I am sorry. Ashka says you proved that you dont care about me, I fought with everyone for you but someone else is more important for you, she glares at Devika.

PRECAP- Daksh gets a call from inspector, inspector says we have found the guy who kidnapped Varun, its Mansoor, he kidnap kids for begging.
Dhani says to Kesar that inspector found out some Mansoor kidnapped Varun, Police will catch him now. Kesar is stunned and drops her phone, she leaves. Dhani sees call going on her phone, she takes call. Mansoor thinks its Kesar on call and says where did you get me stuck? I am in trouble because of him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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