Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Adhi takes Devi’s side against Maasa

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adhi is about to put sindoor on Kesar’s forehead but Devi comes there and says stop Adhi. Adhi comes there and says you here? Devi says you cant marry her, you married me that day, I was behind that veil, you were living with me all these days. Kesar says why you are lying? I have got happiness in life and you are doing this? Adhi she is lying, she have been lying, she didnt marry you, I married you. Devi says to Adhi that Maasa knows the truth, she saw my face, she wanted to swap me and cheat you. Maasa says how dare you trap my Adhi. Devi says enough, you women are watching a woman insult another woman. Maasa says stop your rubbish and get lost. Adhi says to Devi that I hate you, I hate myself because I love you, I keep asking why I love you, I have become crazy in

your love, I loved you too much, I only loved you and will always love you, its okay if you dont love me back, I just want to ask what you saw in that city boy that you left me? Devi says you think I dont love you? if I didnt love you then why would have I come to marry you? Adhi says how do I know it was you? Devi says didnt your hands shake when you married me? when I was living with you in veil, didnt you feel my presence when you touched me, you thought you are going near Kesar but you felt me, it was our love bring us closer, you always listened to others, trusted them thats why our relation had to give this test but now you have to understand that if we love each other so much then no one else should come inbetween us, just trust your love once and you will know the truth, she lovingly looks at him. Maasa says dont listen to her, she is trapping you. Adhi stops her and says I trust you Devi but still I have some doubt, you wanted to marry Virat? I saw your wedding invitation. Devi says who sent it? Adhi says Virat sent it, I saw it myself. Devi says enough, how much you will blame me? why didnt you ask me, why didnt you want to know the truth from me? we could have solved misunderstandings even if you just looked in my eyes, that card was fake, Maasa’s plan but if you still want to get proof then fine, where is that card? Adhi says wait. He goes and brings an envelope. Devi says printer always want to print their names on card, she sees printer address and says Virat lives in Delhi but printer is Sujangarh, lets call printer and ask him. Maasa says dont need to call printer, she says to Adhi that yes I printed card and got it here because you were blinded by Devi, she hurt you and you still were head over heels for her, I didnt want you in love with her when she was sleeping with Virat, everything was written in that letter. Adhi says I didnt say anything about that letter to anyone, I never talked about that letter, I didnt tell you what was written in letter and I tore it then how you know what was written in it? Maasa says to Devi that are you happy now? Adhi pulls her away from Devi and says enough Maaasa, I wont bear injustice with Devi now, I understand everything now, Devi is my wife, Adhiraj’s wife, listen no one will do injustice with Devi in palace, did you try to separate me from my love? Maasa says yes, i tried to make you away from that girl because I love my son, I got destroyed because of this girl’s family, I wanted to take revenge from her, I didnt want an educated girl make my uneducated son dance to her tunes, I wanted to make her puppet, I didnt know that my son would my enemy’s daughter, thats why I tried to separate you both, I tried to make you marry again because Kesar is right for you, not this educated Devi. Adhi says I wont listen to your orders today, I did everything from childhood as you said, you were like my God and I did everything you asked but what wrong did this girl do? your animosity was with her family but this girl had to bear your attacks and didnt say a word in return, she put your slippers on head, you say you love me but you couldnt see your son’s love? love just happens and now no one will come between Devi and me, I will not listen to you anymore, I will be with her, take out your poison today because you will get another chance. Devi smiles and says to Adhi that lets forget everything and start a new life, you and me both, without any doubts and blames, we will start a new life. Kesar says what about me? you showed me dreams for my baby, whats my value now? am I widow or Adhi’s not married wife? I am worried about my unborn baby, that will not get father’s love, Adhi you promised to give him father’s name, but what now? Maasa thinks Kesar is going right. Kesar says answer me Adhi. Adhi looks on.

PRECAP- Maasa points gun at Adhi. Adhi says you? Maasa says I am not your real mother. Adhi is stunned. Maasa points gun at him and sudddenly gunshot is heard.
Devi is waiting for Adhi and suddenly her and Adhi’s photo falls down, Devi looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Drama Drama and more Drama when will it end?now she gone and kill de poor fella he just get one night(lucky he) LMAO stew

  2. Now drama of dramas this woman isn’t Adhi’s mom and she has ruined many lives. Her foolish daughter-in-law Kesar is hellbent on stealing another woman’s husband. This gets very interesting another secret to unravel. I hope that Adhi’s not dead. Its very sad that woman did so much evil to hurt Devi and her relatives.

    1. leisa s morris

      Exactly susan she has done many sins in d name of love for her son yet today d writers says she isnt his mom hmmmm. Not once have we been told d story behind d hatred for devi’s family and kesar should b ashamed of herself, she had to trick adhi to get him to accept marriage wit herknowin full well he lovex devi but talkin bout promises he made…smh

  3. This happens only with sons who don’t treat a mother like a mother but worship as some kind of goddess and overlook all their crimes.And I don’t have any pity for this character Adhiraj.Had he been human, he wouldn’t have allowed Masa doing endless crimes against Devi …..though every torture was unique ,i was particularly horrified by the way devi was told to walk to the temple with iron balls tied to her ankles and Adhi ,cold bloodedly attempting to kill Devi ,three times consecutively,and Ofcourse burning Devi’s back.Yes,he has become soft since the realisation that he loves her but what do the writers want to convey…..that to be humane towards someone ,you have to be in love with her/him,otherwise you can behave worse than a beast? My god. All the characters in this serial are abnormal in their way…masa,a psycho……Adhi….an over obedient ,almost sjave like son….Devi,…a woman with no self respect…..Urmi,Kesar ….sisters in law lusting after their brother in law……so ,who is normal here? If Kripp is leaving ,he has taken a right decision.

    1. leisa s morris

      i dont like adhi but to me its not so much of him not bein human but his upbringing. Here we have an individual who is uneducated and raised soley by a woman who has filled his heart with hatred and has led him to believe she had to endure so much pain(no child likes to c their mom in pain). He has grown up worshippin her and tinkin she can do no wrong and challengin and changin ones aspect in dat respective is not an easy ting to do. Remember ppl learn wat dey live then live wat dey learn and if an individual gets a chance to avenge d insult and pain caused to their parent most if not all of us will do it. Its only because he had goodness in him dat devi was able to reach dat humane part of him that made him fall in love with her.

  4. Line 12 spelling mistake *slave.

  5. Bheegi Palkein….episode 10
    When Mehar asks her mother in law if she would get the job in umar’s office,she gets infuriated and shouts at her how dare she is to take Umar’s position ,she should not forget that after Umar,it is his sister’s prerogative to take his place.When Mehar reminds that she is Umar’s wife ,so his responsibilities are hers now,a furious Samina shouts that because of her only ,she has lost her son.Samina leaves the room leaving Mehar dejected.
    Samina discusses with Fari about the Job in her brother’s office and asks her to go to the office from the next day itself.Fari,polishing her nails ,remarks that her mother never does anything right and if Mehar wants to take up the job,she should be allowed to go and do it…otherwise also she sits useless at home.Samina explains she doesn’t want to take the salary earned by Mehar,as it amounts to accepting a favour from her,so Fari ,as Umar’s sister,should do the job. Fari reveals that she can not get up early in the morning to go to the office,…moreover she is not confident of finishing the assigned official tasks.As she makes it clear that she doesn’t want to do any job,Samina tells her that she has already told Mehar not to do the job,as it is Fari’s right.Sitting beside her mother ,Fari reminds her that Mehar is her bahu,so she won’t be doing any favour if she takes care of her mother in law ….she asks Samina why she wants to trouble her daughter who ,if not today but on someday,will get married and leave her.Samina agrees with her but asks who will do the house hold work ,if Mehar goes to office.Fari says ,otherwise also,the maid does everything ,Bhabhi is just in the habit of showing off.
    Samina calls Mehar to her room and informs her that she is giving her permission to do the job because Fari thinks that it is her Bhabhi’s right to do the job after her brother.Looking at Mehar’s happy face,Samina harshly tells her not to feel elated as she can never take her son’s place….Umar was an engineer whereas she will get some lower level job and sit in some corner of the office.Samina sarcastically adds that now she can go out snd breathe fresh air on the pretext of job.Mehar explains that she doesn’t want to go out if there is no need but now there is a need after Umar’s demise,,,how to run household….When Samina says she is not confident that she will place her entire salary in her hands like her son used to do ,Mehar,kneeling beside the bed ,tells her that she will do whatever her mother in law bids her to do and never question her decisions.Holding Samina’s feet ,Mehar asks for her blessings ,and Samina hesitates but says ok.
    Fari goes to Mehar’s room takes something from her bag and leaves quietly.
    Bilal comes back from Dubai and as he is about to go out, his mother raises the topic of his marriage and informs him that there is a good alliance for him and the girl looks beautiful.She doesn’t want to entertain his protests that he doesn’t want to marry and informs him that she is going tomorrow to see the girl.Without replying her,Bilal starts to reminisce how beautiful Mehar looked when he first saw her,how he touched her hand when she was alone at home etc….he looks at her mother and says that Mehar’s ‘iddat’ must have been completed by now.His mother tells him he is mad if he is thinking of marrying her as she will never allow him to marry a widow ,when so many unmarried girls are there.When he sounds adamant ,she explains him that Samina will never agree to this proposal and Fariya will create a ruckus…so why to get into unnecessary problems.Bilal tells his mother not to give him all these excuses and take the proposal to Mehar’s house .
    Meha ,checks her handbag to see if all documents are there and to her surprise doesn’t find her NIC which she is sure to have kept it in her bag the previous evening.She searches in the cupboards …on not finding there concludes that it is Fari’s mischief to trouble her.She feels miserable how she can do it,,,,as an educated girl ,Fari knows that without that identity card,she won’t get any job anywhere.Samina and Fari are in the living room,Mehar goes there and informs Fari that her ID is nowhere to be seen.Fari nonchalantly replies that this is nothing unusual,she is in the habit of losing her own things.Samina taunts that Mehar has lost the most important thing of her life by forgetting her mobile in the shop.Not wanting to go Into another argument,Mehar bluntly asks Fari if she has taken her ID.Pretending to be surprised,Fari exclaims what she means by that,Mehar hesitates and explains that Fari might have seen somewhere and kept it……On Samina’s enquiry ,Mehar says she has kept in the inner pocket of her purse.Fari asks mehar if she means to say that she has opened her purse and stolen her Id.Mehar quickly denies and explains that she was sorting out all the documents to go to the office but ID card is missing,now what to show in the office.Fari fumes and asks her mother to see how her bahu is talking and what a sharp tongue she has,she also wonders what happens to her Bhabhi when Amina aunty visits them,that time she pretends as if she doesn’t have a tongue at all.When Mehar protests that she is only enquiring about a lost thing,Fari starts screaming again that Mehar is portraying her as a liar in front of her mother and how she did the same in front t of Hasan and how she seduced Bilal by exhibiting her beauty due to which he refused to marry her.Fari calls Mehar a psycho and says because of her only Hasan is indifferent to her .Samina accuses her of destroying her world by making her son mad first ,and now doing the same to both of them.When Mehar ,feeling hurt,asks her is she was responsible for Umar’s death,Fari ,screaming mad ,counter questions her and starts abusing her using foul language.Samina ,instead of stopping her daughter,supports her and further humiliates her that she can never take Umar’s place.As both mother and daughter start crying,Mehar stands there wondering who is the biggest loser …she or they!
    After getting ready, Mehar prepares breakfast for her motherin law in the morning and asks Samina if she can go to office now without a word ,Samina goes into the kitchen and empties everything into the sink,and to Mehar’s horror declares that she doesn’t want to eat because she might have poisoned her food to get rid of her so that she can roam round as she feels like.Then Samina shouts at her that she,her mother in law has stolen her things and she is a thief.When Mehar asks to pardon her to have spoken like that the previous evening.Samina , without a word ,starts preparing her breakfast.
    Bilal’s mother rings up Samina and conveys that she is very sorry for her son’s shameful behaviour.Samina says that she wants to thank them for this favour,because Fari’s marriage is now fixed with her sister’s son who is very good looking ,wealthy and only heir to the property.She taunts Bilal’s mother if Fari had married Bilal ,she might have been cursing her luck by now.Bilal’s mother congratulates her and asks her for Mehar’s hand for Bilal.Samina replies that Mehar is her son’s widow,when Bilal’s mother reminds her that Mehar is too young to not get married and it is noble to marry a widow,Samina cheekily advises her get her son married to a widow only as there are thousands in Karachi.Samina disconnects and thinks if she has done right.
    To be continued.

  6. Mehar reaches her office ,when asked for her I D proof by the MD ,so that her contract can be made,Mehar,to his surprise and confusion informs that she hasn’t brought because she lost it the previous day.When he says that he doubts if she can do justice to her job with this attitude,…another employee who is a friend of Umar comes there with files ,and wishes her..then introduces her to the boss as Umar’s wife.After telling her to approach for any help in the office,he leaves the room.After hearing that she is Mrs,Umar ,the gentleman’s attitude softens and he conveys his condolences,He is all praise for Umar saying he was a thorough gentleman and a brilliant engineer.He says he is sorry to say but the office can give her only Rs 30,000 /as she has neither qualification nor experience .When Mehar says it is fine,he advises her to search fir her ID and bring it tomorrow so that necessary formalities can be done. He takes her around the office and introduces her to everyone ,when shown Umar’s office. Mehar becomes nostalgic ,,,,she can see him at his desk working on his laptop….comes back to her senses to see someoneelse in Umar’s chair.Shown to her cabin,just next to Umar’s,Mehar goes in and takes her chair.A former assistant of Umar comes to Mehar’s cabin and says nice things about him.
    At home Samina tells Fari that Bilal’s mother rang up to ask for Mehar’s hand and how she gave her left and right to reject her proposal.On Fari’s enquiry why Bilal’s mother had to accept such humiliation , Samina explains that mothers sometimes have to sacrifice their self respect for their sons’ wishes.Fari ,in a subdued voice ,asks her motherif she really looks that bad in comparison to Mehar,,,,because she was rejected by Bilal because of Mehar only and she is sure that had he not seen Mehar,he would have married her.Samina,seeing her depressed and dejected ,comforts her that there is no comparison as Mehar is a married woman.While Fari meanly suggests that Mehar,as she is free now,might be meeting Bilal and discussing marriage with him, Meharcomes back from the office and wishes them.Samina asks her nastily how come she is back so early from the office,unless Bilal has dropped her.As Mehar stands shell shocked ,Samina says if she really wants to marry Bilal,she will do so and give her farewell.Mehar makes it clear that she doesn’t want to marry anyone and would like to stay as Umar’s widow for life long.Samina becomes sarcastic and tells her that she doesn’t want a beautiful girl like her to sacrifice her youth in the name of her son ,when so many suitors are in queue waiting for her and passes some more caustic remarks regarding Mehar forgetting Umar already …so she should go ahead with her marriage and She ,her mother in law will do everything possible to fulfill the formalities of wedding..As Fari looks on silently.Samina concludes that it is time Mehar leaves them,,,,,why should she stay here after her son’s death.Saying that she will inform Bilal’s mother that they are ready from their side,she gets ready to call Bilal’s mother,Mehar,terrified,begs Samina not to do this for god’s sake,as she can not even think of anyone in Umar’s place.Samina relents and keeps down the receiver.
    As Mehar cries in her room,Fari ,looking very amiable comes into her room and asks if she got her ID card.When she says ‘no’, Fari suggests they should fir it search together in the living room,as she couldn’t find it in her room.Mehar ,though surprised,thanks Allah for putting compassion in Fari’s mind and tells Fari that she will be there in a minute.Fari says she will wait outside and goes out.Feeling relieved ,that atlast Fari will be returning her ID,Mehar joins Fari in the living room.
    Samina comes into the living room to find the complete room uphavelled and Mehar searching while Fari stands and watches.When Samina asks what is going on ,Fari pretending innocence tells that Bhabhi wanted to search for her ID card in the rest of the house as she couldn’t find in her room.A shocked Mehar says that it is she who suggested searching in the lounge.Fari equally looks shocked and asks when did she suggest that, Samina,exasperated ,asks Mehar whether food is ready ,When she says no ,as she is busy searching and will prepare in 15 minutes,Samina crossly says not required and she will prepare on her own.After Samina goes into the kitchen ,Mehar looks at Fari unbelievingly for her deranged mindset and Fari just smiles crookishly.
    On way to Her sister’s house,Amina tells Hasan that she doesn’t know what to reply if Samina asks about marriage date.Hasan,driving the car ,says that actually ,he is not able to decide about Fari,who is rude , short tempered unpleasant ,unkind ….he wants someone who is pleasant,contended and kind hearted as his wife and Fari certainly doesn fit the bill.Amina contradicts him that Fari though sounds harsh,is good at heart,atleast she hasn’t cheated anyone.Hasan,taken aback by his mother’s tone and her inference, asks her how can she be do unfair to Mehar,after seeing her and talking to her ,why is she believing her sister’s and Fari’s version.when Amina defends her sister that everything can not be a lie,Hasan tells her that he can not believe Mehar cheating and playing double game as alleged by his aunt.Tension creeps in between mother and son..
    When Mehar is on her way to the office,Bilal stops his car and follows her.As Mehar asks him not to follow her and trouble her like this,Bilal doesn’t budge and keep talking to Mehar.As Mehar keeps telling him not to follow her ,on the other side of the road,Hasan’s car passes,,Amina sees Mehar talking to a guy and asks her to stop the car .She comments that it ‘s not even two days since her Iddat was over and she is already talking to men on the road side.She tells her son that her sisterSamina doesn’t tell lies and now he can see with his own eyes,she also advises him to marry a girl from their own family ,As Hasan keeps quiet ,she asks him sternly to start the car as there is nothing left to know. Mehar ,unaware of all ths ,walks away from the shameless Bilal.
    Amina and Hasan come home and they sit for dinner with Fari and Samina. Samina tells her sister that now Fari is taking interest in household work and helping her Bhabhi in kitchen also .Amina looks at Fari appreciatingly and Fari explains that she doesn’t want to become a burden to Mehar who has to work outside also.When Amina is about to say what they have seen,Hasan stops her saying ‘no’.Amina looks at him for a moment and reveals that she saw Mehar standing on the road and talking to a young man.Fari says that he might be Bilal.Then she suggests that they should her ask her son who has also witnessed all this.On Samina’s enquiry,Hasan confirms that it was Mehar only.Samina remarks that just yesterday only,Mehar cried like anything saying that she wanted to remain a widow only life long and this is what she is doing today.
    End of the episode

  7. Thank you Lakshmi!!

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