Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika blames Daksh for kidnapping

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Inspector says to Devika that we have a doubt someone kidnapped Varun. Daksh says but we didnt get any ransom call, inspector says maybe its some revenge, do you have doubt on anyone? can you tell me what happened? Devika says Varun was playing with kids, I got a call and got busy then when I turned around, Varun was gone, inspector says someone called you to take your focus from Varun, which number was it? Devika gives him number, inspector calls on number and Daksh’s phone rings. Daksh says you are calling me, all are stunned.

Varun is crying. One kid says Mansoor bhai doesnt like crying, one kid was crying so Mansoor cut his tongue, dont miff him.

Devika says to Daksh that I have your number, Daksh says I have another number, I was calling you for reports.

Inspector says we will call if we get a lead. Dhani cries and says to Devika that you couldnt take care of Varun. Devika thinks about revenge. Daksh says to Devika that inspector is loyal, he will find Varun, I will prepare for Ashka’s birthday. Devika thinks he is not worried about Varun, what if..

Kidnappers take a kid and burns him with coals. Varun asks a kid why Mansoor does this with kids? kid says so kid can beg then they take money from them, they can do anything with you too.

Daksh says on call to do anything but keep it in hold, do the work and you will get money, Devika comes there and says you kidnapped Varun right? he would have left once he was fine, I beg you to not do anything with Varun, Daksh says you are mad, Devika says varun is my life, please nothing should happen with him, Devika says you were talking about money, you kidnapped him right? Daksh says I am shocked that you think so low of me. Devika says the person who takes advantage of a husband’s illness to marry his wife can do anything. Daksh is hurt. Servant comes there and says machine is here, you gave advance sorry for the delay. Daksh says to Devika that I was talking about money for machine for your Varun’s operation. Devika looks on. Daksh says I want Varun gone from between us but by fulfilling my promise of making him fine. Devika says then who kidnapped Varun?

Kesar calls goon Mansoor, she says police cant find that mental, kill him before we get caught. Mansoor says dont worry, I can handle him, I will do your work.

Scene 2
Ashka’s pooja starts.
Daksh is cooking in kitchen, Ashka comes to him and says servant can make the halwa. Daksh says I always make halwa for you on birthday, AShka says I love you, come soon in party, Daksh nods.

Daksh is getting ready in his room. Devika comes there and is sad. Daksh says Varun will be found, dont worry we will find him, today is Ashka’s birthday pooja, all are downstairs, you should come down. Devika says Varun is not found anywhere, Daksh says all are finding him, come not for me but atleast for Varun, he gives her a dress in gift and leaves. Devika cries and says who is Varun’s enemy? Kesar comes there and thinks I have to take care of Varun before this Daksh finds that Varun.

Ashka’s pooja starts. Daksh sits beside her. Priest starts pooja. Daksh’s mom says everything should be perfect in pooja. Ashka thanks Daksh. Guest asks where is your daughter in law? Daksh’s mom says she is ill so she will come later. Devika comes down, Daksh smiles seeing her wear the gift he gave. Flashback shows Devika opening gift with heavy heart, she sees a pink frock. Devika prays for Varun. Priest asks Devika to sit on Daksh’s right side, he asks Ashka to give her place, Ashka says she can sit on other side, Priest says her place is on right side of her husband, Daksh looks on.

PRECAP- Mansoor grabs Varun and puts him on table, he asks his goons to start cutting him.
Daksh gets inspector’s call and is shocked. Devika asks what happened?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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