Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Devi goes completes her pooja

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adhi says to Devi how dare you insult my masa. If masa is hurt I would not leave you. She says bua came for pooja’s coin. For peace of this house. You know how your mom rewarded for pooja. She burned Kesar’s hand. Adi says either this is lie or maybe kesar did something. She helped you behind masa’s back. Masa wants anyone in the house to stop helping Chauhan. I will ask masa. Masa comes from behind. Devi says don’t ask Masa. It was my mistake. Don’t ask masa please. Leave it she is our elder. He leaves. He didn’t see masa. Bansuri says adhi is out of hands. He is completely her puppet now.

Saradh comes to Kesar’s room and gives her burnol. He says let me do it. He applies med on her burn. Kesar looks at him. He says you

were talking about dreams your TV serial heroin was seeing. I think she should start living those dreams as well.
Devi is going for pooja. Masa says don’t do this easily. You have to take this as well. She gives her a large metallic balls and ties them to her feet. Masa says now walk to the temple with these.
Masa says I will see how you walk now. Go.
Devi starts walking with them. Her feet hurt.

Scene 2
Devi is walking towards the tmeple on the road with metal balls tied to her feet. She says I have to win this. i have to win hatred with love. She is walking.
Masa says to Adhi I want to see fear and defeat on her face. Lets go to temple. he says okay.

Devi is walking. She climbs the stiars and comes to the temple. DEvi places her arti there. Pandit ji doesn’t let her place arti. He says the time of mahorat is over.
devi requests him. He says I will place it.
Devi says to idol I was doing this for that family. They produces hindrances in my way. They tried stopping me. But I lost. Is this written in my fate? Defeat? I can’t take it anymore. What should I do now? My efforts go in vain. Why couldn’t I do this. Is my mistake that I tried finding good in a devil. But I think I will always fail Like I failed today.

Precap-Adhi’s car breaks. Masa is suffocating inside due to asthma attack. Adhi looks everywhere for help. He sees Devi coming with balls tied on her feet. He picks her up and takes her to masa.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Friends,Devi walking all the way to the temple with balls chained toher legs……is n’t this the ultimate act of cruelty that a woman can do to another woman ?Looks like Masa is an atheist,she is not even afraid that she is being watched by the almighty.Even if she is an atheist ,her conscience should have stopped her from doing this ,but looks like she doesn’t have a conscience as well.And my god ,she is fully supported by her son in all these atrocities.Somehow I hate to see a grown up man behaving like a puppet in the hands of his mother ….having said this ,many men take pride in behaving like this in the name of respecting their mothers.
    I think finally the goddess has listened to Devi’s prayers and ours as well..the precap shows Masa getting suffocated (a retribution for her sins?)in the vehicle that breaks down and her son running helter skelter for help , sees Devi coming back from the temple with her legs
    still chained and picks her up.At last a ray of hope in the horizon? Let us hope so.

  2. Ya m sure she will give first aid to masa n save her. But will that help her ?
    Next week again she will do kanyabhoj where Urmi will mix something in the food.
    Don’t think the track is changing except the heights of torture
    If this continues viewers will soon loose interest

    Was happy to see kesar noticing Sharad today ?

  3. Me personally would let that old woman suffocate in her own fluids after what she did to Devi’s niece…BUT i know this is a major turn in Devi’s relationship both with Husband and with Masa..i will reserve judgement and wait and see.

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