Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Adhi-Devi romance

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on
Scene 1
Masa says to Kesar did devi wish you? SHe was very busy with Adhi. Kesar says the day hasn’t even started. She will wish me. Masa says she doesn’t see anything but Adhi. devi makes kheer for Devi. Kesar says whats the day today? Devi says is there something special? Kesar says no. Devi says in heart I can’t ruin the surprise.
Someone comes to kitchen and kidnaps devi. Devi says who is it? Its Adhi. He takes her to a surprise date. DEvi is dazed. She says all his for me? He says see I gave you a surprise. She says its really pretty. But Kesar’s birthday.. Adhi says I got all these ready all day. I want this time be for us only. We shouldn’t talk about any third person. DEvi says you did all this all alone? He says wow you have learned how

to make me happy? You force me to forget everything. He says your love made me crazy. See it all just happened. My heart guided me to do all this for you. Devi says but.. Adhi says this is our personal time.

Adhi says I want these moments to be for us. I want to make memories. Its rains. Adhi dances with Devi. He comes close to kiss her. Devi stops him.
Kesar says no one cares about me in this house.. Kesar and Adhi comes to her with cake. Devi hugs her. Adhi brings balloons. Devi says I was making this kheer for you. Kesar says you didn’t get time all day. Adhi says devi was with me. They ask her to cut the cake. Kesar cuts the cake. Adhi says bhabhi is tired. DEvi says but I want to talk to her. Adhi says lets go. He takes devi with her. Masa comes to Kesar. She says devi came? She got time so late. She just gave this cake and left. People don’t care about others at all. She is with Adhi. i want to get you married to Adhi. No one cares about your child in this house. She doesn’t care about anyone. I will do everything for me. She makes her eat the cake.

Scene 2
Next morning, Devi wakes up late. She comes out Adhi pours flowers on her. She says all this? He says for your smile. She says all this is so dreamy. He says you look so beautiful with smile. He comes close to her. Devi stops him. SHe says after wedding. Adhi says too much wait. Adhi says I really love you.

Masa wakes up. Kesar. Masa says you slept so late. she gives her food. Masa says I know you kept waiting for devi and didn’t eat yesterday. Eat for your child. Masa says like you no one cares about me in this house too. I know why I want to get you married to Adhi. Kesar leaves.
Bansuri comes to Masa and says why didn’t you think about this when Urmi was a widow. This all is wrong. Masa says don’t tell me whats right and whats wrong.
Masa says Adhi won’t marry Kesar. He will marry Urmi only. Now see what I do.

Precap-A new guys enters. Devi falls and he holds her. Adhi is angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. All of a sudden ,that too after Mukund’s murder,we are seeing a new Kesar.she knows that Masa is responsible for her misfortune ,but slowly she seems to be drifting towards Masa’s fake affection.She seems to have forgotten Masa’s endless is surprising to see Kesar expecting too much from Devi,,,,,the Kesar who we are used to was so understanding ,always wanted Devi’s happiness , and self less;,all she wanted was her husband’s return so that she could lead a normal life.Yes all her hopes were dashed when Mukund turned out to be a gay,but Kesar is behaving as if Devi is responsible for her ill fate..I am really confused about Kesar’s feelings now,why is she so cross with Devi, it is but natural for Devi to spend more time with Adhi as she has just a few weeks time to fulfill her promise,…I hope Kesar won’t become jealous of Devi and fall into Masa’s trap.
    I don’t know why but I am not at all enjoying the hot scenes between Adhi and Devi.I can’t pinpoint what it is but something is missing between this couple and the precap is indeed disturbing for Adhi ,the jealous husband he is,he will be shattered to see his wife’s sophisticated friend from the town.

  2. I am having such a tough time accepting “romantic” Adhi there is a lot of eye rolling happening, i hope they don’t go to far with masa whispering poison in Kesar’s ear, it’s so unreal that kesar would pay any serious attention to what Masa is saying after enduring such pain and humiliation and attempted murder by Masa is beyond the bounds of ridiculousness.

  3. Never stops these BS

  4. leisa s morris

    I really dont know wats wrong with kesar she knows how long devi has been fighting to b wit adhi yet shes begruding her happiness. Has she forgotten how she felt wen mukun came back how she just wanted to b with him. Now shes listening to d devil when she should know better. When noone had he back devi was d one who stood and fought for her now shes tinkin bout ruining devis happiness. Guess not everyone is loyal to d one dat sacrifice for them

  5. Yes the romantic Adhi is just a little bit shy of creepy for me to deal with. But Kesar I think has become dependent on Devi. Devi was always supporting her and there for her but instead of learning to stand on her own, she got used to constantly leaning on Devi. She really should know better than to fall for Masa’s tricks but given that she has been living a lonely existance for the past three years – no husband and no friend she is bound to gravitate to any one who shows her affection. Remember how she reacted the first time Saradh held her hand, at first she seemed fascinated but thenseemed to remember she was a married woman and began to scrub away his touch. So I can see why she is being taken in. Lets see if Devi can get her back on track.

  6. Allybrew, This show went to far in my opinion in making Adhi such a bad character, not only did he try to kill Devi he tried to kill her in such gruesome ways. i don’t know why they think this is good story telling and a lead up to an epic Romance but they seem to think that way, it just makes us or at the least me cringe. They could have pulled back when Adhi burned Devi because they showed great regret in what he did and was the perfect opening for him to question his mothers motives but they let it pass and just escalated the abuse.

  7. Cathy I fully agree, that’s why it’s difficulty to relate to his character now. I literally cringe every time he give Devi one of those ‘lost in love’ looks. The writer’s made him so bad it’s hard to see the turn around. They missed so many opportunities to how some softness in his character to balance things out that
    his redemption come across as fake and force. I mean he just stood there and let Masa shoot his brother with no real attempt to stop her or her mistreatment of Kesar after Munkund’s death even after promising to look after her. It’s jsut too much really

  8. I agree with you Cathy,that was the perfect time for Adhi to introspect and show some soft corner for Devi but now it is too late to portray him as a loving and amiable husband.Had the change been gradual, it would have been acceptable….till yesterday he was plotting all sorts of grotesque schemes to eliminate Devi and today he is busy running around her and taking her on romantic dates.And all this drastic change was due to that one insignificant event in the store room,Yes ,according to the writers, Devi keeping her medicine in the same Poison bottle that was abandoned by the miscreant after tampering with her cough syrup and Adhi seeing it and accepting it this time as the truth was very significant as it had helped Devi to prove her innocence but it is surprising why without any questions or doubts ,Adhi had to accept Devi’s version ,it could have been very easy for Devi to arrange the scene to her advantage.I feel that while writing a revenge based romantic story ,the writers should know where to stop the so called hatred and violence between the leads because after a certain point there is no going back and it is very difficult to convince the viewers and change their mindset.

  9. Cathy,Alleybrew,I don’t know the reason for telly not yet opening the forum for Zee’s new serial ‘Kalire’ ,but if you are interested ,written updates are available on telly dhamal,the forum is already opened and I have posted my first comment this morning after waiting for telly to open the forum,.Though I love to comment on telly updates,I must say the written updates on the other forum are quite decent.may I take this opportunity to ask Telly Updates why ‘Kalire’ forum is n’t opened yet.

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