Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Masa burns Kesar’s hand

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devi says to Adhi take Parsad. He takes it. Masa is dazed.
Adi says to Masa we won that case. Our time is changing.

Kesar says to Devi eat something. You haven’t eaten anything. Devi says I will eat later. Masa says how will she when staphna hasn’t ended. You have walked on the wrong end. A chauhan can’t come to our house and give you the coin.
Ambika comes in and says Devi I brought the coin.
Masa says how are you so shameless? Ambika says I haven’t entered your house. I am standing is street. I brought this coin for your blessings. How nice of us but you wont understand. Look at our DEvi she is praying for the house that doesn’t even deserve it. Masa says be scared. Masa leaves. Devi hugs Ambika. Amibika says are you okay? She gives her coin. Ambika says good luck. Devi says tell Ishu I miss her. Ambika leaves.

Devi does the pooja. Masa syas who helped this girl and told Chauhan? She burns a coal. Devi is scared. Masa looks at Kesar. She takes her phone and sees that she called Ambika. Kesar says I am sorry please. Masa is about to burn her hand. Devi holds her hand.

Devi says punish me its not Kesar’s mistake. Punishing me will make you happy. Punish me not her. Masa looks at her angry. She says first to save Ishu you married and now to Kesar you are getting yourself in other trouble. I will see the tolerance level of yours. She asks Urmi to call at Ishu’s office. Masa says to principal insult that Ishu in school. Punish and beat her in front of all the kids. I should hear her screams here in my house. She slaps Ishu. Ishu cries. Devi and Kesar are in tears. The teachers beats Ishu. Kesar says to Devi let her punish me leave all this. Why is the child being punished. Leave Masa’s hand. Devi leaves Masa’s hand. Masa burns Kesar’s hand.

Precap-Kesar says to Devi do pooja and complete it. Devi takes arti towards temple. Adhi throws her arti away. He says how dare you insult my masa. She says your masa rewarded pooja by burning Kesar’s hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Writers,pl stop this disgusting track,I thought that Masa,being a mother herself,would have some finer feelings but I was wrong.Listening sadistically to a child’s cries on the mobile after instructing her teacher to beat her up till she cried out of pain is the most ghastly thing that a woman can do.Infact ,Masa is worse than an animal,she is hopeless. Can Devi ever succeed in bringing about a positive in this devilish woman,well ,I have my own doubts,still I wish her all the best.And I sincerely hope Adhi is not as inhuman as his mother.

    1. Did you see the preview it’s more inhuman . How can u create so many troubles for someone who is praying for u
      Can’t she see good things coming there way!

      I think creatives are focussing only on Devi torture to get TRPs high!

  2. How can masabe so blind
    Why are they showing so much torture ?

    Can’t they show past or show something different this is just getting too violent

  3. Well, that was not what i expected, i was really put off by the girls beating truly unessessary, i think the writers need to rethink this storyline.

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