Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi hugs Adhi

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Masa says you should marry Adhi. Kesar says what are you saying. Kesar says don’t say things like these. SHe says Devi is like my sister. I can’t take her happiness. Kesar leaves.
Masa says I have to stop this wedding. Kesar comes downstairs and sees Devi and Adhi choosing bridal dress. He says you look so pretty. Kesar says I can’t ruin their happiness. I will tell her later.
Adhi says what does your heart say about me? She says its not easy for a village guy to impress a city girl. He says I will win your heart anyone. I can do anything for my love. He grasps her hand.
He says you have to say yes. She says I will. He says are you staying away from me because I am ilterate? She says no.

Devi comes to Adhi and hugs him. She says I am sorry. Some love is deep and can’t be seen. It can only be felt. I loved you that way. He hugs her. She says I have never loved before. Love is from people not degrees. And I want to know whats in your heart. He hugs her. He says I really love you. This is why I want to marry you. I can’t imagine going away from you. Urmi looks at them angrily.

Scene 2
Urmi comes to Bansuri and says I think that Devi is fooling Adhi. She is making him fool so she can use him. He is innocent and she is very clever. She must have a guy in city. These city people have so many people in their lives. Adi is listening all this. Urmi says she makes stories in front of Adhi. She is fooling him. Adhi leaves in anger.

Kesar comes to Devi. Devi was talking to someone. Kesar says who is it? devi says someone personal. She says has called for the cake. The baker calls at the landline. Masa picks it. Devi says its for me. She orders the cake.

Kesar says today is my birthday no one knows in this house
Masa comes to Kesar and says I am sorry for what I have done in three years with you. I was worse with you. I called your child a sin. Please pardon me. I want to apologize. Kesar says please don’t do this. Masa says happy birthday. Stay happy you and your child. She hugs her.

Precap-Adhi takes devi on a surprise date.
He comes close to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So i have to guess that Masa is filling Kesars ears with nonsense, question is will Kesar get sucked into it. so devi best friend is to arrive, no doubt egged on by Urmi, but maybe a potential mate for Kesar if Sharad doesn’t come back,

    Hey, just caught the first episode of the new show, the forum isn’t up yet, but i like it.

    Shital..about Bashir..I think initially his motive was to get Buland for his sister, then was in lust for Rudaba, i think he was intrigued with her and attracted to her, but i don’t think he loved her quite yet..his obsession with her took a toll on him and his past dictated his view of a potential wife, i do think he would have divorced her if Rudaba’s brother didn’t threaten the same to Bashirs sister and pointing out that Buland would then be free to divorce was a perfect vicious circle. there was no winner in that stand off.

    1. i thought the same thing
      but after eatvhing it all over again i can understand that he loved rudaba n hence forcibly married her. he also made her understand that he knows she hates him but he will make her started loving him soon.
      it was post his conversation with taiyaaba who was injured in the car accudent n admitted in hodpital that he changed
      she told u cant make a person love u by force it will be like a dead body, ofcourse she was talking for her n bulund but bashar linked it with him n rudaba. plus rudaba didnt try once to form a relation with bashar even after taiyaaba n bulund left for america. so the distance kept growing n turned into hatred.
      unable to bear the rejection bashar wanted to give her divorce just then bulund enters n bashar is forced to marry rudaba for both his sisters sake (also i feel ge would not let anyone else hv rudaba).
      due to all this mixed feelings hes always insecure n feeld rudaba may leave him gor bulund just like his mom did. hence hes cruel to her n punishes her for the tjings shes not done.
      hes softens when he sees her statement on tv for him and understands her love n thus becomes secure.
      what i dont understand is how rudaba dalls for him? that i felt was all of a sudden which could hv been a gradual process
      also they must hv been sleeping together as she also got pregnant with his child. though lot was left to imagination

  2. Cathy,Kesar is already showing traces of annoyance towards Devi.not her fault,Devi at her stupid best today has succeeded in annoying both Adhi and Kesar.first Devi calls her husband a ‘junglee’ ,an uneducated and unsophisticated rustic and later tells him that it is her way of expressing love…..and Urmi has already taken advantage of Devi’s loose tongue and created doubts in Adhi’s already insecure mind.The same with Kesar …Devi wants to give her a surprise birthday party ,but doesn’t know how to organise it and Kesar thinks that Devi is not trusting her anymore.In the midst of all this,if Devi’s friend from town arrives,all hell will break loose.
    Cathy,the new serial is interesting .about an honest,simple ,rural background Punjabi girl,I think waiting for her Prince Charming from some city….that’s what her mother wants ,let us see what she wants.

  3. i dont understand why devi is acting so pricey now
    she herself cant see her happy
    first she comes to village when her family doesnt want (stupid of them not to tell ger how dangerous it is)
    then she gets married ok by force
    then he doesnt take her home that was first time she could hv run away
    post that sge tries to save her marriage (gor what)
    then when again she gets chance to run away she comes back.
    later even post knowing that her husband tried to kill her she wants things to work between them
    then suddenly Adhiraj put of a blue or rather super blue blood moon get a super natural change of heart n starts loving her!
    post that now shes avting funny n playing hard to get
    any sensible girl would hv got back to studying her doctors n started a new life afresh rather than staying with a mad women n. her super natural (cos of this attitude) son

  4. * cathy n lakshmi sorry for the typos

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