Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Devi does her pooja

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devi prepares things for pooja. She says first time I will do pooja in this house. Please help me do it well God. Devi is looking for Kalash. Kesar gives her Kalash. Urmi takes it from them. SHe says are you mad? She can’t touch pooja stuff. Masa will be so mad. I am sorry but I can’t give you this. Masa said you cant touch anything.
Kesar says I am sorry. Devi says don’t be. I knew it. I will do this pooja.
Devi goes out to look for it. Bansuri says you can’t go out. Devi says what should I do? She goes to her store. Devi takes the pot she had for water.. Masa stops her. She says how will you live without water if you put it in temple. Devi says thanks for care. God always helps people with pure intentions.
Kesar says you found it. Very good. The water in this kalash purifies the house. Devi says thanks a lot.

Devi gets other things ready for pooja as well. Masa says you are a servant. You can’t take flour from the kitchen. DEvi says you can give it to me as a poor person. I am your servant you can give it to me as a needy. Masa picks flour and pours on the floor. All of it falls down. Msas says pick it if you can. Devi says no problem. She picks the flour from the ground. Devi says however I give it. When this flour is given to temple God would consider it pure. She gets her arti ready and prepares for the pooja.
DEvi says this pooja is for my family. I will do it at any cost. We all have to go down to bow. Masa bows in temple and goes to her room. Kesar says well done. Devi does pooja. Devi says it was possible with your help only.

Scene 2
Saradh looks for Masa. Devi comes and gives Adi parsad. He says what is this? She says I did pooja for our family. So this parsad is from God. This pooja will bring good news. He says how you know? She says what? He says about good news? Devi says I knew God would send some good news. Masa looks at them. She says in heart Adhi won’t takke her parsad. SAradh says in heart I hope he takes it.
Adi takes the parsad.

Precap-Masa says who helped her? She is about to burn Kesar’s hand with a burning coal. Kesar says please leave me. Devi stops Masa. She says if you wanna stop this then call Ishu’s school.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Really fed up of this repetitive but different methods of torturing Devi….only thing we should be thankful to the writers is that Masa has so far n’t dared to raise her hand on Devi.But the precap is pure horror…..I admire Devi for daring to hold masa’s hand when she is about to burn Kesar’s hand with a burning coal.What a torture it is to live in that sort of house as a daughter in law,particularly when you don’t know the where abouts of your husband.I really pity Kesar….she is treated like a doormat by her mother in law.Idon’t understand what pleasure this sadistic woman derives by ill treating girls who are married to her sons.Yes. the only exception is Urmi ,my god ,the way she dresses,the family’s maid servants are decently dressed than her but Masa is blind to this vamp’s flirtings with Adhi.Urmi went to the extent of becoming Adhi’s bride ,but masa doesn’t seem to remember her deception.instead ,she keeps referring to Devi as a Naukrani.,(maid servant).i think Masa is jealous of Devi who is beautiful ,well educated and mannered and from a de ent family.
    As S said it is high time the flashback is revealed.Does n’t it look funny that there are three daughters in law in the Haveli but only one son ?

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