Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 4th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Adhi shows Mukun his room

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 4th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mukun calls Adhi and says I want to meet you. I am in Sujhan garh. Adhi is dazed. He says give me your address. Devi calls Adhi. He says my brother has come after ages. I will come home late. Devi says did he mean Mukun? She goes to tell Kesar.
Adhi comes where mukun asked him. Adhiraj hugs him. He says where were you? Why did you leave us? We missed you so much. Adhi is in tears. He says why didn’t you come back. You have a home why didn’t you come back? Mukun says try to understand. Adhi says I am really mad at you. you don’t know what we suffered from. I was so alone. Mukun says calm down. I understand. I was helpless. I couldn’t.. Adhi says what happened? please tell me. Mukun says I called you here for that. Adhi says come home with me.

Masa would be so happy to see you. Mukun says I want some money. Adhi says you can take from home. He says I need 5 lacs. Adhi says for what? is everything okay? Mukun says I want to start a new work. Adhi says I will give you for sure. Adhi says everything is yours.

Devi comes to Kesar and says there is a huge news for you. Keasr says what is it? devi says Adhi will come home late. Because he is going to meet Mukun. Kesar says what. She is very happy. Devi says yes he will bring him home. Kesar hugs her in tears. She says I am so happy. Devi says lets celebrate it.
Kesar gets ready. DEvi says you look like a fairy. They decorate the house. DEvi and kesar dance on ayo rey maro dholna.

Adhi and mukun are in car. Adhi says you have to come home. Devi says you look so pretty. Door knocks. Devi opens the door. Its adhi. She says where is mukun? Adhi says Masa where are you.. Mukun comes in. Everyone is dazed. Kesar looks at him happily. He looks at kesar. Adhi brings Masa with her eyes closed. Heera says what are you doing? He opens her eyes. Masa is dazed to see Mukun. she hugs him and says where did you go? Why did you leave your masa. She is in tears. Heera says I waited so long for you. Where were you? She hugs him. Everyone is happy. Heera says I wont let you go anywhere. He says I wont go don’t worry.
He asks masa who is she? Adhi says she is my wife. Devi says and here is your wife. She waited so long for you. Don’t leave her alone now. Kesar does his arti. Masa says give me first. Masa says we will do big pooja in the house.

Scene 2
Adhi shows Mukun his room. He says I listened to you. i came home. i want money I need to go back to Mumbai. Adhi says it will take some time. Kesar is cooking. Devi says you should go and spend time with him. Kesar says I am cooking for him. Devi says leave it. Other people will cook. Go and spend time with him. She takes her to room. Mukun says on call I have talked to my brother. He will arrange money but it will take time. Dont worry I will come. Our relationship is very old I will come there to you. I left my home on my wedding night for you. I love you. He turns back kesar and devi are there.. Devi looks at him in shock.

Precap-Devi searches for Mukun online while everyone is in arti. Adhi and Masa plan to kill Devi again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Awwwww Poor Kesar, but she has to find out. other then that not much to comment on..another plot to kill Devi, i just wish they’d get this over with soon.

  2. I loved the Rajasthani traditional dance. A bit loud and very fast paced but that”s how they are supposed to be and Devi and Kesar did full justice .Yes,Kesar’s dreams will be dashed and I feel sorry for this character but it is very daring to take up this type of subjects in India.Let us see whether this character will have a short track or a substantial role to play.
    As of now ,Mukund looks much polished and charming than our bad guy Adhi who,for his mother’s sake, doesn’t hesitate to kill his wife. Atleast Mukund seems to have his own thinking,whether good or bad.

    1. I hope Kesar tells Mukund what’s been going on with Devi and Adi, plus the injuries she herself has received from Masa. I was also curious about how a Gay character would be received on Indian T.V, i don’t know if you know but Gay relationships are generally accepted and Gay Marriage is legal in Canada since the early 2000s so having characters on tv is relatively normal now.

  3. Cathy,Indian Society is still not comfortable with the subject of ‘gay ‘and ‘gay marriages’.Though gay marriages are legally permissible now,they are all hush hush affairs and happen only in metropolitan cities where no one bothers about others .You know Cathy,parents will die out of shame if they come to know that their child is a gay.Here we don’the say the word s*x also in front of our children even if they are grown up.That’s why children don’t discuss with parents particularly in middle class or traditional families and they are forced to get married. The result is two lifes spoilt and lot of unpleasantness.We are seeing the same in this serial.
    Of course time will change everything but an average Indian family will take some time to come to terms with these concepts and accept them as part of nature.
    Let us see how the writers will deal with this rather unusual but not an unnatural subject.

  4. Shital

    Devi is typing her fake pregnancy report!
    So now she will start playing games against masa n separate the mother son.
    Masa is sure to get hurt once she sees adhi accepting the unborn child as his.
    But then what when Adhiraj comes to know the truth ? He will again be thirsty for her blood n we will be back to normal.
    Don’t know what the writers have in mind when they got Mukund n plus shown him Gay.
    Currently he looks hotter n more sensible then his younger brother.

    Also didn’t understand why did adhi show Mukund his room? Is he new to this house?
    I think after seeing so much money he will not go to mumbai.

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