Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 3rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi comes to Adhi’s office

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 3rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adhi reads the letter. Devi writes I will annouce this happiness in front of whole house. She calls everyone in the hall. Heera says what is it??
Devi stands in hall and says I want to tell you all something. I want to tell you that.. Adhi puts a hand on her mouth. Devi says I have to play this game to bring you on right path. Devi says okay if you don’t want me to tell everyone I wont.
Urmi says what is it? You look worried Adhi. Adhi says nothing.
Devi says Adhiraj.. I have made everything of his choice. Urmi says this is what you called us here for? Stop wasting our time.

Heera says to DEvi stop all this drama. Devi says my husband loves me. This is all possible because of you. Heera says don’t live in dreams. See the truth.


Saradh and Devi are on road. SAradh says lets go. Kesar says how do I look? He says very pretty. She says I hope mukun will like me.
Adhi says to Devi what is all this? She says what? He says what is this letter? She says this? Its not wrong. I thought everyone would know truth anyone. we should tell them first. Adhi says who will tell? Devi says we don’t tell them everything but we need to tell them. Its a good news. Everyone would know it anyway. Adhi leaves in anger.

Saradh says what will happen when she knows his reality. Adhi is in office. He recalls everything he did.
DEvi brings food to Adhi’s office. He says stop all this drama. He is about to pick his gun but stops.

Scene 3
Saradh and Kesar come to a cafe. He says how do I show her truth. Mukun is on table with a guy. He doesn’t tell kesar thats mukun. He says I think he wont come.
Kesar is crying. Saradh says please dont’ cry. We will find him. Keasr says you don’t know how happy I was. I had so much hope that I will see him today. Saradh says he was here not sure wheren he went. Mukun leaves the cafe. He says Mukun.. Kesar runs after him. He is going with a guy. He leaves. Kesar says I have to go. Saradh says we can’t follow him. Kesar says I have seen him after so many years. I have to find him. He says please stop. Kesar is crying. He says I can understand but please calm down. We will find him again. We should go home now. Kesar says will you look for him? He asys yes. They head back home.

Devi comes to Adhi’s office.

Precap-Devi and Kesar are dancing. Adhi is taking Mukun home in his car. Mukun says where are we going? Devi says to Adhi we are made for each other. He shoves her on bed and says I hate you. He breaks the mirror.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. no seriousness in this serial, all ate looks like jokers. Pathetic story and no sense of a good story.

  2. It is amazing that Devi still thinks high of Adhi,and have hopes of bringing out the human in him.I don’t agree with Devi that Masa is fully responsible for Adhi’s beastly behaviour.If he had his own thinking ,Masa couldn’t have influenced him this much.Being a mature adult and a successful business man,he is expected to take his own decisions,if he is not doing so means there is some drawback in his personality.At this point what are Devi’s plans and how she wants to transform him ,no ideas.I feel that Devi should have left him and given him sometime to find out the truth on his own and in the meantime pursued her profession.Why to resort to all these cheap tactics like fake pregnancy etc.??? Sometime or the other the truth will come out and she should have waited for that.

  3. Leela, i agree i think they were to interested to make adi such a bad guy that they succeeded more then perhaps they intended, i don’t see him as a romantic hero…just another spineless bad guy with no brains ruled by his mother. I think i miss used the word “Hero” a Hero wouldn’t do the things this character has to a woman..lets just call him the bad guy.

  4. Shital

    Agree with all 3 of f u
    The story just goes on n on without any link to the past enemity plus revelation of all masas misdeeds. Any girl in her right frame of mind would have left Adhiraj at least after knowing that he wants to kill her. Devi is just acting stupid. And the fake pregnancy thing is way too cheap no body gets pregnant like that.
    They have Sarad who is a lawyer in the house but they can’t find the culprit.
    I think the writers have lost the game !

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