Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Devi burns Adhi

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Urmi says to Masa what if Adhi makes her his wife? Masa says that would never happen.
Adhi is going out at night. Masa says where are you going? She is sitting in ground as a beggar. Adhi says what is this? She says last time we trusted a chauhan we were in this condition. You are trusting their daughter now. Adhi says I don’t trust her at all. Masa says you can forget that time I cant time. There was no one to pick your dad’s funeral. Adhi says I remember everything. I remember what happened to dad. I can do anything for you. Masa says then prove it that her beauty can’t do any magic. Adhi says tell me what to do.
Massa says give her a stain. Tell them messing with us can be dangerous. She gives him a burning skewer and asks her to burn Devi.

Adhi is dazed.

Kesar comes to Devi lets go from here. I overheard Adhi and Masa talking. She wants him to burn you. Devi is shocked. Kesar says he is coming. He wants to give you mark of animosity.
Masa says what are you thinking? You can’t do this right? GO to your wife. Adhi recalls his father’s death. He picks the skewer. Devi says he is my husband. I know he has heart and he can never do this. He never hurt me physically before. Kesar says masa has provoked him. Please go from here.
Devi says I know he brought me here as a servant but i have seen humanity in his eyes. I know he doesn’t hate me enough. Adhi is coming there. Kesar says please try to understand. Devi says there is a human in him. I know he won’t hurt me. Go to your room. I know he won’t do any such thing. Today is test of my belief.

Scene 2
Adhi comes there. Devi looks at the burning skewer in his hand. Devi sits down and sleeps. Adhi comes towards her with the burning skewer. He recalls everything she said. How she saved his life so many times. Adhi comes close to burn her. The skewer falls from his hand and he steps back. Adhi recalls what Masa said. He recalls his father’s death. Adhi picks the skewer and burns Devi’s back. She screams.

Bharat wakes up and says Devi is in trouble. Ambika says she is fine don’t worry. Bharat says I am really worried for her. Ambika says calm down.
Devi is crying and screaming with pain.
Masa says urmi give sweets in whole Sujhangarh. He is my son. Go and see how she is.

Urmi comes to devi. She is crying and screaming with pain. Her back is burned. Adhi comes to his room upset. Masa is there. She says well done. Devi is screaming.

Precap-Adhi is angry in his room.
He says God never hurts his people. Then why God made me do this. He burns his own back too. He says I made a sin. Urmi binds Devi’s hands and shoves her near the coal. She says the time this candle blows your face will be burned with it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What a ghastly episode!what is the use of committing the sin ,fully knowing that it is a sin and later repenting .I hate Adhi for his lack of guts to tell out rightly on his mother’s face that it was n’t Devi who was responsible for their past poverty and his father’s death but some Chauhan and that Chauhan is no more now.My God,how could he do that to a girl who saved his mother’s life ,not caring about the condition of her own feet and just a few days back nursed him back to health.
    Poor Devi ,she had too much faith in her husband but what she doesn’t know Is that some men ,though good at heart ,think that their mothers ‘ word is the almighty ‘s word.Then why to feel bad later and resort to melodramatics like burning his own back.I don’t know what the writers /makers want to convey but I don’t support this torture and Devi patiently tolerateing it.Better to get the hell out of that damned house and leave that cursed family for ever.After all,Devi is a doctor and she has better things to do in life rather than reforming this crude lot because some women like Masa don’t change even after a life time is spent on them.
    Let us see if Adhi will have the courage to confront his mother and tell her to shut up.

  2. I think i have had it
    Have lost complete faith and am not gonna watch this brutality anyone
    I think the writers dont know how to proceed

  3. Shame on India!!!!! What the hell kind of serials are they making. India should be showing stronger women because they are tortured every day somewhere in India. Such cruelty towards women should be on the news not on tv for entertainment!!!! Shame on this channel!!!!!!!!

  4. So i had to go out for a walk after watching that, although i have watched far worse on T.V (our censorship is quite lax in Canada) i was still horrified by this act…i kept thinking don’t do it, don’t do it..and he did AND walked away while she screamed and unholy scream, i think it affected me this much because im a victim of burns not by anyone but my own stupidity and carelessness, but you never forget the pain.

  5. Cathy ,I am sorry that you had to undergo that severe pain of burns by accident.I know how it affects you when you come across a similar incident even if it is on television ,that too done intentionally by a husband for whom a girl leaves her own family and comes to his home with a thousand sweet dreams.And in return if she gets this sort of treatment ……well!what to say ,looks like the writers still want to be in the 19 th century India where this type of incidents were common in rural India.There is a say that the worst enemy of a woman is not man but a woman only.This used to be true in those households where mothers in law would torture newly married girls for want of more dowry and many times out of pure jealousy and possessiveness for her son.The instances of women being burnt with Kerosene (those days Gas connections were n’t there) used to be quite common in illiterate ,rural families.As no one would care to complain as the police stations were far away in towns,and no hospitals to do postmortem ,these deaths would go unnoticed and the husband within no time would get a new wife .Atleast in this serial ,Devi’s family loves her but in reality ,the women’s family would never bother to see what was happening to their daughter after her marriage as their only obligation was over and done with .
    But that was almost a century back .Now Parents give equal importance to their daughters .With schools in every village ,education has become a must now .As expected ,there is a gradual change in people ‘s outlook .Demanding dowries is now punishable under law.Joint families are very few now.In modern India ,girls are well educated .doing jobs and self reliant.
    It is really un fortunate that the writers /makers want to go back into the past and show this generation the vices of olden days,But the question is …Is it really necessary to show forgotten unpleasant practices?

  6. I agree with you Jene that this type of unthinkable and unparallel cruelty should n’t be showcased on TV for entertainment.Nowadays ,TV is watched by all age groups and this sort of entertainment will have a negative effect on young minds.Otherwise also ,no one likes to watch round the clock torture ,it is simply repulsive.Either the writers should change the script with immediate effect or the channel should wrap it up and put an end to Devi’s misery.

  7. Omd
    Disguisting episode…

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