Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika saves Varun from goons

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Urmi says to Maasa that Devika cant get married before 18 years old which she will become in 3 weeks, what if something goes wrong? Maasa says nothing will go wrong, Prince Arun will convince her. Urmi smirks and thinks that money will go to trust and I will become head of this palace.

Devika comes to Maasa and says I wont marry Prince Arun as he is trying to lust after me, he is a cheap guy. Maasa says dont worry about it, just get married otherwise we will not get money, it doesnt matter who it is. Devika says I wont marry like this, find some suitable boy. Maasa says I dont have a line of boys for you. Devika says I am Rajawat family’s grand daughter and pretty so find some decent boy otherwise you know I can tell lawyer that you forced me to do all this, I

am innocent so he will make you go to jail, think about it, she leaves.

Varun says to himself that I have to pacify Devika before she tells anything to Maasa. Maasa comes there and says I thought you would trap Devika to marry you and that you are a great actor but you cant even handle on girl. Varun says she is just miffed, I will marry her. Maasa says no I have got my grand daughter after 18 years so I wont force her to marry you, its her choice. Varun says dont worry, she will choose. Maasa says do it fast, you dont have time, she leaves. Varun says to himself that Devika called me flirty and cheap so I will show her what actual eveteasing is, I will get that girl in 3 day.

Devika is going somewhere. Varun comes there and says drivers are on leave. Devika says why? Varun says they work hard so they should get sometime off too, I give them two days off in my region. Devika says how will I go now? Varun says I have some work so I will drop you off. Maasa says its good if you leave with him. Dhani says I would never deny his offer. Varun says if she doesnt want to go with me then dont force her. Devika says I will go with you. Varun says if you are requesting so much so I will take you, you should know difference between hero and zero too. They leave.

Scene 2
Varun checks his car. Devika says your car broke down on road, I should have left on my own. Varun thinks I stopped this car myself because now my hired goons will come and evetease Devika, I will beat them and become hero in her eyes. He waits for them. Suddenly a car comes there. Varun says to Devika that this road is dangerous, goons come and evetease girls here but I will save you. Goons come out of car and eyes them, one goon says what an item, this item looks total butter to be devoured. Varun says she is my fiance so I wont bear if you misbehave with her. Goon says we are not talking about her, we have been praising you. Varun says what? I am not like that. Goons drag him to car. Varun says we gave you money to evetease her. Goon runs hands over him and says which money? we stopped after seeing you, this is 2018, you are so hot that I want to flirt with you, they start taking off his clothes. Varun screams to save his honor. He screams to save him.. Suddenly someone picks on door and opens it, its Devika. Devika attacks goons, Varun and Devika starts beating them. Goons run away. Devika says atleast your muscles are a little useful but these days boys are not safe too, she laughs. Varun says laugh as much as you want. Devika says I am just thinking that you did so much hardwork, so much workout for these goons? Varun says you are laughing because you think I am a flirt and its good that it happened with me but I am feeling bad that women have to face all this, respect is respect for men and women both, if a man points at girl’s character then it is called a sin but when woman points at man’s character then he is called a flirt, you are not understanding, its your mistake but I wont laugh at you. Varun says lets go, he opens car door for her, she silently sits inside.

Jaggu says Devika will get married after she becomes 18 years old, you have to wait more. Kesar says to Jaggu that we waited years so we can wait some weeks for money, I had to bear so much in this palace, Devi’s cheating, my insult.. I had to bear everything so we can keep loving each other silently.. Dhani comes there, Jaggu hides behind bed. Kesar is tensed and asks what happened? Dhani says why you are sweating so much, are you alright? Kesar says yes you go, I am coming, Dhani leaves. Kesar says to Jagggu that I kept my and your relation hidden from my daughter, she could have found it but I kept it hidden, once we get this money then we will leave this palace. Jaggu hugs her and says yes we will go abroad, we three will live together and have happiness and sadness together.

Varun and Devika comes home and tells everything about goons attacking Varun. Kesar says it was planned attack, Dhani says who could be Prince’s enemy? Varun says I dont have any enemy. Devika says it must be Prince Arun’s brother Varun, he got arrested so he did this cheap thing with Arun. Varun says I love you, I respect you but that doesnt mean you can say anything, Varun can be anything but he is my brother, he wont do anything like that, you cant blame him without any proof. I can bear anything but not hear anything about my family. Devika is mesmerized to hear it. Devika thinks that the person who cant listen bad words for his enemy brother, that person will take so much care for his wife and family, I should marry this guy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Bheegi Palkein episode 26
    Shanu is surprised to see Samina all alone in the living room,seeing Shanu ,Samina tells her that she is not able to sleep and feeling suffocated in the bedroom.When Shanu asks her if Fari has taken her dinner, Samina pours out her grief…how she had to force Fari to eat a little and how a young girl is behaving like a kid and crying mad.As she herself starts crying ,Shanu unable to see all the three ,Fari, Hasan and Samina miserable, feels bad that it has been several months since Amina died but a pall of gloom still hangs in the air here…When Samina tells that somehow she is remembering her son Umar more today,Shanu asks her if her daughter in law Mehar was good to her son when he was alive…as she doesn’t answer,Shanu goes in and for the first time since Umar’s death ,Samina remembers the love given by Mehar to her son and cries and asks for her forgiveness.
    When Dr,Rajaaq appreciates the first painting of Mehar,she says she knows that he is praising it so that she shouldn’t feel bad… She asks him what is that that is good in her painting ,he says that first ,it is very neat and clear ,secondly right colours are used…..Mehar looks at her work and says may be he is right that it is good,,,,in that case she wants it to give to him….saying sorry ,he can not take it,Rajaaq tells her that his dad wants to see not only the painting but the painter also, he asks her if she would come for lunch with him ,she replies that she too fees like going out today and fly in the high waves of the sea…. Rajaaq corrects her that you can not fly in the waves ,but can either swim or wade Mehar replies that if you are extremely happy you can do anything,when he jokes where has she read this,Mehar says they are not written in books but life teaches them,…he remarks that in a few days she will start teaching him also.
    Seeing her mother very sad because of her,Fari asks her is she very unhappy because of her only….when Samina asks her if she should bring something for her to eat,Fari asks her to just sit with her and not leave her alone.Asking for her forgiveness ,Fari tells her she will go into the kitchen and do some cooking,but Samina asks her sternly to stay in here only and not venture out ….and cause her some more misery.As Fari says sorry again,Samina asks wasn’t she the one who had hidden Hasan’s car keys…..shocked Fari tries to deny but Samina without giving her any chance ,says she is utterly disgusted with this daughter of hers who would hide her brother’s things before and after his marriage and put the blame on Mehar’s forgetfulness ……Samina,blames Fari for Umar’s death too as she had intentionally left her Bhabhi’s mobile in the mall because of which ,Umar had to go back to the mall and then met with the accident. Fari ,guilty and miserable that she has lost her only support,begs for her mother’s forgiveness but Samina storms out of her room leaving her utterly miserable .
    Farzana (Rajaaq’ s mother in law) gives her husband his regular medication …and about to leave unusually silent.Ahmad calls her back and tells her if she looks so silent and indifferent what will Rajaaq think,it is not just their permission he wants…he wants their wilful consent,,,,otherwise also Rajaaq has n’t even proposed to that girl…it is quite possible that she may reject also.His wife tauntingly advises him that in that case he should personally go and counsel that girl to marry his son in law just like he did it with Rajaaq.Ahmad defends himself that he did nothing like forcing Rajaaq ,just helped him to tell what was in his mind,otherwise he would never have told on his own.When he wonders whether she would allow Rajaaq’s bride to stay in their house happily with this attitude of hers ,Farzana assures her husband that he need not worry as Aasma’s illness has taught her lot of patience,,,then asks her husband what should they tell their daughter if she regains consciousness after her husband’s remarriage…Ahmad tells her that in that rare case they would just feel happy for getting back their daughter,,,,,making all the options clear ,he advises her to look happy and make Rajaaq happy but Farjana still not convinced says she will keep praying god that ,Rajaaq’s proposal will be rejected by that girl….exasperated ,Ahmad asks her to put herself in Rajaaq’s mother’s place and then pray to god.
    Rajaaq and Mehar are on the sea shore,,,looking at the sea ,Mehar wonders how it evokes completely opposite emotions in people depending on their mood and mindset….If a person who lost everything thinks that the best option is to drown himself ,a happy person feels like taking the entire sea into him….And today she is in such an elated state that she feels like taking a deep breath and become free like those waves.When Dr.Rajaaq asks her if she wats to come out of the security of the mental hospital ,Mehar ,quite alarmed asks him if she will be shunted out from there also which is the reason for her being so elated.As she begs him not to evict her from there, he comforts her saying that no one is going to do that,,,what he means is ,if she is interested in a more happier and normal life ,there is another way…She tells him even if there are better options as he suggests,she won’t take them….because if she leaves the hospital ,she won’t be able to talk to him… she says that talking to him gives her utmost happiness as he instills in her a sense of hope and confidence.When she asks if he likes her talking about life ,Rajaaq admits he likes whatever she says and feels like listening to her for ever ,Mehar says that she too feels the same about his conversations …when he asks her what will be her answer if someone proposes and invites her into his life,Mehar laughs and says there can not be any such one in the hospital who is mad enough to propose to her…….even if there is one ,she will refuse him without hurting his feelings. Dr Rajaaq ,confused how to convey his feelings,asks her doesn’t she want a more happy and secure life than the hospital’s ,by marrying and settling down…..Counter questioning him ,she asks him when she is more than happy where she is ,why should she wade into unknown waters and invite trouble ?Pleasantly smiling,she tells him if any such proposal comes her way then she will bring that guy to meet him and on his advice either she will refuse him or accept his hand,…..and for a minute she stays standstill when he says what if he wants to marry her….as she contemplates,her mobile rings that some inmate is serious and she is asking for her only…Rajaaq says they should go and start back to the hospital together.
    After attending to the patient ,both sit outside in the garden….Mehar tells him that though she wants to give a positive answer to his proposal, her never ending ill fate is stopping her from accepting his proposal. When he promises that this time it won’t repeat,Mehar insists that her destiny is already written like that,no one can change that,…Rajaaq promises that if she says ‘yes’ ,he will fight with her ill fate and change that also She asks him for some time to consider his proposal.When his father in law asks if he has talked to her,he says ‘yes’ but she asked for some time to take a decision….his mother in law feels happy…..
    As Hasan gets ready to go to the office ,Fari comes there wishing him brightly and asks him to come and have breakfast with her…..As Hasan waits at the dining table,Fari goes into the kitchen to tell Shanu to send breakfast for both of them,,,when asked about Samina,Fari says she is still sleeping as she slept late last night.
    While having breakfast ,Hasan tells her that if she remembers this is the first time they are having breakfast together.Fari tells him that from tomorrow onwards she will get up early in the morning itself,,,,,Hasan ,remembering his friend’s dinner invitation ,asks Fari if it is convenient for her to go to their house tonight….and feels happy when Fari suggests that should invite his friend and his wife to their house rather……Fari informs Shanu that there will be guests for dinner tonight and both of them together will prepare food .
    One of the maids asks Shanu how to prepare a particular curry that Fari wants for the party….Shanu says she too doesn’t know its recipe,and asks her to go and ask Fari herself….but the maid says she is scared of going into Fari’s room as she always looks possessed….Shanu stops her saying it is really bad ,talking ill of your mistress and sends her to Fari’s room for the recipe,at the same time Fari comes into the kitchen and the maid collides with Fari spilling the contents of the plate all over Fari’s dress. Fari ,infuriated ,shouts mad at the hapless maid ,making her run for her life and Shanu who is a witness to all this wonders what is wrong with this girl .
    To be continued

  2. Continuation
    Hasan comes home early in the evening that day and asks Shanu where is Fari….she replies since morning she had been in the kitchen ,,,just went into her room…As Hasan gets a call,he gets busy with it.
    When Shanu goes into the kitchen,the maid ,who was earlier ill treated by Fari ,asks Shanu why hasn’t she informed Hasan about his wife’s misbehaviour with her for accidentally colliding with her….Shanu advises her to keep quiet ,as they ,old helps of the family ,should not spoil the master’s mood when he is expecting guests…..and the maid agrees.
    But ,Samina ,infuriated , confronts Fari how she was behaving with that girl in the afternoon…if Hasan comes to know about her insulting behaviour …..Fari,,showing her true colours ,shouts back what if Hasan comes to know,,,,,the maid ,being rude and impertinent fully deserves her punishment.Samina ,losing patience with her stubborn daughter,warns her to reform herself as early as possible and ask forgiveness for her sins…..Fari is shocked to hear he mother say that If she continues with her hateful ways,then some day someone will be forced to poison her as well.
    Rajaaq’s mother in law calls Mehar home to see her daughter in coma and see her paintings as she heard that she herself paints well and a good healer….without telling that she is Rajaaq’smother in law.When Rajaaq comes home in the evening ,he is surprised to see Mehar there appreciating Aasma’s paintings …the same is the case with Mehar as she is unaware that it is zrajaaq’s house .As both stand facing each other ,confused and embarrassed ,Farzana comes there and introduces him to her saying that he is her daughter’s husband and both love each other very much ,,,as both don’t know how to react,she takes her down saying tea is ready.In the lounge showing Mehar the wedding photo of Rajaaq and Aasma says they really make a lovely couple and she will show the full marriage album after tea.
    While having tea,Mehar asks her for how many years ,Rajaaq has been married to Aasma,…replying ‘for four years’,she narrates how grandly they their marriage was celebrated and how ,when they were on honeymoon,Aasma slipped on the staircase ,got grievously hurt and went into coma.But the doctors are hopeful that anytime Aasma may regain consciousness and she and Rajaaq have been waiting for that moment only.
    In the meantime Rejaaq and his father in law join them for tea and Farzana goes in saying she will bring fresh tea.Ahmad, quite unaware that she is Rajaaq’s patient for whom his son in law has special affection and to whom he has already proposed,asks her how does she find his daughter,,,,is she too sad after looking at her????As Rajaaq sits uncomfortably,Mehar says that after seeing Aasma ,she feels that her pain is nothing comparable to his daughter’s,,,,when enquired where she stays ,Mehar replies mental hospital….Surprised Ahmad asks her if she is a doctor there…..Mehar looks at Rajaaq who doesn’t say even a single word,and tells Ahmad that she is Dr Rajaaq’s patient,Thoroughly embarrassed ,Rajaaq gets up and leaves the room.
    Understanding thus is one of his wife’s infamous plans to put barriers between Rajaaq and Mehar,Ahmad goes out and asks Rajaaq is she the same girl that he wants to marry,,,and has he told her about Aasma?Rajaaq saying that Mehar is the same one and he wanted to tell her everything about himself but before that itself …..Interrupting him ,Ahmad asks his son in law to go to her now and tell her everything….Saying that he is not able even to look straight into her eyes,Rajaaq feels bad for being proved a liar without his fault.Comforting him that it doesn’t matter ,if he has not told her earlier about Aasma but atleast should tell now,Ahmad goes out to stop Mehar.
    Mehar is almost ar the gate when Ahmad calls her back and asks her if she is already leaving….Mehar says ‘yes’,as the purpose of her visit is fulfilled….He tells her that before talking to Rajaaq,she should n’t leave and give a chance for him to explain…Saying that she doesn’t want any explanations from Dr Rajaaq ,Mehar asks him to convey to his wife that she should n’t be worried on account of her and she will certainly refuse her son in law’s proposal.Requesting her not to make his son in law guilty ,Ahmad explains that he had been a faithful husband to his daughter and almost ready to be faithful to her and waiting for her acceptance…but the circumstances are not in his favour ..When Mehar blames her ill fate for all this ,Ahmad makes it cleat that his son in law is a man of integrity,otherwise being Aasma ‘s father ,he would never have consented to Rajaaq’s proposal to remarry and tells Mehar he is sure that his daughter will never get up it happens with 99% of coma cases.Mehar still not convinced tells him that she can not steal the husband of a sleeping girl…if tomorrow she gets up how will she face her,,,she will look like a thief who has stolen the most precious thing of her life.Telling her not to leave before talking to Rajaaq and having dinner with them ,Ahmad goes inside.
    Farjana asks her husband why did he stop that girl when she was leaving.Ahmad makes it clear that he is annoyed with her as she did not do the right thing with Rajaaq…Farjana counter questions him is it wrong to call the would be wife of Rajaaq for tea…he taunts that she gave her such hot tea that not only Mehar’s tongue but her heart is also burnt.Farjana asks him if Rajaaq’s intention was not to tell a out Aasma,her husband replies he certainly wanted to tell everything but at the right time ,,,unfortunately she has already done the damage.Farjana reminds him of his request to her that she should not shout and cry …so without doing both,she has done what she wanted to and Ahmad concludes that women can be more deceptive than men if they want to be.He tells his wife that he stopped that girl to talk to Rajaaq And she should not interfere now,he goes in.

  3. Continuation
    Rajaaq,embarrassed to be in this situation first doesn t say anything…he tells her his Intention was not to hide things from her ….trying to comfort him.Mehar,pleasantly smiling ,asks him to look at her and says that he should be very happy that she reacted quite normally when she came to know about his truth from his mother in law,,,no panic attacks ,no trying to run away…which implies that she is quite normal now and can stand up to any challenges in life.
    Rajaaq still guilty explains that he did n’t tell her anything about him as she herself had been under a lot of stress and as a doctor ,he can not further aggrevate his patient’s condition…. And tells her if she wants to ask him anything now,she can ask…Feeling bad to see him feel ashamed of himself ,Mehar conveys that she has nothing to ask and she doesn’t require any explanations…and it is really torturing her to see him treating himself a culprit…she knows very well that if he hasn’t told her something,there must be a reason and as per her,he can never do anything wrong…after a pause she tells him that she is very happy in her mad world and wants to stay there only and look after the needy,this rational world is not for her where people keep hurting each other,,,,,As Rajaaq still looks hurt,Mehar says that she will have dinner with them and go,else Ahmad uncle will think that she has left feeling hurt.
    Hasan and Fari host dinner for a friend and his wife…..while having food,his friend tells him that there is need to prepare so many exotic dishes ,just millet’s roti and Shanu Amma’s signature lassi would have been enough…Hasan jokes that he could not have fed them simple food after having that excellent Biriyani in their house a few months back…..All the time Fari ,already in a trance ,eats silently ,not participating in the conversation.Feeling strange the lady asks doesn’t his wife talk at all,,,,Hssan defends Fari’s unusual and queer silence that she is following the old saying that one shouldn’t talk while eating…..and calls Shanu to bring lassi as without it,it is difficult to eat….Shanu brings a jug of buttermilk and keeps it on the table nearFari…..looking at it ,the reel of her sin runs in her mind again and Samina’s advice this morning that if she keeps hurting people like this ,someone on someday will poison her also just the way she did with her aunt.As Shanu waits there to see what else they want,Fari in a low voice asks her if she has troubled her too much….Shanu ,doesn’t know what to expect next ,says ‘not at all’ ,she is a very kind mistress ,To the utter shock of everyone ,Fari innocently asks her won’t she poison her then????Hasan trying to cover up ths rather queer behaviour of his wife says that she is just joking….but Fari tells everyone in a serious tone that servants do poison their master and his family if they are annoyed with them.
    End of the episode

  4. Bheegi Palkein Episode 27
    When Fari declares that servants ,if they have a grudge against their employers,poison them,Shanu understanding that Fari is having one of her crazy attacks,silently turns back to leave…but Fari,to the astonishment of the guests and Hasan ,gets up quickly and demands a hapless Shanu why is she leaving ,,,,that means she has mixed poison in the lassi….as she becomes aggressive ,Hasan tries to calm her down,,,,but there is no stopping Fari….as she shouts hysterically ,Hasan takes her inside leaving his guests unattended and worried.
    Hasan brings up Fari to her room ,,,,,as she still shouts and pleads that Shanu is going to kill her,Hasan shuts her inside he washroom but her cries and pleas become torturous for him to hear…he wonders what has he really done for a cheerful girl like Fari to become like this…He comes down to see the guests off ,profusely apologising for the unpleasant scene….Explaining that a couple of unforeseen incidents , ,her brother’saccidental death and his mother’s sudden demise …are responsible for Fari becoming like this, Hasan says he doesn’t know what to doHis friend informs that a similar case of one of his relatives was successfully treated by one Dr.Rajaaq from Karachi mental hospital and he should take Fari to him….when asked for the doctor’s number,he says he doesn’t have the number but will give him the hospital address tomorrow .Hasan thanks them and they take their leave.
    During dinner ,there is absolute silence at the table and Mehar ,feeli g embarrassed to be there,hesitates to eat anything…noticing this ,Ahmad asks her to have some Biriyani,,,as Mehar helps herself,she even feels scared to look at Farjana who looks very sullen and withdrawn….As Ahmad complaints they are unusually silent ,and should talk about some thing ,Farjana asks Rajaaq to tell about his parents and family background.When her husband objects that, that is no subject to discuss ,she gets up rudely a d leaves the table saying she is not hungry….Ahmad ,saying sorry ,for his wife’s ill manners,explains that when people build up fake hopes,they will be shattered on the day when they come face to face with truth…..asking Mehar nit to feel bad for Fargana’s rudeness,Ahmad tells her that she is good at heart but vents off her frustrations like this.Saying that she is not at all minding aunty’s rude attitude,Mehar requests Rajaaq if he will drop her. But Ahmad suggests they should have coffee and tells her that Rajaaq prepares excellent coffee.As he goes in to prepare coffee,Ahmad asks her stay back ,but Mehar hesitates that Aunty will not like her staying here,Ahmad ,in reply says that he won’t like her going back…when he reminds her that Farana herself has brought her here,Mehar in turn reminds him that her purpose of bringing her here is to say something and show something ….since it is over,better she should leave ….as Ahmad doesn’t have much to argue,he suggests that since she is not eating anything , they go out on to the lawn and have coffee .She agrees.
    Hasan tells his aunt that they should take out Fari now but Samina advises him to let her stay shut only,if he wants their peace of mind..Hasan tells her they can not keep her under lock and key and he will be taking her to a doctor in Karachi…after Hasan goes up to check on Fari ,Samina,feeling hopeless remarks that no doctor in the world has any cure for Fari’s illness.
    Ahmad ,having coffee in the garden with Mehar ,requests her not to take a hasty decision ….she must understand that Rajaaq’s intention was not to hide the facts and she should not allow Farjana’s indifferent attitude to affect her decision.She should not think that she will be doing injustice to Aasma if she marries Rajaaq..When Mehar objects that she can not come into this house when aunty is angry with her ,Ahmad explains that his wife is not angry with her but she is confused and doesn’t know what to do…At this stage he is more worried about his son in law rather than his daughter…..he needs a friend and Rajaaq himself told him that he likes her as she is very comfortable to talk to…..When Mehar suggests that she can do this remaining his friend,Ahmad clarifies that she can not be a part of his life if she stays his friend and Rajaaq is it the one who shares his problems with just friends…he tells her firmly that she is not going anywhere and will stay here only and Farjana will make her room ready.
    Hasan finds Fari unconscious on the floor of the washroom…he makes her lie down on the bed and tries to revive he r ,but finding no movement in her ,he comes out and tells Samina that Fari is in her bed room and requests her to change her clothes.
    Ahmad tells his wife to make ready Aasma’s bedroom for Mehar to stay….when she looks hurt ,he tells her sternly to go and tell Rajaaq that this is not acceptable to her… so that he too will get out along with Mehar….there is no need to torture herself.
    Farjana,,now crying ,blames destiny for the torture they are undergoing…if this has to happen ,then why doesn’t Aasma’s breathing stop once for all so that she can come to terms with the fact that her daughter is no more.Aski ng her to accept destiny’s decision ,Ahmad asks her to go and get ready the room for Mehar ….she accepts on the condition that he won’t plan their marriage till Aasma’s doctor declares that there is no hope for her to come out of coma .
    Shanu comes to Iinform Hasan that Amina’s clothes,,….Hasan stops her saying that she should not send his mother’s clothes to any orphanage ,if clothes have to be distributed ,he will buy new for that purpose.Shanu informs him that all his mother’s clothes were burnt ….shocked ,Hasan asks who did that….Shanu replies that Fari did it almost three weeks back….annoyed he asks her why didn’t she inform him that time itself….she replies not to create tensions between husband and wife …she advises him to show her to a good doctor and she will be alright…..,Fari may become alright but he has a premonition that some terrible truth is going to be revealed and their relationship will never be the same……. Shanu asks in a whisper that if he too is thinking what she has been suspecting all along,Hasan nods his head .
    To be continued

  5. Continuation…Rajaaq comes out to see Mehar taking a walk on the front lawn..for a moment they don’t say anything to each other…Mehar remembering Ahmad’s concern for his son in law tells him he is lucky to have a father in law who loves him like a son.Rajaaq says that he is like his father only ,Infact he was the class mate of his father ,who were good friends too and he and Aasma ware also class mates,,,,,then as the destiny had it ,he lost both his parents in an accident and he went into depression.Mehar ,surprised ,wonders how can a doctor ,who helps people come out of depression ,himself gets depressed….Rajaaq explains every person ,whoever he may be ,is afflicted with this condition at some point in their life….some people will be lucky enough to have loved ones who stand like rock by their side,and help them in that difficult phase……And the person who became his shadow that time was Aasma, his friend..and how she gave a big party on the day he recovered fully,,,,,,he becomes nostalgic remembering how she had proposed to him and how he accepted saying that which other normal girl other than her would be ready to marry a reserved and pessimistic person like him …and she was a simple and fun loving girl who would almost be flying always ,helping her mom in household chores , joking and bringing joy into his life…..then on that fateful day ,while coming down the stairs tripped ,and calling his name one last time,slipped into coma…..seeing tears in his eyes ,Mehar couldn’t stop crying ……since then there is nothing but silence and he has been trying to bring her out of coma just like she did when he went into depression but there is no response from her….seeing her crying ,he asks her not to cry ….changing the topic,he tells her that he will drop her at the hospital.Mehar informs him that uncle wants her to stay with them only…..He smiles and asks her not to take his dad’s words seriously and she should take her own decision……and Mehar says she too wants to stay …..Fargana comes there to take Mehar to her room.
    Hasan knocks on Samina’s bedroom door and informs a depressed and gloomy looking Samina that they will be going to Karachi tomorrow itself as Fari’s condition will further deteriorate if they delay further.He enquires if she is alright ….Samina says she is ok ….Hasan asks Shanu also to come with them as his aunt s not well.
    Farjana tells Mehar that from now onwards this will be her room….as Mehar keeps silent Farjana cynically says that now she has decided to stop fighting her destiny….Mehar tells her that Rajaaq can not love anyone more than Aasma,,,,,Farjana taunts that she knows herr son in law loves her daughter very much ,,what she doesn’t understand is what is that he has seen in her….and how can she be so lucky to win over Aasma’s husband…..Mehar sadly replies thst it is really ironic she is calling her lucky when she herself considers herself the most unfortunate girl in this world …..and would always feel as the one who sneaked inside when the mistress of the house is asleep and should be ready to leave when the mistress wakes up…..Surprised Farjana asks her won’t she make any effort to take Aasma’s place in Rajaaq’s heart,,,,,,and gets m ore surprised when Mehar says that she doesn’t have any such intention of Stealing Aasma’s place as she knows how precious first love is.Telling her that she won’t feel bad if she uses Aasma’s clothes in her wardrobe ,Farjana leaves her room.
    As Fari sleeps ,Samina looking at her recollects those terrible moments in the car on that fateful day when Mehar would tell her husband her mobile was not in her bag and Umar comforting her that he would go back to the mall and fetch it….all the while Fari not saying anything ,,,,and how Umar died in front of their eyes.
    After breakfast ,As Rajaaq gets ready to go to hospital,Mehar asks him to take with him as she wants to bring back her things…Ahmad suggests there is no need to bring anything from there,she can go shopping with her aunt and do the necessary purchases.
    Seeing Mehar sitting alone and thinking ,Ahmad asks may he ask her what is that she is thinking so seriously….she confesses how she imagined that Dr. .Rajaaq ‘s life must be very ideal.Ahmad explains that everything looks so ,from a distance,only when you go nearer,you can see the pain and misery of that person….just like distant mountains always look green ….people who live in luxurious bungalows need not be happy,and they are the best example to prove that point….telling her to get ready and go to the market with his wife. ,he tells her not to take to heart if Farjana says something o hurt her feelings.
    To be continued

  6. Continuation
    As Mehar gets ready to go with Farjana, Ahmad tells Rajaaq that he would like to discuss something with him….hs says nothing very serious but about a condition imposed by his mother in law that begore fixing the marriage date she requires the final confirmation from Dr Sahil ,Aasma’s doctor that her condition won’t be changed in the near future. Rajaaq says he too wants Dr.Sahil’s opinion before going ahead and will consult him in a day or two.
    Hasan comes to Karachi with Fari. Samina and Shanu….he opens the main door and Shanu goes in with their luggage….the moment they step in ,Fari glancing nervously everywhere starts blabbering and crying that she is seeing Amina in every corner of the house…As she hugs her husband ,frightened,he takes her inside followed by Samina.
    Hasan brings Fari to Dr.Rajaaq and he asks about her symptoms and case history.Hasan explains that she is not able to rein in her emotions ,gets either extremely angry or frightened…in the beginning her symptoms were subtle but now it is becomeing difficult to control her….once or twice ,she assaulted the house maids and burnt his dead motger’s clothes as well…..and all the time she is suspicious that some one will poison her.When Dr,Rajaaq asks any good reason for that,Hasan narrates how his mother died of poisoning by his ex fiancée and put the blame on Fari…..Rajaaq saying that it is a complicated case says for the time being he is prescribing her tranquillisers.But on hearing the patient’s name ,Fariya ,he remembers Mehar screaming Fari’s name and shouting that she destroyed her….he next asks Hasan what is his name ,and then his ex fisncee’s ….just then he gets a call from Mehar that she is already at the hospital….he says he is not in his consultation and disconnects…..he informs Hasan that he should show his wife to some other doctor as he finds this case too complicated to handle.Surprised Hasan asks him such a capable psychiatrist refusing to treat his wife is confusing him that too after asking him the case history and writing the prescription…And he heard that he is the only doctor who can treat Fari’s type of cases.Begging to understand their problem,Hasan pleads with him to take up Fari’s case but Rajaaq refuses saying that every doctor can not treat every case …….and refuses to treat Fari.Unable to question and argue further,Hasan takes her out.
    Mehar comes into the hospital and seeing one of the patients sitting in the corridors,she sits with her to talk and comfort her….Just then Hasan brings out Fari in a wheel chair and passes by….Hasan and Mehar don’t see each other but Fari notices Mehar and gets tensed but doesn’t say anything….,,,and Hasan,leaves the hospital with Fari disappointed.
    End of the episode.

  7. Bheegi palkein….Episode 28
    After sending away Hasan and Fari,Dr,Rajaaq goes out but seeing Mehar again comes in saying that he has to take some papers from his room…as he looks disturbed,Mehar not finding any papers there,asks him which papers he is searching for and can she help him…Saying that he might have left them on Dr.Nasir’s table ,he goes out asking her to wait in his room only…after coming out he looks relieved to see that Hasan and Fari are nowhere to be seen.
    Hasan comes running into the reception and informs an employee of the hospital that his wife whom he has left in the car just five minutes back is not there…when asked which bed no,Hasan replies that she is not yet admitted,they were here to consult Dr.Rajaaq ,,,after meeting him ,he left her in the car for not more than five minutes before she disappeared…Saying that he should n’t have left her alone ,he asks Hasan to go and inform Dr.Rajaaq so that the staff can start searching for her….As Hasan hurries towards Rajaaq’s room where Mehar is waiting,the employee sees Dr,Rajaaq talking to someone near the ward and informs him that a patient has gone missing and her husband is searching for her….His intuition saying that it is Fari only ,Rajaaq asks for her name and where is her husband now…when told that he has gone to his room,Dr,Rajaaq hurries up to stop him from meeting Mehar but to his disappointment he finds Hasan already waiting for him in his room and to his relief ,Mehar not present there.
    Seeing the doctor ,Hasan anxiously informs him that his wife has gone missing.Rajaaq ,comforting him says that he is already informed and his staff is already on the job.Advising him not to committ the blunder of leaving her alone till she recovers,Rajaaq asks him if she had any panic attack after leaving his room…Hasan says she had a mild one …. he explains how all of a sudden ,she started whispering that she saw Mehar in the hospital corridors but he did not take it seriously as it is a regular affair now in their house ….sometimes she sees his dead mother and sometimes Mehar.Rajaaq clarifying that hallucinations are not unusual in mentally ill patients ,he asks him to wait as he has an important call to make…As Hasan goes out saying sorry for disturbing him,Rajaaq calls Mehar’s no to find out where she Is and to his relief she says that she has come to meet Dr.Suman and asks if she should come back to his room. Informing het that he is coming there only ,he asks her to wait in the doctor’s room.
    while Dr.suman suggests that Mehar should do a formal councilling course,there is a knock on the door snd an employee informs her that a patient is missing and everyone is searching for her….Seeing her off mood,Suman explains that mostly people become mentally unstable due to the injustice meted out to them but it often happens that those who committ atrocities against others will end up feeling so guilty that they themselves end up in mental hospitals…She enquires if she is coming out to see what is going on,but Mehar says she is expecting Dr,Rajaaq here at any moment and will come with him.
    After speaking to Mehar.Rajaaq comes out of his room and as he talks to Hasan,he is informed that the missing patient is found….she was sitting on the stairs and crying …..when they hear the screams of Fari ,both Hasan and the doctor hurry towards the stairs and Hasan is horrified to see the nurses almost dragging Fari down the stairs….seeing Hasan,she frees herself and hugs him ,begging him to take her home.When Dr.Rajaaq tries to give a glass of water,she refuses saying that there is poison mixed in it….Dr.Rajaaq asks the nurses to shift her to emergency..
    At home. Samina and Shanu start getting worried as it is already evening and Hasan has n’t yet returned home with Fari ….Shanu asks Samina to ring up Hasan ,gut Samina says she will wait for another half an hour.
    In the emergency Dr,Rajaaq treats Fari who is now unconscious….saying that he has already referred the case to Dr,Ahmad ,Rajaaq advises Hasan to take her home once she is conscious but never leave her alone.
    When Dr,Suman comes back to her room,Mehar ,who is still waiting for Rajaaq enquires about the patient…Suman informs that they have found her and Dr.Rajaaq is treating her in the emergency.As Mehar comes out to go to the emergency ,she meets Dr.Rajaaq outside ….when she wants to see the unfortunate patient who is undergoing such misery,Rajaaq stops her that after such trauma she needs rest and shouldn’t be disturbed.
    Hasan comes home with Fari and takes her into her bedroom…After locking her door ,he explains to a worried Samina and Shanu what all Fari did in the hospital….how he had to leave her in the car for not more than five minutes before she disappeared and how the entire hospital staff was on their toes searching for her and how she was found hiding beneath the staircase.He also narrates how she went into a panic, mistaking someone for Meharbano…When Samina enquires what was the doctor’s diagnosis ,Hasan replies that he found the doctor’s attitude very queer ,,,,how after taking the case history and writing the prescription ,he refused to take up Fari’s case and referred to one Dr.Ahmad….he says that tomorrow ,he will talk to the new doctor,then remembering the doctor ‘s statement ,he tells Samina that Fari seems to be suffering from some terrible guilt …when he wonders how can Fari have any guilt when Mehar is guilty,Samina ,trying to cover up ,reasons that she might have done something unintentionally for which she is repenting now.Hasan cautions them not to let Fari out of the room as she may run away also and informing Samina that he has kept her medicines on the side table and Fari should take them only after having food,…he goes to his room completely tired and worn out
    Rajaaq and Mehar return home by tea time ….Mehar serves tea first to his in laws and then to Rajaaq who looks unusually silent and withdrawn….As Mehar goes inside to bring some snacks,Farjana asks him what is the matter,why is he looking so disturbed….Rajaaq excuses himself saying he has to fresh up….when Mehar comes out with snacks,she notices the concern on his inlaws’faces and explains that the reason for Rajaaq’s disturbed demeanour might be something that happened in the hospital that morning….When she narrates the entire missing patient’s drama ,Farjana remarks that the reason seems to be something else as ,being an experienced psychiatrist ,he is very well used to these occasional emergencies .
    Samina ,sitting beside a sleeping Fari,reminisces about what Hasan has said about the doctor refusing to treat her and how she is breeding some terrible guilt …looking at the sleeping girl ,she recollects the entire chain of events on that fateful day which claimed her sister’s life…how Fari,quite unmindful of the devastating news that Amina too consented to Hasan and Mehar’s marriage,looked quite cheerful and got ready even to go for shopping and how,when she became disheartened at her sister’s decision ,Fari consoled her saying that she will see to it Hasan won’t marry Mehar and they are going to get rid of her that very day itself…..all the while smiling with a dangerous and sinister look in her eyes.
    As Samina curses herself for being so lenient to Fari and supported all her tantrums since her childhood,Fari opens her eyes and imagining something in one corner of the room,starts getting panicky again but Samina ,quite unlike her normal self ,doesn’t even try to comfort her ,,,,her heart hardened like a rock ,she curses her daughter that she would have made her mother very happy,had she died in that accident rather than her brother….Fari ,even in her mad world ,understands that her mother too has abandoned her ,and feeling miserable, begs her to kill her…
    To be continued

  8. Continuation
    When Ahmad later confronts his son in law for being so disturbed after coming back from the hospital,Rajaaq tells him nothing of serious nature ….after a pause he asks his father in law why he has never enquired who Mehar is and what is her background,,,,Saying that he has never thought it necessary, Ahmad asks is there any problem….explaining how Mehar came to the hospital , falsely accused of a murder allegation and how before treatment she used to get violent , all the time screaming one Fariya’s name and wanting to kill her ….Rajaaq tells his father in law that how today morning ,the same Fari was brought to him by her husband ,suffering from guilt and behaving insane. When Ahmad enquires ,if he has told Mehar,he says that he did n’t think it prudent to tell her about Fari fearing a recurrence of her symptoms ….that’s why ,he even refused to treat her and referred to another doctor in his hospital ..when his father in law criticises his decision of not treating her is absolute ly against professional ethics,Rajaaq explains that he was concerned about himself revealing the truth to Hasan ,who still seems to be unaware of the truth that his mother was poisoned not by Mehar but by Fari ,who is his wife now ….so he thought it better to avoid in the beginning itself….and now after second thoughts he is thinking of ringing up Hasan and telling him to take his wife to another hospital to avoid being seen by Mehar because as her ex fiancée ,he might bring back old ,painful memories that are not advisable for Mehar who herself was a patient just a few months back.Ahmad advises him to do whatever a doctor is supposed to do and retires for the night…And his wife Farjana overhears everything.
    Hasan comes out of his room in the morning and asks Shanu to see whether Fari got up or not because he wants to take her out for a change according to the doctor’s advice as it will help her recover fast.Shanu informs him that Fari is awake and she is in her room with her mother.
    Knocking on the door ,Hasan goes inside and sees both mother snd daughter sitting silently ..utterly dejected and depressed.He informs the same to Samina and she asks him to take Fari with him …when he wants her to come with them too,as Fari will feel better if both of them keep talking to her and as her mother she must be aware of Fari’s likes and dislikes….though disinterested,Samina accepts.
    After overhearing the conversation between her husband and Rajaaq Farjana asks Mehar quite casually what is her background …Mehar who is busy cooking , tells her that she thought that Rajaaq must have already told…she explains that the injuries on her psyche are so deep ,that with lot of difficulty they are healing and if she tries to remember them,they will open up and bleed again…Farjana says if she doesn’t intend to tell,it s ok….but Mehar says if she wants to know,she is ready to share with her each and every detail of her life….Just then her husband calls her and she goes into the living room.
    Aasma’s doctor’s report has come and according to it ,there are very slim chances of Aasma regaining consciousness.Heartbroken,Farjana asks her husband has he informed Rajaaq….he counter questions what is there to inform him,,,,,if there is a ny positive news,theybcan tell him….Just then ,Rajaaq comes there and seeing them sad asks what happened…Ahmad tells him that he has received Dr.Salman’s mail and the answer is the same….Devastated ,Rajaaq goes to Aasma and seeing everyone shattered ,Mehar who is standing there asks Ahmad what is in the report….. He says nothing new ….she has to come out if her cima on her own,,,it is god’s will and no doctor can do anything.Ahmad asks his wife does she still have any reservations ,if no ,they should go ahead with the marriage……Asking him to do whatever he feels like,She goes into her bedroom to grieve.
    To be concluded

  9. Continuation
    In their bedroom when asked again if she has any more conditions or objections Farjana ,still sulking ,indifferently tells her husband to do whatever he feels like ….Ahmad gets up and goes out ,sighing ,as he knows that his wife too is not entirely wrong in not wanting Rajaaq to remarry as Aasma is still alive,even if it is just for name sake .
    Hasan and Samina come back home with Fari after a small outing to divert Fari ‘s attention….as Samina sits tired in the lounge with a quiet Fari,Hasan tells her that today itself ,he is going to consult another doctor for treating her….Shanu who has been cleaning the cupboards including Fari’s,comes out with a small box containing some bills ,empty perfume bottles etc..which she found Scattered in Fari’s cupboard and asks Samina to see them if they are useful ,otherwise she will discard them….Samina ,showing no interest,asks Shanu to throw them away…..Seeing Samina disinterested to even look at them,Shanu gives it to Hasan to see if there is anything to be kept ….Hasan too indifferently ,goes through the contents but stops when he sees a. bottle beneath some papers….first he presumes it to be one of Fari’s perfumes….but stands shell shocked When he sees the poison label on it…..Samina. ,noticing the sudden shock and turbulence on his face,wonders what the bottle could be to make him so agitated,,,.He looks at Fari for a long moment and in a rage goes up to her and roughly brings her up to her feet,,,unmindful of her condition…Samina herself alarmed at this sudden frightening change in his attitude finds no words to confront him….as Fari starts crying ,Hasan ,showing the bottle to Shanu asks her fom where she got it ….,she confirms that she found it in Fari’s cupboard…now there is no stopping his fury….he shouts at Fari . What is this….when Fari stammers that she is innocent he screams at her to keep shut and stop blaming bothers ,,,when he accuses Samina of knowing all about her daughter’s sin and even helping her,a hurt and shocked Samina begs that she is not privy to her daughter’s sins…..not in a mood to care for anyone’s feelings,Hasan screams that both mother and daughter have killed his mother quite callously ….turning to Shanu ,he shouts at her to go and bring a glass of milk immediately …Shanu hesitates but seeing him enraged, she hurries in and fetches a glass of milk…saying that she has to die the same tortuous way his mother died,Hasan ,to everyone’s horror ,mixes the remaining poison in the milk and holding Fari by her hair,asks her to drink it….as he tries to force her to drink it,Samina begs him to forgive her….coming back to his senses and his rage turning into tears and terrible grief for what he has done to Mehar by listening to Samina ‘s words, Hasan, feeling miserable ,screams at his aunt that she is no way better than Fari, one has poisoned his mother, another his mind against Mehar…as he laments remembering that his own mistrust and callousness are more responsible for Mehar to become insane, Samina begs him to take her to Mehar so that she can hold her feet and ask for forgiveness.But Hasan tells her that they are not even fit to show their face to her ,leave alone asking to forgive. Still shouting at them and screaming,Hasan storms out of the house with Fari calling his name frantically
    Hasan ,driving aimlessly ,feels guilty and wretched as he recollects Mehar’s stubbornness to come with them to Karachi and look after her mother in law in the hospital ,inspite of the endless humiliations meted out by mother ,daughter duo after Umar’s death ….and her clean soul to be able to forgive Fari even after the dirty video uploading scandal …He curses himself for mistrusting her and saying those cruel things that he said when Mehar tried to explain her innocenct..’that at this stage that he has to consider everyone guilty unless otherwise proved.At home ,a worried Shanu asks Samina to give him a call as it is already late night….Samina tries but he doesn’t attend.
    While having breakfast !Ahmad asks Rajaaq to take a day off and take Meharbano for shopping…Mehar says it is not necessary,Infact she too wants to go to the hospital and start doing the councilling course as advised by Dr.Suman…When Ahmad jokes that she doesn!t seem to like their company ,Mehar objects saying that she just wants to keep herself busy…Farjana supports her that if she wants to continue with her profession,they should n’t discourage her….Infact if Rajaaq doesn’t want at take her,she herself will take her to the hospital…..( Farjana’s intention is if Mehar goes to the hospital and by chance meets her ex fiancée ,Hasan who might still Come there for Fari’s treatment, Mehar might refuse to marry Rajaaq).Rajaaq tells his mother in law that she need not trouble herself as he himself will take Mehar to the hospital tomorrow morning as he has an important meeting today.
    At the police station the inspector is informed that Mr.Hasan has been waiting fir him since morning….When Hasan sees him, he tells him that he wants to know the whereabouts of Mehar….the inspector conveys that she was sent to mental hospital as he didn’t want to pursue the case….when asked which mental hospital he says he has to open the case to check the records and give him the info…When the inspector asks if he wants to reopen the case,Hasan says ‘yes’,but before it goes to the court ,he wants to meet Mehar and talk to her….the inspector says he will help him and asks him to come tomorrow to know in which hospital,Mehar is admitted….the inspector asks him why does he want to pursue the case now after so many months…..
    End of the episode

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