Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Adhi says to Masa you did wrong

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adhi recalls what he did. He breaks stuff in anger. He is agitated. He recalls Devi screaming. He is on his way back.
Bharat and Ambika come to Masa’s house. Ambika says we want to take our daughter back. Masa says she is our servant now. She came here with her will. Chauhan says had nothing to do with our family past. She didn’t event know. Don’t do this to her. Why did you burn her? Masa says then told you all this? Ambika says doesn’t matter who told us please dont’ make her suffer anymore. Bahrat says she is so young. Please don’t do this. Masa says you were asking forgiveness? What are you chauhan or her uncle aunt? Devi hears their voice. Kesar says i told them what happened to you.

Bharat and Ambika come in. Ambika

says maji sa please. Give us our daughter back. Masa says ask forgiveness for all your words. Ambika bows down and says I am apologizing for all the sins. I can do anything please give us our daughter back we will do anything.
Masa says anything is a big word? She says to her servants all servants have off today. We have two servants to clean the house. Start it. Ambika says I will do anything for my daughter. She cleans the house. Bharat is crying. Masa says why are you standing? Go wear servant clothes? She says urmi give him bangles. He will wear them.
Masa says throws her tea on the floor and says drink it. Bharat bows down. Ambika is crying. He is about to lick tea. Devi says stop Kaku sa. She picks him up and takes off the bangles. Devi hugs him. Ambika sees her wound. Ambika says please come with us. You wont have to live here.
Devi says a son gave me this wound. But a husband gave me medicine to heal it. I found such husband. Don’t worry about past. Your words are with me. I will face everything with the power you all gave me. Trust me I will take care. Bharat says we are always with you. He hugs her. They leave. Kesar says you are so strong.

Scene 2
Adhi comes home drunk. He sees Masa. He says Masa what are you doing. Don’t wait for me. He falls down. Masa says what happened? ADhi says told you my fate isn’t with me. I lost the case. Masa gets him up. Masa says you think you burned her thats why you lost it? you have sympathy for her? You send her meds? He says yes I sent her meds so she gets well. He says you went against your mom. He says I did what you said. Then I did what my heart said and sent the meds. With these hands I broke an idol in childhood. You said broke idol doesn’t listen to prayers. Since then I never entered temple. but I remember what you said. THen that devi.. She is lucky charm for me. She is good for us and this house. I didn’t want to break her but you made me do it. Please don’t do this again. I can never do that again.

He comes to Devi’s room. Devi is scared. She pretends to be asleep. She is scared. Adhi recalls what he did with her.

Precap-Adhi falls and the tilak from devi’s hand falls on his head. Masa saays let me clean it. He says no Masa its a tilak.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The highlight of the episode is that showdown between Adhi and Masa.She gets the shock of her life when Adhi tels her that first he dd what she wanted him to do (burning Devi ),and next he did what he wanted to do (sending the medicine)..Indirectly Adhi tells his mother that if not for her,he could never have behaved like an animal .So Masa got the bitter taste of her own medicine and this is only the beginning.As of now Adhi thinks that he likes Devi because she is auspicious for him ,his mother and his business ……what he hasn’t realised is that he loves Devi and respects the good qualities in her.But we can see that the countdown has begun.

  2. I think the scene where he sees the distorted reflection of his face was very telling in that he was now seeing himself as the beast truly, a good turning point.

  3. Finally!! Adhi took a stand hope to see devdhi bond soon <3

  4. Yes ,Cathy , Seeing his distorted reflection in one of the broken glass pieces was a decisive and critical turn in Adhi’s life.It has shattered his reverence for his mother and her infamous principles and brought him face to face with his own conscience which is the voice of God.After all ,there is no better judge than our own conscience and I appreciate the way the director has portrayed this nearly impossible tranformation in Adhi,…very effective indeed!

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