Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Saradh runs from jail

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devi is waiting for Adhi. He comes drunk. Devi says why did you drink? You went to find a problem to kesar’s problem. He says you are here for me. She lays him on bed. He caresses her face. Adhi says you are my support. She says what do you mean? He says you understand me before I even speak. He comes close to her. Adhi says I really love you. I want to own you. I want to marry you with rituals. With consent of both of us. I can’t wait anymore. Devi says really? He says yes you will only get true love now. They hear Kesar screaming.

Devi comes to Kesar. She hugs her. Kesar screamed and scared in sleep. Devi says nothing will happen to your or your child. Devi says to Adhi please do something. Please fulfill your promise. He says I thought I would talk

to Saradh but he ran from jail. I dont’ know what to do. this is why I drank. I cant believe why he ran. I spoke to every marriage bureau they all said no. They think she did a sin. Masa was right no one will marry her. DEvi cries and hugs him. She says Keasr has faced a lot already. Adhi hugs her and says I am with you. We will find her a life partner don’t worry.

Scene 2
Next morning Devi gives Adhi breakfast. He pulls her closer. Adhi says I can’t wait to marry you again. Devi says first you have to win my heart. Then I will decide if I want to marry you or not. He says what? She says scared? He says I am not scared of anything. I will win your heart. Now you see how i win you. Adhi asks Devi to come downstairs. She says what happened?? The table is full of jewelrry. She says its so pretty. He says do you like them? She says I love them. He says these are for our wedding. Devi says these many? He says I didn’t know what would you like so I brought them all. Urmi and Masa are angry.
Urmi says once he marries her she will be the queen and we will be servants. Masa says I won’t let that happen. See what i do now.
Masa comes to Kesar. Masa says sit. You are going to be my son’s child’s mother. I want to apologize for all my sins. I saw Mukun in dream. He told me this is his child. Kesar says thank God its your child. Masa says this is our heir. It should stay with us. You and your child will be dependent on Devi. Can you see all that? Think about your child. Adhi should marry you.

Precap-Devi says to Adhi you have to win a city girl. A new man enters.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nigerian girl

    They have started again. Devi and Adi will never be together. Happiness dont last in india… I guess

    1. Happiness in Indian serials is only achieved after a couple goes through one problem after the other, are seperated from each other for years only to reunite again, face problems, seperatie, reunite again and face problems over and over again. Only until failing viewratings the couple will get toghether and have happiness.

    2. I swear down! So annoying!

  2. Lakshmi 2nd Feb 2018 – 12:18 pm
    “Cathy,thanks for introducing us to ‘Bashar Momin’ what a man he is ,this Bashar,,certainly a negative character,Rudaba is justified in calling him a beast.Had anyone else acted this role,we would have hated him,I don’t know the name of the actor who enacted Bashar,I must say he has breath taking charisma.A man who is a money launder ,who can go to any extent to get what he wants and that includes Buland for his sister and who can pretend to love Rudaba and then get ready to ditch her…..certainly a ruthless man,but Cathy,there is such a charm in his ruthlessness that inspite of his hateful deeds,I want Rudaba to choose him over Buland .Now I am in the 25 th episode,as you remember,Bashar ,after reminiscing about his painful past,decides to not divorce his wife and bring her home,Ofcourse for the sake of Tayyaba.I don’t know how he is going to woo Rudaba in the remaining 7 episodes,but I wish they stay together as there is awful chemistry between them and to tell you the truth I don’t like this guy ,’Buland’ though a positive character ,I find him too dull”.

    Lakshmi i copied and pasted your comments from yesterday’s forum…Well you have reached the pivotal episodes, it is going to get worse for Rudaba, Bashar is quite cruel to her for a few more episodes yet, but there are subtle changes coming in his treatment of her there is a crisis moment coming that changes him although he is the author of this tragedy it is all so a defining moment for Rudaba as she lets him have it and makes him accountable for his actions..He doesn’t woo her per se but gives her control back, which is really very sweet, and the confrontation that is coming up between Bashar and his Sister is most satisfactory. A bit of a spoiler without spoiling to much, Buland and Bashar have a great conversation about Rudaba.

    I think you nailed it on the head when you said there is a certain Charm to his Ruthlessness, Perfect description of him and it makes you wonder why your so drawn to such a man, A great actor always makes the part believable.

    Ok now to this episode, do you think that the writers are gearing up for conflict between Kesar and Devi over Adhi? because as you know Adhi burned the divorce papers and as far as i can recall Devi didn’t sign anything, so whether Urmi desires to be Adhi next wife or even Masa encouraging Kesar into thinking she’ll get Adhi also, perhaps i’ve missed something. Anyway still having problems with romantic Adhi..still not convinced.

  3. LOL, happiness for couples in India only happens after many rebirths or when they are 70 and no one cares to trouble the old people anymore. Otherwise, there is always some drama in these people lives….such a stressful life to live…

  4. Bashar momin was played by Faysal Qureshi.

  5. Cathy,I have finished watching Bashar momin ,not expected so much would happen in the last six episodes,Actually ,I had an inkling that a troubled childhood might be responsible for his unreasonable behaviour like Raja’s in ETRETR but never expected that he was witness to so many unfortunate events during his adolescence particularly his father’s suicide ,his sister’s death at such a young age ,his mother with her rich second husband and the confrontation between the mother and the son in the restraunt……after undergoing so much,you can not expect a man to be reasonable ,but still he was. kind enough to look after his employees and share his wealth with the not so fortunate through donations : all this quietly without any show off,behind his ruthless facade,there was a kind and affectionate person,and I am very happy that Rudaba could see his real self ….and the rest is history.On the whole a lovely serial that is worth watching again and again.
    Coming to our serial.I must say that the present scenario is disgusting, I really don’t know which decent families in Inda follow this shameful custom of widows eyeing their brother in law and planning to get married to him,and Masa encouraging Kesar to get married to Adhi is ridiculous …….hope Kesar won’t agree to this unthinkable suggestion and continue to be Devi’s friend and confidante,otherwise no one will sympathise with her.But Devi searching for a bride groom for a pregnant woman also looks bizarre,certainly Indian families are not advanced enough to welcome pregnant widows as daughters in law into their households and why should any man want to marry a pregnant woman and become father to another guy’s child?And Adhi’s new Romeo ‘avatar ‘is not cutting ice with me as it is all very sudden and looks artificial.

    1. I was particularly impressed with the details of his background and childhood traumas, i have to admit those FB restaurant scenes were truly heartbreaking.

      BTW, that mysterious man exiting from the car on Jeet, do you think that is the other brother, Urmi’s husband? or perhaps another potential love/obsessive love triangle in the making?

  6. Ok so just saw a spolier clip, of course with out sub titles I have to guess much of what is being said but it appears that the new man in town is a close friend of Devi from college. So I guess we will now be subjected to a love triangle between Adhi, Devi and the new entry. Just when I have hoped that they would focus on Kesar for a while and perhap develop the story of her and Sarhad

    1. Your right Allybrew saw a promo on youtube.

  7. Shital

    Started watching Bashar momin all over again n noticed that Bashar does love rudaba n is forgiving till taiyabba n bulund fly back to America.
    May be post that he expected rudaba to come to him which she doesn’t
    In fact the very fact that she doesn’t even call
    Him proves that she’s not interested
    So probably he dumps hen since she’s ready to leave him he starts hating her temprarily

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