Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun Proposes Devika

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 28th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Varun is tensed and says I told Devika that I am going to meet my brother Varun, what will happen now. All come to dining table for dinner. Devika comes there and sit too. Dhani serves her. Urmi sultrily look at Varun and tries to kick him under table but it hits Jaggu who thinks Kesar is flirting with him, he tries to kick back and hits Devika’s foot. Devika thinks this Prince Arun is trying to flirt me under the table, she kicks him hard, he screams. Maasa comes there. Arun says I wanted to talk to you. Maasa says did Devika say yes for wedding? Devika says no, first he has to meet his brother and get reunited with him, he is miffed with his twin because he wants to work in movies, I dont like fighting families, I cant be married to person who fights with his brother.

Maasa thinks that this girl is clever.

Devika brings her parents from tent to palace. She brings them to room and says this is like heaven, it has AC too. Lajjo says you lied to us saying you got some job but you are cheating. Devika says calm down. These people are poor, they lost their grand daughter and their money is stuck in court, their grand daughter looks like me so if they show me to lawyer so they will get money so I thought to help them, its just acting. Lajjo says marriage is acting for you too? you are ready to marry anyone for helping this house? Devika says no I will marry the person I will like, if I become grand daughter of this house then I will get nice groom who will respect us, we will find some nice house. Lajjo says why would that guy want to marry you? because you are from palace? but when they know that you are our daughter who doesnt have any house then what? Devika says I will truth to person whom I marry, dont worry. She thinks I have to find out Varun’s truth.

Varun says to Maasa that Devika will find truth now, how will I meet my twin brother? Maasa says I didnt know you met her before. Varun says she wants me to meet my twin brother who doesnt exist and I cant exist in two places at one time, what to do now? Maasa says finish Varun from your path, one has to die so Devika will not be able to ask to meet them at sametime, I made you Arun so you marry Devika and we will get property, what if she denies marriage? then all money will go to trust. Varun says I know that it will be Varun or Arun now. Devika comes there and says I knew it. They are stunned to see her. Devika says I knew Varun and Arun are not two people, where Varun is there is not Arun. Varun says dont listen to half story, I was just telling Maasa that we hate each other, my brother and I keep fighting, we become thirsty of each others blood, we can kill each other too, if we meet then only one will be alive, either Varun or Arun. Maasa thinks this guy is clever. Devika says dont worry about it, if you both fight then I will stop it, you just be ready to meet him, she leaves. Varun says to Maasa that even if we kill Varun even then she wont stop this. Maasa says make her hate Varun. He says how? Maasa says think yourself, do you even have mind to think? Varun looks on.

Lajjo and her husband looks at Devi’s photo. Father says Devika is exactly like her. Lajjo says whats fate is trying to tell us that Devika came here? Why did we come to this village? Devika comes there and says this Devi is exactly like me, totally xerox. Devika says tell me if I am really your daughter? Lajjo gets tensed and says what kind of question is that? you are our daughter, blessing from Devi Maa, you asked today but dont ever ask it, she cries. Devika hugs her. Someone is making their video. Father says many people have similar faces in world, you dont have relation with Devi, you just look like her. Urmi records all that and thinks that I will keep getting proofs and in the end, I will fail Maasa’s plan and get all money to trust so I will become head of this palace.

Scene 2
Devika asks servant to cal Arun. Servant says he is getting ready. Varun comes there as Varun and says where is Arun? he is destroying our family name. Devika says he is not doing it, you are destroying it. Varun says he is living in this third class palace and want to marry a girl like you? Maasa comes there and says dont talk about my grand daughter like that. Varun says where is my brother? I want to talk to him, Maasa says he is in his room. Varun goes. Devika tries to go behind but Maasa says they are brothers, let them solve it. Varun goes in room and shouts like he is fighting with Arun. He comes out of room dressed as Arun and says Varun I wont spare you. He goes in room again and shouts like he is fighting with Arun. Devika, Maasa and others are outside room and hearing all that. Varun keeps coming out of room sometimes dressed as Varun and sometimes dressed as Arun. Jaggu brings police and says they will catch Varun now. Varun comes out of room and thinks police? Maasa hints at him. Inspector arrests Varun. Varun says to Devika that my brother is a fool that he fell in love with you, you are type of girl that cant be my servant. Inspector takes him from there. Devika tries to go to Prince Arun’s room but Maasa says let him have some time, he got in brawl with his brother so his ego must be bruised and he would not like to see you right now, dont go. Devika says thats why I want to see him. Devika starts going to Varun’s room. Varun jumps from window in his room and comes out. Devika is stunned to see him. Devika says you.. Varun says dont give me pity, what happened today had to happen, I always forgave Varun but today he bad mouthed you so I had to raise hand on him, I am happy that police caught him, this should happen with person who cant respect women, he doesnt have right to live in our society. Varun kneels down infront of her and says I love you Devika, he extends his hand to her and says will you marry me? will you be the queen of my region? Devika is stunned and mesmerized. Sajna tere bina plays as they gaze at each other.

PRECAP- Dhani says to Devika that Prince Arun is perfect, you shouldnt think of saying yes, if he proposed me then I would have said yes a blink.
Varun is changing his shirt. Devika is sitting on his bed and looking away. Varun slips and falls over her, they both fall down on bed, Devika sees him hovering over her and pushes him away.
Devika says to Varun that now I will tell Maasa that you are cheap and filthy greedy man and I wont marry you now. Varun is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    As Fari tells about her dream a horrified Samina tells her that Amina is dead and dead can not come back.Fari,looking unconvinced says what if Meharbano comes because she is alive…Samina assures that she too can not come back as she is in a mental hospital. Asking Fari not to tell anyone particularly Hasan,she expresses concern if she has said anything to him and heaves a sigh of relief when she replies ‘no’.
    Shanu informs that some poor women are there as it has been a practice to distribute grain on the 1st of every month …in the absence of Amina Fari,has to fo this .Samina tells Shanu to go and see the arrangements and asks Fari to get ready fast. Fari talks about Mehar again but Samina firmly tells her she can never come back.
    As Mehar engages one of the inmates,she runs away leaving the game in between.Mehar complains to Dr.Razaaq ,who comes there just then,that this lady is always in the habit of leaving the game like this…he suggests that next time she should explain to her that one should not quit any game before the result is declared …..Mehar pleasantly says that this particular patient is not interested in wins or defeats but she just wants someone to talk to and play with her…..Mehar tells him the patients started liking her and they love to talk to her…the doctor asks who does she like to talk to….without hesitation she replies she loves to talk to him.Reminding him about his advice to her that whatever comes into the mind should be told ,Mehar says that she would like to share with him one thought that came into her mind last night and requests him to correct it if there is any trace of madness in it.The doctor couldn’t control himself from laughing and tells her it really gives him pleasure to see his patients walking towards life again.Mehar smiles and says the doctor with his kind words can steer anyone towards normal life but he contradicts her that he cannot do so with everyone and with a sad expression explains about the condition of one of his patients who doesn’t respond to anyone of his talks….when Mehar looks inquisitive,he says she is not here but he goes to her everyday and talk to her for hours tigether hoping for a miracle.when Mehar wants to see and talk to her,he tells her to wait till he takes her there.
    Fari distributes the grain packs among the women with the help of Shanu……The doctor changing the topic asks her about that thought which she wanted to share with him….Mehar ,thinking for a moment says ,she has already forgotten….she tellshim she will keep a diary and write her thoughts then and there only so that she won’t forget.When she asks if he would like to play ,he agrees
    Fari dreaming the dreadful dream again,starts whispering and crying in her sleep.Hasan wakes up with a jolt and gets horrified to see Fari muttering something ,shivering and sweating …as Hasan tries to wake her up ,she starts screaming without even opening her eyes.Shaken up ,Hasan gently coaxes her into opening her eyes….as she seems not to recognise him, he tells her that it is Hasan…..slowly she comes out of her hallucination but still scared tells him that someone is there to kill her.When asked who,she names Meharbano ……who like an orphan sits alone in her room in the mental hospital unaware of all these developments ……and Hasan thinks that Fari has still not come out of the shock of his mother’s death ,who was mercilessly poisoned by Mehar.A frightened Fari asks Hasan has Mehar ever seen this house….Hasan replies that she stayed here for a few months .Becoming nervous,Fari begs him to have mercy on her and take her away to some other town where Mehar can not come.Hasan,exasperated,tells her firmly that no one can come here without his permission and asks her to sleep and let him sleep also…..but both don’t sleep ,they just sit there staring at each other.
    Mehar is with another patient of the hospital ….she shows her the documents of her house which was given to her by her husband but snatched by her own son …she requests Mehar if she can get it for her from her son…as Mehar doesn’t understand how to comfort ths elderly woman,Dr.Rajaaq comes there and assures her that he wil, get it for her but after making all the necessary arrangements like consulting a lawyer etc…the patient feels happy with his assurances and leaves with a ray of hope in her eyes.
    But Mehar feeling bad for the woman not only for her being evicted from her house by her son but she is being given false assurances by the doctor,keeps silent.The doctor saying that he has been doing so since she came to this hospital ,mainly whenever she goes into one of these attacks.When Mehar confronts him that is n’t it wrong to give someone false assurances,the doctor reasons that it is worth lying if it does something good to someone And he will keep doing so till the patient recovers and becomes strong enough to hear the truth that she has lost the case as well as her house.
    Diverting the topic he asks what are her hobbies ,she replies painting and she used to paint whenever free,,he shows her a mobile and says he brought it for her to share her thoughts with him as and when they come.Mehar refuses to take it saying she will forget it somewhere just like she did so when Umar……the doctor understands and advises her that we should not allow one incident of our life to dictate the rest iof it.He tells her that forgetting is normal to humans and everyone at sometime or the other loses something due to their forgetfulness but ond should never lose self confidence because iof that.He asks her to take it saying there is already a sim in it and if she remembers any of her friends ‘names ,he will save them for her.She smiles and asks why can’t he save his own number…he replies that he has already done so.She hesitates still and wonders what if she loses…he tells her that he will get another and if that too is lost,another.And Mehar stares at ths wonderful kind doctor who is blessed with a golden heart.
    The next morning ,before going to the office ,Hasan tells Samina what all Fari dd last night,how she was whispering and crying in sleep,amd how on waking up she went for his throat screaming and then hugging him ,begged him to take away her from this house.When Samina concerned enquires what all she has said, Hasan says nothing but she seems to be scared of Mehar.Samina again curses her that she herself is in the mental asylum but left her imprints on them.Assuring him that Fari will become alright soon,Samina requests him to allow Fari to sleep in her room for some days as a mother knows better how to look after her daughter at this stage.Hasan says it is fine and informs her that he will take Fari out ths evening as she requires some change.Samina agrees happily saying that the earlier Fari becomes a mother the better for her as she won’t have time to think about unnecessary things that time.
    In the evening Fari getting ready to go out with Hasan appreciates her beauty in the mirror and asks one of the maids if she has ever seen Meharbano. she says ‘yes’,as she stayed here for a few months .Fari asks her who does she think is more beautiful between them….she hesitates and when Fari insists,stammers ‘you’.but Fari again gets angry and shouts at her for not replying immediately .
    When Dr,razaaq’s mother in law is on phone. She notices one of their helps carrying all of Aasma’s pain ting things to her son in law’scar.When asked,he says he is following the docror’s instructions.She hurries to her husband complaining about what Rajaaq is doing with their daughter’s painting brushes and how much change she is noticing in him for the last few weeks.Ahmad,her husband ,reminding her that change is the essence of this world and there is no use in keeping lifeless things that are not in use,says thar Rajaaq is doing so after askin g him only…he wants to give them to one of his patients whose hobby is also painting.But his wife who is very possessive says that from now onwards she will take care of their daughter’s things as nothing should be considered useless as long as she is alive.when asked if she wants to handcuff her son in law and chain him to their daughter’s bed ,she says she knows very well that Rajaaq loves their daughter very much and it is because of him who does n’t like old things lying around,he must have decided to give away to his patient.When the doctor comes there and asks his help if he has kept the things in the car,his mother in law asks him why is he giving away their daughter’spainting brushes and what will she tell if she gets up and asks for them. ….and without a word he leaves.
    To be continued.

  2. Continuation
    Dr.Rajaaq sends for Mehar but surprised to know that she has gone out on her own that too without informing anyone.He calls her number but to his dismay hears the ring coming from his cabin only…and finds it lying in his desk drawers. Worried ,he sits in the reception contemplating on where she might have gone and to his relief Mehar comes back ,wishing him with a bright smile shopping bags in her hands.
    In the docror’s consultation she shows him what all she has brought for the inmates…a ludo board for the elderly woman who loves playing it,a hat for an Afjal Baba,a shawl for some other patient and lastly a tie for the doctor.When asked,why has she brought for him ,she replies that she too got a mobile from him… she giving the tie in lieu of his mobile….when Mehar just smiles,the doctor asks her what she has got from the other patients to bring them gifts…she replies that she got the most precious love from them….when he asks has she got just a mobile from him…..Mehar avoids answering and wants to know if he likes the tie..He says what if he doesn’t like,will she feel bad…Mehar explaining that she brought the gift for him not just in return for the mobile but she really wants to express her gratitude through her gift ,…Ofcourse no gift ,however precious ,can not compensate for what a doctor gives his patients…..their life…this is just a token of her gratitude.
    She adds further that she doesn’t feel bad for anything now as she has made herself stronger now,and the shopping visit was to test herself …reminiscing about how she would never go out unless forced to,,like for her mother’s medicines before marriage and after Umar’s death,to earn her living.,she tells the doctor t that for the first time in her life,she went out on her own that too happily without a care for what others might think of her or taik about her.When Razaaq asks why she hasn’t bought anything for herself ,she states that she bought for herself the most important things that no one can buy for her….confidence ,hope and courage….she asks if they are visible to him, when he smiles ,,she says how she wish that she had met him much earlier so that she could have avoided all this pain for herself…..saying that his talks were a source of inspiration for her,she explains that after coming here,how she learnt that there are more unfortunate people than her in this world and her miseries can now be treated as oppertunities to learn what she lacks….had it not been for them,she would have remained a frightened doe ,ready to bolt at every single sound.
    The doctor elated at this vast improvement in his patient ,says heis impressed and hence painting kit for her…looking surprised ,Mehar says she has not formally learnt painting but admits she loves to paint..Saying she can paint if she has that zeal,Rajaaq asks her to give wings to her imagination and paint on the canvas…even if it doesn’t resemble what she wanted to ,it is ok but requests her to inform him what she wanted to give shape to.
    Rajaaq’s in laws wait for him in the living room, and Ahmad tells his wife that he may come late so let’s have dinner…Rajaaq comes in and his father in law asks him to fresh up fast as he is very hungry today….saying that he too is very hungry ,he goes into his room.
    At the table ,he appreciates his mother in law ‘s cooking that day….she says that she prepares tasty everyday and enquires why is he looking so happy today…any special reason…her husband annoyed at his wife’s interrogating attitude ,says that there need not be any special reason to be happy… Eating tasty food is good enough reason.But Rajaaq replies that there is a reason ….one of his patients who was very sick a few months earlier has tremendously improved and on road to full recovery ….but his mother in law,the rude she s ,asks him straightaway isn’t it the same patient for whom her daughter’s painting kit was taken away….Shocked,her husband diverts the topic and asks her iis there no desert today …she says yes and goes inside to bring it.A doubting Tom she is ,she goes into Rajaaq’s room and checks his bag ,,and her intuition comes true,she finds the tie in his bag.To his father in law’s suggestion of a round of chess,Rajaaq a bit guilty,refuses saying it is already late and he is tired.
    After Rajaaq retires for the night,Ahmad comes in to see his wife impatiently waiting for him.Ahmad,annoyed with her for being so rude to their son in law asks her the same,,,without replying ,she tells her husband has he noticed the shoppers bag in Rajaaq ‘s hand when he came in,iit contains a tie.tired of her unnecessary inquisitiveness ,he asks her if she went snooping into his room and checked his bag….she says yes and dd nothing wrong in doing so.Ahmad asks her even if there is a tie,how can it be considered wrong….can’t he buy a tie for himself.She defends herself that before this he had never bought a tie for himself,,,the entire collection was Aasma’s choice…When she asks her husband to probe into that,Ahmad ,feeling embarrassed asks his wife will it be decency to probe his son in law like that….she suggests if not directly ,he should ask indirectly and find out who presented him the tie,otherwise the matter will go beyond their control.
    The inspector who s on a private visit to Multan comes to meet Hasan,he informs him that the later investigations revealed that Mehar had not mixed the poison in his mother’s glass.Fari ,overhearing this ,goes back into her bedroom ,frightened.
    Dr.Rajaaq getting ready to go to the hospital wears the tie given by Meharbano.
    Hasan ,after talking to the inspector comes in to have breakfast ans sees only Samina sitting there.When he enquires about Fari,if she has slept properly last night,Samina says she is alright ,only she has n’t woken her up.Hasan explains that last night he too couldn’t sleep ,so went into the garden and heard Fari screaming from their garden facing window.Samina,feeling guilty for lying ,tries to cover up that Fari certainly woke up,but soon went back to sleep.
    Hasan ,trying to make things clear,tells her that he is makinng all the efforts to show Fari that he loves her and care for her…but her indifferent attitude is making him concerned…in a day of 24 hours,he gets to talk to his wife for not more than a few minutes…morning she doesn’t get up before he goes to office and evenings retires for bed early …yesterday he wanted to take her out but she was already asleep by the time he came…when he complains she always confines herself to her room. Samina defends her daughter that though she is a late riser, she comes out of her room after getting up and does household chores…..assuring him that Fari will become alright soon,Samina requests him to give her a bit more time…Hasan sighs tiredly and says that he just wishes Faribecomes normal quickly because he can not take any more strains.Samina agrees .
    As Ahmad reads his news papers,his wife brings in tea and complains that Rajaaq has left early today,having just tea….and not even waited for his father in law at the breakfast.Ahmad says there is nothing unusual in this,whenever he has a meeting ,he does that only. His wife still not relenting persists that he wore the tie that he brought home yesterday.Ahmad coolly states that change is very natural and if there is a slight change in their son in law,what is there to get worried…she says when many minor changes occur simultaneously… …….Gifting someone his wife’s painting things,buying a tie on his own,coming home late but not in the hospital,not bringing movie tickets on Thursday and not waiting for them at the table…..there is certainly need to worry because till Aasma wakes up from her coma ,there should not be any change in Rajaaq.Seeing her selfish attitude,Ahmad tells her in no uncertain terms that he too has noticed these changes but supports his son in law because no man ,however much he loves his wife,can wait for her if she is almost lifeless…though Rajaaqstill loves Aasma he can see that the young doctor is getting attracted to someoneelse.When Ahmad says the equation s one man and two girls ,Ian’s it has to be seen who will win ,,,,Aasma’s mother says that since her daughter is not in their senses. She will take up the challenge and fight for her
    End of the episode

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