Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun and Devika’s Romantic Dance

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devika takes Dhani’s place wearing mask and stands with Varun. Her masks falls, but her face is covered with her hair. Varun asks her to wear mask soon, else everyone will see her black face. Kesar fixes Devika’s mask. Varun fixes engagement ring in her finger. Heera asks her to fix ring in Varun’s finger now. She does. Everyone clap for them. They both look into each other’s eyes. They both dance sensuously on Sun mere looking into each other’s eyes. Heera says Kesar says once Varun and Dhani marry, she will own this property.

After dance, Varun gets busy chatting with Maheshwaari. Devika walks away. Kesar does nnot find Dhani and walks way to check her. Devika goes to corridor and removes her mask. She looks at her engagement ring and thinks

if Varun had not locked her in a room and Kesar haad not switched off lights, she would not have taken Dhani’s place. She reminisces pulling Dhani’s lehanga thread and says only she is made for Varun and not Dhani.

Kesaar walks to Dhani’s room and sees her unconscious on floor. She sprinkles water on her and wakes her up. Dhani looks around confused and says she came to correct her lehanga and someone threw bag on her, she does not know what happened next. Kesar asks who got engaged to Varun then. Dhani shouts it is Devika then, she will not spare her. Kesar says for the world, Dani got engaged to Varun. Dhani asks what about Devika. Kesar says Devika will be punished.

Kesar and Dhani inform Varun and Heera whole story. Heera shouts how can they forgo such a big mistake, who spoilt Dhani’s face. Kesar says who else than Devika. Varun says Devikaa is in room, she should not allege anyone without proof. They open door and see Devika in room. Devika hides her engagement ring and thinks only she is Varun’s life partner. Heera pulls her hair and says she can fool whole world, but not her, she knows she got engaged to Varun. Devika says she did, what will she do. Heera says whole world knows Dhani got engaged to Varun. Devika says soon Varun will realize her love, and Heera cannot do anything.

Varun shirtless looks at his engagement ring and thinks when he was getting engaged to Dhani, he felt old connection with her. Devika walks in. He wears his vest seeing her. She taunts him that he went to gym and built good body, but is too shy and not like popular Bollywood actors who flant their abs. Varun removes his vest and angrily says now she can see whatever she wants to. She continues taunting him and says who knows he may fall in her love. He angrily shouts never. Their nok jhok continues…

Precap: Heera hides money bag and tells Varun that money bag is missing. Varun’s mother asks whom she is doubting. Heera slaps Devika.

Update Credit to: MA

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