Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kesar fights Devi

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devi is worried because Virat told her Kesari is coming. Kesar reaches the door. Virat takes her from there. adhi says pandit ji do this pooja in my and my wife’s name.

Virat brings Kesar home. He says I am sorry. But I can’t let you come between Adhi and Devi. Kesar says their marriage is broken. He doesn’t love her.
The pooja is going on. Adhi says I want to talk to you come to my room.
Adhi takes her to room. He says you know everything. I didn’t treat you as a wife. I went to take the doctor for you. Virat was there asking for female doctor. He must be asking her for DEvi. How can she go so shameless. Devi is dazed. She says it can be another reason. Maybe he wanted to help someone.

Kesar says I have to do something. I have to tell Adhi.
Adhi says devi wrote this letter. She wrote what she did with Virat. i will give you respect of wife form now and forget her.

Scene 2
Kesar picks a broken glass and says I will kill myself. Virat calls Devi.
Kesar says if you come near I will kill myself. Virat says think about your child. Devi comes and says stop this please. Your child will be harmed. Kesar says you fooled me. Devi says no you chose this path. Do you want to kill your child? Kesar throws glass away. Devi dresses her wound. Devi says I can never do anything against you. I considered you my sister. Kesar says you always thought about yourself. Adhi had tp be mine. you cheated on him. He was mine and you took my right. devi says adhi and I will take care of your child. Kesar says you can’t see anyone other than yourself and Adhi. You didn’t even wish me on my birthday. Devi says no one can take my husband from me. We will take care of your child but he will be my husband only. I can’t give you my sindur. Devi leaves. Kesar says no matter what you do. I will make Adhi mine. Devi says who left my jewelry in Virat’s room.

Precap-Kesar says I will tell Adhi everything. She runs towards the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nothing new to comment,hope Zee will wrap up this serial and give this slot to Eisha’s new serial,Ishq Subhaan Allah.I just wonder is there any sensible serial on Zee right now ,may be Kundalini Bhagya is better in comparison,The channel should seriously contemplate the reasons for their stories going down the drain after the first hundred episodes.

  2. I don’t think there is, i like Kundali Bhagya to, but i know eventually it will slide in story telling soon, Lakshmi i don’t know if you watch Laado 2 on colors but i just love this show, well at least for now, this is a vigilante story i like, group of women that meet secretly to avenge wrong doings in a village by the men, she’ already castrated her brother in laws for raping and murdering not only her sister but other women in the surrounding area… starts out kinda like all the rest of the serials, marriage by deception, torture by the husband and in laws, etc thing is she right from the start of the marriage let them know she wasn’t gonna take this for long, and she’s kept her word. there is more to the story background but it is certainly worth the effort of watching catch up episodes.

  3. OMG, Kesar hot to jump into Adhi’s bed…they do make these quiet women out to be tramps. So sorry how they have turned Kesar’s good character into a shameless women coveting her best friend/sister’s husband. Boy, she didn’t fight so hard for her gay husband as she is fighting for Devi’s husband though Devi was the only person that stood up for her in her miserable life she was living in that house. Not even Adhi stood up for her as a sister-in-law and now she can’t wait to jump into his bed….gross. These writers do degrade women in the industry. They could have shaped her character to be strong women who is capable of looking after her child instead of acting like a man is going to make her and her child’s life better. Get with the 21st century and stop living in the dark ages.

  4. That is what the directors/producers are portraying Indian Women as sl*ts!!!! That is why so many atrocities are shown towards our women in today’s society the world is so advanced yet some of us women are lagging behind why????because instead of helping each other as women we are trying to snatch things that do not belong to us Kesar husband is gay so what if she wants a man to warm her bed there are lots of them out there why buy the whole cow when she can get the beef by the pound she ought to look elsewhere instead of eyeballing her brother-in-law stew

  5. I did not want to comment on this series but I am really angry at the way we women are being portrayed by these directors/producers this nonsense ought to stop.

  6. Candiva007

    Wasn’t Kesar a virgin when she slept with Mukun? Now she had the taste of s*x she wants Adhi too? WOW, I never expected this from her. She’s turned into Urmi. I hope Devi shows them the video of Urmi drugging Kesar so she could be Adhi’s bride.

  7. leisa s morris

    All zee serials r redundant, didnt dey do dis already in kaala teeka wen kali had gotten married but gauri said it was her and kali had to prove it now same ting in dis serial. Y cant devi just come out and show adhi dat hes married to her and let him deal with it instead of lettin him think dat virat and she r in cohoots. Any realistic sane person wud’ve done so but not in these serials. As for kesar i have non to say non at all

  8. Yes ,Jayashree,the team of this stupid serial ,in the name ofcustoms, is degrading women ,particularly Rajasthani women to such an extent that I feel like going to their sets in Mumbai and give them a mouthful.They have no right to portray women in this distasteful manner .Rajasthanis are such a proud lot that I remembers a few months back they did n’t even allow the screening of Deepika Padukone and Ranvir singh starrer ‘Padmavati’ as they felt that the director ,(who incidentally is well known for his creativity) has tampered with history and shown Queen Padmavati in poor light like wearing inappropriate clothes and dancing like a courtesan and more importantly romancing the invader ,Allaud din Khilji,who was obsessed with her beauty.History says that the extremely beautiful queen,after her husband’s death in the war ,commits ‘sati’ along with other royal women to escape from the amorous Sultan of Delhi .The director was forced to reshoot the film and make amends before it’s release.I am not from Rajasthan ,but I am an Indian and studied Indisn History in my graduation,…I have never come across or heard of this vulgar custom of a sister in law marrying her brother in law.And even if they were there,which I seriously doubt,they are no more followed and have become redundant like sati. Hope the writers stop this cheap portrayal of women of Rajasthan before it is too late.There is a particular social group called Karni Sena who safe guard the interests of their community ,they were the ones who stopped the screening of a high budget movie.It is tolerable if these references are to one or two individuals like Urmi and Kesar but if you say that it is a practice or custom,then the complete society is considered degenerate which is not acceptable.My god ,writers,you are really bringing shame to our country,by the way ,may I ask you guys,where you have seen women eyeing their husbands’ brothers and openly declaring that they want to seduce them……I hope it is not in your own house.

  9. Mehar finishes cleaning the kitchen ,Samina enters and appreciates her daughter in law for cleaning so meticulously.Meanwhile Fari sneaks into her brother’s room and takes the cupboard Keys to stage yet another of her famous dramas.
    In the morning Mehar opens the curtains and wakes up a reluctant Umar saying it is already too late.He asks her to take out the clothes of her choice from the Cupboard and goes to the washroom to get ready.Mehar,after making the bed,goes to the cupboard to take out his clothes,but doesn’t find the keys Perplexed,she asks Umar if he has kept them somewhere,he comes out saying that he is getting late and to hurry up.When she tries to explain that as a habit she leaves the key bunch in the key hole only and they are not there now,an otherwise understanding husband,Umer gets annoyed and tells her curtly to take out his clothes and he has no time for all these jokes,and he has an imp meeting ….otherwise also no one comes into this room ,so she should know where the keys are.As she keeps quiet Umar goes to his mother,who is already having breakfast ,and complains that the keys are missing.She says that she is tired of this regular tamasha going on in their room and suggests to keep their things where they can see.As Mehar stares at him helplessly,he calls Fari and asks her to find out the keys.He refuses breakfast saying he is not hungry.Fari comes back to report that she too couldn’t find the keys and adds that they might be misplacing things intentionally to trouble her.She then advises her sister in law to take care of her husband’s things .
    Umar loses his cool and shouts how can he go to office now,and what excuse should he give….that his wife is so careless that she doesn’t keep anything in its place,and so he can’t attend the meeting? Mehar feels hurt at his taunts,,,Umar asks hs sister to fetch him a hammer to break open the lock.Samina objects but Fari fetches the hammer and Umar breaks the lock.He takes out clothes ,goes into the washroom and bangs the door shut.Mehar feels miserable,and begs him to have breakfast but he refuses and leaves.As she stands in the doorway stunned,Fari ,from behind,advises her to be careful before it is too late and before everything breaks gradually.
    Umar finds it difficult to concentrate on office work,he rings up Mehar who is in her room crying.He says he is sorry and explains that he said everything out of anger.As she still cries,he tells her that he is coming home to console her…he got the punishment he deserves for being rude to her,..when Mehar expresses concern ,he calms her down saying that he is not able to do anything in the office,so he wants to take a day leave and come home to spend time with her.Mehar smiles and warns him to not come home without finishing his work. When he asks her from where she will get a husband like him who is madly in love with her,Mehar mischievously replies that she doesn’t want any …..because she has already one,After disconnecting the call,Mehar feels happy to have a husband like him.
    Samina discusses Fari’s marriage alliances with her son,she repents that Fari is not able to see the positive aspects of her cousin and childhood fiancée ,Hasan.When Umar asks what are her objections,Samina says too many,,,,first ,he is not handsome to look at,next he is a landlord only for namesake, most importantly Hasan stays in Multan,a backward state and she ,being from Karachi,doesn’t want to go to Multan.Umar reasons that Fari has not seen Hasan in the last four years and he heard that their lands are almost like gold now,means Hasan is really rich now.Umer suggests that Hasan and Fari should meet now and take a final call.Samina tells him that her sister and Hasan’s mother, Amina has n’t been keeping well and Hasan is too busy with his lands and agriculture,the reason why they couldn’t even attend his marriage.She also reminds him of Fari’s rude behaviour with Hasan and his mother when they visited them four years back.Umar comforts his mother that Fari was just a child that time,now grown and mature enough to differentiate between right snd wrong.But Samina informs him that inspite of her best efforts to convince her in favour of this match,Fari is not willing to hear anything about Hasan.Umar looks thoughtful and tells his mother that they should n’t force Fari in that case and look for some other alliance and if God wishes,everything will be alright.
    An alliance comes for Fari, as per the custom ,the ladies from the boy’s side come to see Fari first. Mehar brings tea and Samina introduces her to the visitors .As she doesn’t explicitly say she is her daughter in law ,the visitors think that Mehar is her daughter.Si ,when Fari is introduced to them,they ask for Mehar’s hand.Samina explains that Mehar is her bahu and Umar’s wife.As Fariya fumes the ladies praise Mehar that she is so beautiful and delicate that they can not believe she is married.Umar lightens the situation by joking that he,her husband is sitting here only infront of them but they don’t want to believe.Fari rudely gets up and leaves the room. Later,Fari confronts her mother what her sister I law was doing there after she left the room…..enjoying the visitors praising her beauty and what type of illiterate and stupid women they are , nor able to differentiate between a married and unmarried girl.She declares that even if they accept,she won’t marry into such an illiterate family.When Samina tries to pacify her that it is just a misunderstanding and no one’s fault ,Fari shouts at her mother saying that she can never see her bahu’s faults.
    In their room,Mehar shyly asks her husband why is he staring at her like that? he replies he is trying to see what is so special in this face that attracts everyone.She says she is not bothered about others ,she gets naughty and inquires what is so special in her that he got attracted to her in just two meetings and brought his mother to ask for her hand? As he starts giving a list of her attractions ….her innocence,beautiful smile,…,Mehar stops him saying enough,she does n’t want him to write a book on her.He says if he were a writer,he would certainly have done that.When Mehar says it is like a dialogue from some old film, he pretends to be hurt saying that it has come directly from his heart …..there is a saying that after death ,we get to see both heaven and heavenly pleasures but she is so beautiful,that he got both of them when alive , what else can he ask from God?
    Mehar is in the kitchen preparing Kababs,Samina comes in and informs her that in the evening ,a friend of Umer’s colleague is coming to see Fari.When Mehar expresses happiness,Samina gloomily says that somehow happiness is hesitant to enter their house and going back from the front dor itself. Mehar comforts her mother in law saying if Allah wishes ,everything will be fine.Samina hesitantly requests her not to come into the living room in the evening.Mehar smiles understandingly and assures her that after finishing all her work,she will directly go into her room because she also wants to see Fari happily married.Samina feels happy and blesses her.
    In the evening ,the guests are served snacks and the lady appreciates that the Kababs are very tasty and asks who has prepared,Fari ,without any hesitation ,says she has prepared.When the lady starts explaining how it is very important for a house wife nowadays to do her own work like cooking ,sewing etc to save money,Fari feels very uncomfortable.Another girl ,who is of Fari’s age says that she does everything at home including designing her own dresses and Fari gets jealous.
    When Fari gets up to take the cups inside,the girl also volunteers and her mother encourages her to help Fari as she is not the one for formalities.As they go Inside ,the girl sees Mehar who is about to go into her bedroom from the kitchen.Mehar,without a word,goes in but the girl comes out and whispers into her mother’s ear.She asks Samina if she has two daughters..Samina replies she has only one daughter Fari,who is three years younger than Umer.When the girl tells that she has seen a girl inside,Umer explains that she is his wife and she is not well.The lady apologises and says she will meet his wife the next time
    The next day ,Umer tells his mother that boy’s mother hasn’t said anything so far about Fari but his colleague mentioned that on the same day,they saw three other girls also .When Samina expresses a doubt that the other girl ,has seen Mehar,Umer comforts her saying that he has already explained she is his wife,so let us be hopeful.Samina looks worried and says what is in Fari’s destiny,Umer consoles her by saying that everything will be fine with her blessings.He requests his mother to teach household work to Fari as everyone is expecting the girl to know some basic things.
    Umer suggests to his mother that they should invite Hasan and his mother
    Amina to their house so that Fari and Hasan can see each other.Mehar agrees with him saying that time changes everything and these intervening four years must have brought lot of change in Hasan which Fari might like.Fari ,who overheard all this ,comes in and screams at them saying that if she is a burden to them ,they should leave her in an orphanage and she prefers to go to an orphanage rather than marrying a village bumpkin.She leaves the room leaving them in utter disbelief at her rudeness .
    Umer tells his mother that his colleague Rubina has taken her number,what did she say about the alliance,have they liked Fari?Samina gets cross with him and replies because of his wife ,this match has also gone.They were inquiring if Mehar has any sister,they want to see her.Then she wonders why Mehar had to come out of her bedroom inspite of her warning her not to come out Umer defends his wife saying how should she know that the girl would volunteer to help Fari and go inside?
    In her room ,Fari starts shouting at her mother that Mehar is her enemy ,and because of her no one is liking her.She gets jealous of Mehar saying that Mehar got a handsome and educated engineer like her brother and she wants her to go to a village and get married to an illiterate guy like Hasan.Samina consoles her saying that she will do what ever she wishes and will not listen to her son and bahu. Mehar who is drying clothes outside listens to all ths and feels hurt.
    In the evening ,Sumer returns home to find his wife sitting in the dark in their room.When he inquires what is the matter,she replies that as all the kitchen work is over and her mother in law and Fari are sleeping,she too is taking a nap.When he asks if she has been crying,she keeps quiet.He becomes emotional and explains that he gets terribly hurt to see her cry like this.What he wants from her is to stay happy and he will give anything to make her happy including his life.Mehar begs him not to say this as he very precious for her and she doesn’t have anybody in this world other than him.
    ENTRY of our favourite hero……we see a young man ,neatly dressed,talking to a group of village elders amidst the green crops.
    As Umer and Mehar are busy preparing fruit chat in the kitchen,Fari who comes there gets jealous of them,she comments that Mehar is lucky to have a super husband like her brother When Umar jokingly pulls her leg ,Farib takes it seriously ,shouts at them that she has really become a burden and leaves them.In her room ,Fari contemplates how Mehar has changed her brother so much that now he doesn’t even hesitate to cut Jokes on her and how ,because of her,she is losing all alliances.She promises herself that she will never allow Mehar to live in peace.
    In the village ,an old servant of the house praises Amina,Hasan’s mother and Samina’s sister ,for not leaving this village after her husband ‘s death and helping her son to succeed in business.When she inquires ,when her son will get married and has she seen any girl,Amina replies that her sister’s daughter Fari is already engaged to Hasan when her husband was alive.the old lady feels happy and wishes her all the best.
    As Samina gets ready to go to bed,Umer comes in snd informs her that Her sister’s son ,Hasan has given a call.Samina gets worried and inquires if he has talked anything about his marriage with Fari.Umer says nothing of that sort,he talked about his new business that he will be starting in their city on a big scale.Samina confesses that she feels guilty for keeping her sister and her son in the dark about Fari’s reluctance to marry him.Umer says he understands, then adds that he got surprised talking to Hasan who seems to have changed a lot in these four years.He sounds mature,responsible and polished just like any city bred boy.Samina feels sad that Fari is rejecting such a boy.
    Hasan comes home and wishes his mother,The old servant gets up and wishes him,he asks her what is the matter,she hesitating ly requests to waive the previous loan,He asks,this year also? she says some family problems are there.He says not possible because last year also,he waived the complete amount,Amina interferes and advises him to help the poor woman,she reminds him that helping the poor is helping Allah himself.Hasan tells the od woman that she brought such a strong recommendation that he can not say no.He agrees to waive her debt and she blesses him to be happy with twelve children.He laughs and asks her to leave commenting if not for those twelve children of hers she would n’t have come to him begging to waive the loan.
    Amina suggests that they should go to Karachi once to fix his marriage with Fari to whom he is engaged.When Hasan says what is the hurry,Amina stops him saying that girl’s parents won’t wait this long,Samina is her sister,that’s why ,she has understood their problems and not insisted so far.That doesn’t mean they take advantage of her sister’s decency.Hasan asks for six months time as he is going to set up business in Karachi,if his aunt is willing to wait ,he doesn’t have any issues.Amina says she will talk to her sister but he should abide by his six months deadline.Hasan bows and promises.
    End of the episode

    1. Thank you Lakshmi 🙂

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