Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kesar runs from the house

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adhi comes home drunk. Masa says you need to forget that Devi. Kesar is your wife now. Masa takes him to his room. Devi sees that Adhi is in room. She sees that Adhi is asleep on the bed. devi comes close to him. He says I love devi in unconscious mind. Devi says one day our distances will be over. She covers him with sheets and leaves the room.

Virat calls devi. He says Kesar is not well. Devi says arrange a doctor I am coming. Devi is leaving the house. Adhi comes. He says should I take you to doctor? Devi says no no. He says I can take you if you want or bring you meds. She says okay bring these meds. devi is worried for Kesar.
Virat comes to doctor and says there is a girl who is not well. She is not well. I need you.
Adhi is there. Adhi says you are here to take doctor for devi? Do you have any shame? Virat says if you don’t trust her I don’t want to explain. Doctor says calm down. She goes with Virat. Kesar runs from the house.

Masa says prays help me God so I expose this devi in front of everyone. Adhi comes and sits next to Devi. He holds her hand for the pooja. Virat sees that Kesar has ran. She is on the road. She says I will tell everyon that devi has fooled us all. She married Adhi instead of me. Virat calls Devi. But she can’t pick it because she is in pooka. Devi reads Virat’s text that Kesar has ran. SHe says what will I do now.

Precap-Kesar says to Devi stop doing this drama. You cheated on Adhi. Devi says I can’t give you my husband. Kesar says I will take him from you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So ,Kesar is showing her real colors and I must say that I don’t like her anymore.the precap shows her accusing Devi of lying,pretending to be pregnant and so many other things,but she is forgetting that whatever Devi did,it was to save her marriage and to teach a lesson to Masa….not to steal someone else’s husband.This new Kesar looks worse than Urmi and absolutely cold blooded .The loss of her husband seems to have brought out all her dormant negative qualities and now she is bent upon getting her brother inlaw.I wonder what does she really want….is it just his name she wants for her child as she claims or does she want to sleep him? What a mean vixen she is!

  2. Not even tempted to watch this mess. Thanks Lakshmi for the updates..enjoying the new show.

  3. Most of the indian shows so far, teaches you that you can take/sleep with your husband brother/wife. This is one example, YHM is another…I am sure there are a few more, just can’t recall them now

  4. Lakshmi! when your ready i’ve finished episodes 1and 2 Thanks again.

  5. I am almost tempted to ask what does this man have that all these woman chasing him so. We understand Urmi motivation. What is Keser’s reason though. She is not going to be thrown out especially as she is pregnant. I am sure since she is carrying the family heir she and the baby will be taken care of. So not watching right now is way too aggravating so will skip for now

  6. Episode 3
    As Fariya starts demanding for her preferred breakfast,Mehar ,seeing her mother in law tired ,volunteers to prepare omelette ,but there is no stopping Fariya,she questions why Mehar hasn’t done that earlier and why she has to be told her responsibilities as she is obliged to do all household chores in her capacity as the favourite daughter in law of her mother.Umer tries to stop her tirade but Mehar smiles and asks him not to interfere as this is her responsibility.Samina is hesitant as the kheer ceremony is not yet over,but Mehar tells her not to worry about old ,redundant traditions.Mehar goes into the kitchen and Fariya looks at her brother in triumph and he at her worried and exasperated.
    In the morning Mehar goes into the kitchen to help her mother in law but Samina asks her to just stand there and give her company as she is content with just looking at her bahu.Mehar shyly tells her how she used to do everything at home while her mother would be away in the school, She conveys her discomfort to Samina who feels elated to have such an ideal daughter in law and she blesses Mahar wholeheartedly.
    In the evening Fariya gets the chance to play her old game on Mehar.Seeing the newly weds spending some quality time with each other in the garden,she hurries into the couple’s bedroom ,opens the drawers ,takes Mehar’s engagement ring and slips away.The next day morning,Mehar gets very disturbed and tensed to not find her wedding ring anywhere inspite of searching every nook and cranny of theit bedroom.When she tells her husband,he suggests that she should search in the kitchen ,She says she has already searched for it in the cup boards ,near the sink and on the counter,but it is nowhere and she is absolutely sure of keeping it here only in their bedside drawers .With tears in her eyes she asks him how can she ,who is always very careful about everything and extremely disciplined,be so careless to misplace her husband’s first gift to her.When she starts crying feeling miserable,Umer consoles her saying that it is only a ring and he will tell Fariya to look for it as she is very good at it.To divert her attention,he gives his mobile to Mehar and asks her to talk to her mother.Mehar’s mother,sounding very unwell,inquires about her welfare,,Mehar not noticing the tiredness in her mother’s voive tells her that she has lost her wedding ring.Mehar’s mother too gets worried and asks her to search for it as it is considered inauspicious to lose engagement ring .She disconnects saying she is not well ,but not to get worried as she will take her medicine.
    . Samina gets very cross with Mehar for not being careful and losing her ring. As Umer looks on ,She taunts her for her recklessness and wonders how could she manage to lose her husband’s gift with in two days of marriage which otherwise are very precious to newly married girls.Mehar goes into the kitchen to search once again.Umer also goes out on some errand.Fariya who has been listening to all this from inside comes out and tells her mother that there is nothing unusual in Mehar losing her ring ,all poor family girls steal from their inlaws’ houses to help their poor parents,and the diamond ring might already have been sold and usurped by Mehar’s mother.Mehar overhears her sisterinlaw’s mean allegations but keeps quiet as she can n’t prove anything without the ring.
    Mehar ‘s mother falls seriously sick and as she starts gasping for breath ,her neighbour and Saba’s mother asks her whether she should inform Mehar.When she says not required,she calls for a ricks haw to take her to the hospital.On the way to the hospital ,as her condition worsens Saba’s mother rings up Mehar to inform her about her mother’s deteriorating health.Mehar,who is busy searching for her ring ,doesn’t hear her mobile ringing.In the rickshaw,Mehar’s mother ,on the verge of becoming unconscious ,asks for her daughter but inspite of Saba’s mother calling Mehar repeatedly ,she doesn’t hear as the mobile is left in her bedroom .Finally ,she calls on the landline and informs Samina that Mehar’s mother is no more and she died in the rickshaw itself on way to the hospital.Fariya asks her mother what is the matter ,when she tells that Mehar’s mother is no more,Mehar ,who overhears,goes into a shock with grief.
    Seeing her mother’s dead body,Mehar’s grief knows no bounds,she reminisces about how her mother had to work very hard to bring her up all alone and she,her only daughter ,did not even notice how sick she was when she last spoke to her,…because she was too preoccupied with her ring.She couldn’t even receive the calls and talk to her mother for one last time ,because she was busy searching for her precious ring.Saba’s mother tries to console her saying that her time had come and she had to go and she was in such a hurry to leave this world that she did n’t even wait till they reached the hospital and breathed her last in her arms.As Umer watches silently,Mehar says in a choked voice that she was the only relation she had in this world,now she is gone,what will she do and who will love and care for her like her mother did,Saba’s mother consoles her saying that she is gone but her blessings will always be with her and she left happily because her last wish of seeing her daughter happily married ,was fulfilled.if she keeps repenting and crying like ths,her soul will never rest in peace,,she advises her to accept God’s wish and be strong.Stll feeling guilty that she could not even talk to her in her last moments,Mehar cries inconsolably and Fariya ,who is responsible for the ring to disappear ,watches her grieving sister in law indifferently.
    In their bedroom,Mehar,still unable to come to terms with her mother’s sudden death ,refuses to eat anything and keeps crying her heart out.Umar brings the lunch tray,tries to persuade her to eat saying that he is very hungry but not eaten as he doesn’t want to eat when his wife is hungry.She repeats that her mother died asking for her and she ,her daughter,was busy elsewhere.She asks her husbsnd how can she eat anything with such a huge burden on her mind.Umer takes his wife into his arms and consoles her that if destiny is written this way,no one can change it.Mehar becomes emotional and explains that her mother’s only purpose in life was to give her daughter a decent life and she worked for it day and night and she,her selfish daughter was happy in her own world without a thought about her sick mother.She tells Umar that the least she could have done was to talk to her for one last time but failed in that also,now this guilt will be with her her entire life.
    Umar,unable to see her grief,reminds her that he is her husband and he loves her,he knows no one can compensate her loss because no one can give the love of a mother,but for his sake ,she should come out of this guilt as nothing was done intentionally.He tells her he is with her and will always be with her,he begs her to eat something as he can not eat without her.Mehar ,moved by his love and affection,relents and Umar feeds her tenderly.
    Samina in the kitchen asks Fariya to set the table for dinner as her brother is hungry.Fariya ,gets annoyed and asks why can’t Mehar do ths for her husband,it has already been a week since her mother expired ,why is she still sitting in her bed room and crying…is n’t it time to come out and resume her routine.Samina gets tired of her speech and asks her to shut up as she doesn’t do anything at home.She also advises her daughter to start doing house hold chores as she won’t be staying here for too long and it is time for her to get married.She cites the example of Mehar … on the very first day itself she started working in the kitchen and now managing the whole house, on the other hand how being her daughter,she doesn’t even pick up a glass of water on her own.With this comparison ,Fariya fumes and comments that she must be the first woman in this world who is appreciating her daughter in law and criticising her own daughter.She angrily leaves the room refusing to do any work.

  7. Umar comes home and wishes his mother sitting in the living room watching tv along with Fariya.Samira asks him if he would like to have tea,but he refuses and goes to Mehar ,who is in their bedroom and still looking depressed.Fariya in the living room criticises her brother for going to his wife straightaway without even sitting with them for two minutes.Samina scolds her and advises her to not hold grudge against her brother .
    In their room ,Mehar ,still in her gloomy world,doesn’t say a single word to her husband.He sits beside her and asks her to get up and come with him.She asks him where ,but he doesn’t reply.He informs his mother that he is taking his wife out and will be back in half an hour.Samina,not too pleased ,says o.k.Seeing her displeasure,Fariya starts bad mouthing her sister in law,she says that Mehar has only been pretending grief to escape from house work,otherwise ,she would not have gone out with her husband for shopping or outing or whatever it is,.Then in an attempt to poison her mother’s mind further ,she reminds her of the lost ring and that it has n’tbeen found so far.She meanly infers that Mehar’s mother had to die that way because of possession of stolen jewellery.For the first time Samina doesn’t contradict her daughter.
    Umer takes Mehar to a park and explains that he has to bring her out to lift her spirits,sitting in closed confines makes one more depressed and a breath of fresh air is what she requires now.if they sit in these pleasant surroundings and chat for sometime ,he is sure of cheering her up,and seeing her happy,he will also become happy.When Mehar replies for his happiness ,she will do anything,he smiles and asks her to smile always as that is the only thing that can keep him happy,this is followed by some tender moments between them.
    Umer and Mehar return home to find Samina still in the living room.Mear wishes her ,she asks why are they so late as she and Fariya have been waiting to have dinner with them.Fari comes there and she tells her to go and lay the table.Fariya cheekily suggests that they might have already had their dinner.Umer says he didn’t have dinner but had lot of snacks ,so he is not hungry.Mehar too denies dinner as she is not hungry,
    Samina inquires where were they as it is very kate.Umer replies that he took his wife to a park and later for shopping.Umer goes into fresh up ,Seeing the shopping bags in Mehar’s hands,Fariya excitedly takes them to see what they have bought for her.She exclaims seeing so many dresses but gets annoyed when Mehar informs that Umer bought all of them for her.She hands over all the bags to Mehar ,when she asks if she should lay dinner for them,Samina curtly asks her to go and relax as she looks tired.After Mehar goes inside,Fariya comments that her brother hasn’t brought anything for them, she asks her mother to go and probe whether he doesn’t have money or doesn’t like to spend for them.Samina reciprocates her feelings and laments that her son doesn’t care about them anymore,it is ok to take his wife out to do shopping but he shouldn’t have forgotten about them.Fariya fumes that this is all the effect of his wife ,she adds fuel to the fire by pointing out how Umar followed his wife into the bedroom in front of his mother’s eyes and she couldn’t do anything.Samira tells her enough and calls her for dinner,
    As Samina sits in her room thinking, Mehar comes in saying sorry as she ,on her first shopping visit after marriage,has completely forgotten to do shopping for them.Samina says never mind,it is not her fault,when her own son didn’t remember ,why should she blame herself.Mehar defends her husband by saying that the fault was hers,she was so immersed in her grief,that Umer’s complete concentration was on how to cheer her up,;shopping was only for name sake.Then she suggests that the three of them should distribute all the dresses among themselves as there are enough for three.When Umercomes in and inquires about what is going on ,Samina starts her taunting again.Umer explains that he has really forgotten and asks for her forgiveness.As Mehar looks on with a smile on her face ,Samina relents but warns him to be careful in future ,she ,as a mother can understand but he should remember that he has an unmarried sister.
    As this goes on,Fari sneaks into her brother’s room and replaces Mehar’s ring that she has taken earlier.
    After coming back into their room,Umer thanks her for thinking about his family and saving him from awkward situation.Mehar replies that they are her family also.He feels happy and requests her to give him his watch that is in the drawer so that he won’t forget and search for it the next day.Mehar opens the drawyer and is astonished to see her lost ring there.She feels a chill down her spine as she is sure of opening the drawer many times since the ring’s disappearance but found nothing.Umer takes it casually and says that she might have carelessly dropped it there.When she denies ,he asks from where it has appeared now.Seeing her perplexed and confused,Umer tries to lighten her mood suggesting that with a young,handsome husband like him in her life ,it is but natural for her to forget and misplace things.She doesn’t look convinced but keeps quiet and hands over his watch.
    In the morning ,Umer is at breakfast table with his mother and sister and Mehar is seen searching for something in their bedroom.When Umer asks whether she got it,Mehar replies no.Umer smiles and tells her not to overlook like in the case of her ring.He then tells his mother she found her ring in their room only.Samina exclaims how reckless she is.mehar walks in and tells Umer that she couldn’t find,Samina asks what is that she has lost this time? Umer replies that not Mehar but he has misplaced his watch.Samina says that a wife’s duty is to keep her husband’s things in their place,,she wonders what is happening in their room.Fari ,as if suddenly remembering something,asks if it is a golden coloured wrist watch ,she knows where it is.She informs him that she saw it on the sofa and kept it on the refrigerator .As Samina starts giving another lecture to Mehar, Fari goes out to fetch the watch.
    End of the episode

  8. Cathy,update for episode 3 are here.Can you see how mean Fari is but I tell you this is nothing.Enjoy the third episode.

  9. I have a feeling Fari is not particularly sane. i am enjoy thanks.

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