Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bharat meets an accident

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The spider comes near Devi. Devi falls down and Adhi holds her. The flowers fall on them from Urmi’s hand. Adhi says can’t you see. He leaves.
Masa says today her game will be over. But she is very clever. Devi screams. She says neck.. There is something on your neck. Bansuri screams. Bansuri says was it a spider? Devi says yes. Bansuri says black big spider? Devi says yes. She says but that gives paralysis.
Devi says I know how to treat it. I have to call my sir. She says sir how are you? Sir me Devi. She talks. Bansuri says ask about my treatment. devi says can someone be saved after bitten by that black spider? Bansuri says please treat me.
Devi says you have to eat dog’s shit for treatment. Bansuri says how can I. Urmmi says let me bring it. Bansuri is crying.

Scene 2
Masa says now you see what I do with you Devi. Bansuri says take that spider out. Devi says we have to treat you. Masa says why are you making noise? Bansuri says the spider we brought for her bit me? Urmi feeds dog sot they poop.
Bansuri says she said dog’s poop will treat me. Masa says she is fooling you. Devi says you brought it for me and I am treating you.
Masa says to Bansuri she is fooling you. Use your brain. Urmi says my mom’s in danger.
Devi brings her something says eat it. She thinks its dog’s poop but devi gave her something else. Bansuri its just haldi. She laughs. Devi says the spider never bit you. I caught it. She laughs. Deevi says masa you hate me but you know me very well. You knew I was joking.

Scene 2
Saradha is worried.
Ambika and Bharat are in market. Bharat syas I hope devi stays happy in that house. Ambikaa says she is very wise. a truck is coming from behind and hits bharat. he gets injured.

Devi is going pooja. She gives Adhi arti. Her duppaata gets stuck in his coat.

Precap-Devi says masa my kaku met an accident I have to go to hospital. Masa says if you step out you can never come back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Well the condition masa kept in front of Devi, it should have happen to her and Adi is not able to come to see her for days in this condition then she will realize.

  2. Again the same old story continues
    Masa torture devi
    Adhi pls open your eyes

  3. You are right my friend ,Masa ,being a mother,doesn’t have even a single quality of a mother.I think that day is not far away when she will pay for what she is doing to Devi now.And what a criminal this woman is ,she actually arranges an accident for Devi’s Kakasa.I hope he will survive.
    I agree with S that Adhi looks very confused nowadays.That means Masa is gradually losing her evil grip on her son and slowly he is tilting towards Devi.The way he looks at her after saving her from falling down the ladder shows that unconsciously ,he is getting attracted to her.Some positive signs at last.

  4. Yes hopefully we will soon see some adi devi scenes
    But from one preview what I saw was devi makes kheer for adhi n he throws it n insults Devi
    So u never know if the cvs want to drag the story

    Hopefully Kaka would be only injured n will survive. She won’t kill as she wants to torture

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