Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun and Dhani’s Engagement

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun gets ready for engagement and walks down to living room thinking today is special day for him, he will sign movie contract. Guests gather. Devika knocks Dhani’s room door and asks her to come down, smirking. Dhani cries seeing her black face. Varun’s mother gets happy seeing him. Varun insists to introduce her to his guests. Mother says she will feel odd to meet big shots. Hira asks reporters to click her pics. They ask who is she. She says she is the one behind Varun’s success and asks film producer Maheshwari to sign Varun for his next film. Film producer Maheshwari walks in. Varun gets happy seeing her and introduces her to his mother. They both are shocked seeing each other. Devika on the other side asks Dhani to come out soon, guests are waiting

for her. She comes out wearing towel on her face and asks her to tell she will come late and manage situation.

Dhani gets happy seeing Varun wearing her selected suit. Reporters click Maheshwari and Varun’s pics. Varun’s mother holds Maheshwari’s hand and takes her aside. Dhani thinks why maa is dragging her aside. Varun’s mother asks Maheshwaari why she is doing this, earlier she gave her blood to Varun and now gave him film offer, please stop it and don’t remind of past. Devika walks to Maheshwari and says she knows who she is. Maheshwari gets tensed. Devika says she gave blood to Varun in hospital. Maheshwari relaxes. Varun passes by and asks Devika what is she doing. Devika asks if she knows who is Maheshwari. He says his film’s producer. She says and. Someone calls Varun, and he leaves.

Kesar goes to Dhani’s room and is shocked to see her black face. She tries hard to wipe face, but in vain, asks Dhani to try herself, she will go and handle situation downstairs.

Maheshwari blesses Varun and says she will leave now. He asks her to wait for his engagement. She says he is saying same since 1 hour, she is not habituated to stay in parties so long. He says his fiance is here itself and calls Devika. Maheshwari says she thought Devika is his servant. Varun says Devika likes serving people and asks her to come. They both exchange earrings. Hira watches silently. Maheshwari blesses them and pronounces Varun as future super star, etc. Reporters click Devika and Varu’s pics and complement they are made for each other. Kesar walks in and shouts stop it, her daughter had to be engaged to Varun and Devika is a servant. Reports murmur this is a masala news. Maheshwari asks Varun what is all this, she thought Devika is his fiance and they make a good pair. Varun stands nervously..Kesar drags Devika aside and yells at her.

Precap: Varun shows engagement ring to Devika and says thanks for helpingn him, but this ring belongs to Dhani, he will get engaged only Dhani. Devika thinks if he will get engaged to Dhani. Varun pushes Devika into a room and warns her not to come out. Devika dances in party wearing mask.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. does anybody even watch this show anymore? i think any attention to this show was thrown out the window after adhi’s death :/

  2. I do not think anyone watches this crap anymore Selina. I just came on to see if anyone comments here it’s just like WAS no one is really commenting there too so sad na?

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