Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Heera sits in shock

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mukun is with Kesar. Karan calls her. He caresses Kesar’s face. He turns his back. Kesar hugs him. Karan calls him again. Kesar hugs her. Karan calls him. He picks and says I can’t talk right now. the door is locked.

Mansi comes home and says she had an accident. Doctor says she was hit by a car while crossing the road. The kid says she must have killed my mom. We knew she isn’t crazy. She killed him. Mansi’s mom says don’t ddare saying a word about my daughter. He says amma please say something.

Kesar says my husband doesn’t want to come close to me. Please tell me truth why you dont’ wanna come close to me. Drinks and gets drunk. He opens her blouse. She smile.

Pihu is in festival. She sees the joker scared. Pihu sees the men are really bad to the joker. Bhopal says go and check him.
Pihu and Bhopal dance in the festival. Pihu hits the men who are with the joker. They are dazed where the stones are coming from. Pihu takes Such to the joker who was roped. She takes him out. Its the doctor. Doctor tells Arav everything. He says your sister can do anything. She is a criminal. Stop her please. Arav i dazed. He goes home.

Adhi comes to Masa. She says its pooja time. Lets go. Adhi says I want to talk to. I don’t know what to do. You drank poison to just embarrass Devi. you hate her but for that you crossed every limit. That all was not Devi’s mistake. Why is she being punished. I hate myself for all this. I am sick of thinking how bad I did to her. Masa says listen. He says no today you will listen. No one will do anything wrong with her. I will stand by her. She isn’t alone anymore. Heera says so you love her now? He leaves. heera sits in shock.

Precap-Robbers come to kill Adhi. Devib comes in front of Adhi. Adhi rushes her to hospital. Arav says love always wins. She will come back to you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. this girl is an idiot, start your life afresh and leave these backward people to themselves

  2. I think I have missed something crucial in today’s episode due to 10 minutes power outage.What was the reason for that sudden transformation in Adhi Yes,I saw him getting scared of the rat and almost led into the store room by the rat only to be confronted by Devi.when he tries to get out, he finds the door shut.Who has shut the door from outside and What is that that has happened there that made him realise Devi had n’t poisoned his mother but masa poisoned herself.And Devi trying to drink from a pesticide bottle and Adhi stopping her……I am thoroughly confused because once he comes out ,We see a sea of change in Adhi ……an otherwise meek and submissive Adhi behaving like a man and telling Masa out rightly that he knows her truth and from now on ,Devi will be supported by her husband in everything.Was it some divine intervention that led to this otherwise impossible transformation in Adhiraj or I am not able to read between the lines.Cathy,could you make out the reason for this overnight change in Adhi?

    1. leisa s morris

      Im also lost i didnt c d episode but i read both bootu and jeet gaya and still dont kno how adhiraj found out d truth bout masa

  3. And I think in the precap Devi comes in between Masa and the robber ( not clear who he is) and takes the bullet.Will it be the beginning of transformation in Masa as well??? I am happy that Kesar’s dreams have come true,poor thing she doesn’t know that her husband is in relationship not with a woman but a man,I hope this truth will never be revealed to her,at the same time I feel sad for Saradh.

  4. I hope this link works for you Lakshmi, i can’t help because i won’t get the english subs till tomorrow on Desiflix (thanks again Seema) i was a bit confused by the apparent transformation.

    1. Liliya

      Cathy hi)
      Could you please give me the link where you are watching JGTPM with english subs?..i have our russian link where the girls are translating the episodes into russian but the russian subs appear more later after the airing of episodes…also i want to watch with english subs… thanks in advance)

  5. Shital Choksi

    We all are confused from r the change in Adhiraj
    All of a sudden he’s started feeling devi is right
    I don’t understand any reason if the change
    If he knew everything then why the divorce
    But I hope all other misdeeds of masa are also revealed including she sending goons for him
    Mukunda lover Kiran shoots the bullet at masa when devi comes in between

  6. Liliya

    Girls there were so many unlogical dissapointing moments in this show that I wouldn’t be surprised if Adhi’s sudden transformation wil not be explained to us at all…maybe the writers suppose that the viewers wil not notice inconsistencies and will take everything as it is without asking anything LOL
    I’ve missed latest episodes of JGTPM (was just reading updates and your comments here) because of Bashar Momin recommended by friendly Cathy:) but after watching today’s episode understand that i really haven’t missed anything substantial LOL

    1. Hey Liliya…are you hooked on the beast Bashar? isn’t he deliciously bad.

      1. Liliya

        Cathy yes) i’m totally hooked on Bashar))) i’ve just watched 6 episodes but damn it he is exactly deliciously bad.))) i’m impressed by him…keep watching further..

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