Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Pihu beats goons

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kesar faints. Devi gives her water and says are you okay? Keasr says I am fasting.. I wont drink it. Mahek says can I help her in this pooja? Baba says you can only do this with good intention.
Devi sits with Kesar in the pooja. She does all the rituals. She applies tilak on Adhi. He stops her. Masa says don’t even come near my son. Devi a wife’s place cannot be taken by anyone. No one can stop a wife. I know you will try but It won’t worry. She applies tilak on adhi’s forehead. Masa is angry.

Bhootu is in ride. She says doctor uncle is nowhere. Bhopal says keep an eye. You can see him. Pihu looks everywhere. She says who is that joker and why is he so scared? Why are the men so rude to him?

Devi dresses Kesar and says you look so pretty. Kesar says I am so worried. Kesar says you are just shy. Dont worry I know some miracle will happen today. I my new journey I will always be with you. Kesar says you are such a good human.

Mansi stops Sagun. He shoves her hand. She says please listen to me. I love you. He slaps her. She says Ananda left you she wont come back. You have to be mmine. That doctor can’t tell anyone truth. I am going to be your child’s mother. He says go away from me. She says I love you please marry me. Everything will be fine. He says I will die but never marry you. He sits in his car and leaves. She says you are doing mistake. Ma records everything. Mansi sees her and runs towards her. she shoves her. A truck drives on her. She is badly injured. Mansi takes the phone and says this video is sent to Arav.

Precap-Suchi says to Adi your eyes say that you love someone a lot. Bhootu is on the ride. its on fire. Arav says who is on it there is no one. Suchi says bhootu is there..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So Devii returns and challenges Adhi that she will make his dreams come true and give him his heir in those 30 days that she is allowed to stay with him legally.Ofcourse it is n’t actually possible to give a heir in such a short time but definitely she can conceive….but how? Adhi simply hates her and says there is no relationship whatsoever between them.Moreover Devi is back in the storeroom again with rats for company.Any ideas,how she intends to become pregnant ???Does she intend to seduce Adhi?OR the writers have any other bright ideas…..
    Mukund seems to be a real dumb character,he hardly speaks a single word …..I thought that it would be an interesting character,capable of sorting out Masa,but he turns out to be a real disappointment.

    1. Two things to notice one Devis changed dressing and other her attitude she’s now gonna take masa heads on n no more begging n pleading.
      I think Adhiraj likes devi n wants to leave her only because of masa
      But how can she conceive in 30 days some medical miracle ?
      I think she will do things to make Adhiraj understand the truth
      I just hope Adhiraj turns out to be smarter than what he’s shown

  2. leisa s morris

    Sigh….i dont understand dis update its missin alot of scenes i believe. Didnt say noting bout how devi returns home d poison or how dey end up doin dis pooja.maybe its just me but im lost here

    1. Half of the update is in bhootu as it’s a combined episode

  3. Update missing

    Kindly update clearly and completely,if cant do.let team.know so.others will.update.why such a worst update.chee

  4. Well writers…there is only two days a month that a woman is fertile enough to conceive …So Devi has to begin having relations with Adhi and keep at him for the full thirty days if she is to keep her promise of an heir…This is assuming that she’s past her monthly cycle. LOL But hey, Miracles happen. So Devi is back with her old room mates, do you think that maybe Kesar can get her some bedding this time?

  5. Even though this is a mahasangam week and fusion of of two serials ,there is not much fusion except for one or two brief conversations between the characters of the two serials.So I guess it is not that difficult for the update writers to seperate the serials for the convenience of the viewers who don’t watch both the serials.I can understand the confusion of my friends who are not from Hindi speaking land.I request the update writers to understand our problem of going from one forum to another forum for the complete story.When the inconvenience can be avoided ,why not?

  6. I am writing this episode with more details and omitting the parts of Bhootu.
    The episode starts with Adhi repenting for not heeding to the advice of hie mother.He says that now he understands how it hurts when your faith in someone breaks along with the relationship.Masa comforts him saying that it was their fault to expect a heir to Rajawat family from Devi who is a Chauhan and from their enemy camp.She adds that there is no need to worry as Mukund is back and she can have the heir from Kesar.Mukund who is about to drink water ,drops the glass as if hit by a thunderbolt and the glass breaks into pieces.When Kesar llooks worried,Masa cheers her up saying that breaking of glass is considered a good omen and advises her to get ready to become a mother.As this conversation goes on,Devi says from the doorway that masa is absolutely right and she ,along with Kesar is ready to give heir to Rajawats.Shocked to hear Devi’s voice,Masa warns Devi not to enter the house and wonders how shameless she can be to come back after being divorced and kicked out of the haveli.
    As Adhi looks on without a word ,a smiling Devi attired in a stylish salwar comes in with her suitcase and tells masa that no one can stop her neither from entering the haveli or fulfilling her intentions .A furious masa asks her what noble intentions she is talking about as she has lied about being pregnant and deceived them.She taunts Devi that she has miserably failed in fulfilling the duties of an ideal wife.
    Devi replies coolly that she has come back to perform those wifey duties only.Looking at Adhi she continues that there is no need for him to get disappointed as this time she will definitely give him his heir and fulfill his wish.Adhi warns her to leave immediately if she wants to be safe and sound.She replies that she won’t leave the haveli till she fulfils her promise and warns a stunned Adhi that she is n’t to be bullied now as she is no longer Devi Rajawat but only Devi now.If he wants to divorce her,fine ,but the law allows her to stay with him for 39 days before the final settlement .To Adhi’s astonishment ,Devi announces that within those thirty days ,she will give them the good news.
    Adhi reminds Devi that there is neither love nor for that matter any relationship between them,then how she is planning to give heir.Devi nonchalantly replies that there is no need for her to give any explanation and her stay of 30 days is enough for her.Adhi shouts impatiently and tells her that whatever she does during that time won’t make any difference for him ,Infact he doesn’t mind if she dies also.He warns her not to enter her room.Devi replies that she has her own room to which she is emotionally attached,that dark storeroom and the resident rats understand her better than the residents of the haveli.Adhi challenges her that she won’t succeed in her aim as he simply hates her.Devi thanks him for making his mind clear and leaves.
    Masa is seen worrying about how to answer everyone in Sujangadh who are told that Rajawats will be getting their heir in a few months.She says that her son is too naive to expect a heir from the too smart Devi Chauhan.Bansuri reminds her that Mukund is back ,masa confides that since his arrival she has pinned her hopes on Kesar to give good news but nothing seems to materialise.Basuri gives her hope and announces the arrival of a baba in their town who is famous for his divine powers ,if he is invited to the haveli ,he will definitely bless zmukund and Kesar .
    The next morning ,Masa welcomes the Baba and his disciples into the haveli,After taking his seat ,baba squeezes water from long tresses and asks one of his disciples to cleanse any evil powers in the haveli.As masa feels happy,Devi comes in and seeks the blessings of The baba and to Masa’s annoyance ,he blesses her to have a long ,happy married life.Masa conveys that Devi is only a guest in their house .As Kesar seeks blessings,he tells Masa that to get a heir ,they have to worship Mata rani.
    Devi ,while doing Pooja to the family deity,suspects that something is not right between Kesar and Mukund and prays for their happiness.
    In the Havan ceremony ,all are present and Kesar ,for whom the pooja is organised,starts the rather lengthy between the rituals,she starts sweating and feels dizzy due to her fasting.Devi comes and holds her ,when offered water,Kesar refuses to take as it is against the pooja rules.As Kesar’s condition deteriorates,Devi asks Baba if she can help Kesar in completing the pooja .Baba replies she can certainly help her as long as she doesn’t entertain any selfish thoughts.She should help selflessly.Adhi thinks that Devi is helping in the pooja with the intent of fulfilling her own promise of giving him a heir.He promises himself that he will never allow her to succeed in her intentions.
    Devi makes Kesar sit down and finishes the ritual to the satisfaction of the saint.The baba feels very happy and blesses that Devi will be a mother to a lovely baby soon.He puts tika on her forehead and asks her to show the thali to everyone,As Devi tries to put Tika on Adhi’s forehead,he doesn’t allow her.Masa taunts her by saying that she might have planned to go nearAdhi on the pretext of Pooja ,but she ,his mother won’t allow her to do any such thing, Devi reminds her that just as a mother has her own place in her son’s life ,which no one can take,the same is true with a wife and no one ,not even a mother can take her place.Devi challenges Masa that no one can stop her from doing her wifey duties this time.Adhi gets up to leave,…as Devi tries to stop him ,their foreheads touch and the tilak on Devi’s forehead is smeared on Adhi’s. As masa looks on helplessly,Devi draws comparision between the power of human will power and flowing water and reminds masa that both can n’t be stopped as they are capable of finding their own way.
    Devi dresses Up Kesar for her suhaag raat ,When Kesar looks a bit nervous ,Devi gives her confidence by saying that god is with her.Kesar praises Devi for her selflessness.
    End if the episode

  7. Thank you Lakshmi!

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