Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun And Devika Reunite Finally

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhani points gun at Varun and says if she cannot get him, she will kill him. She continues that he know knows Devika is right, she will not let him go back to Devika, and shoot Varun. Devika comes in front and bears bullet. Varun, Devi, and Maheshwari get worried for Devika and rush her to hospital. Police arrests Dhani. Kesar pleads Heera to save Dhani. Heera says murderer’s granddaughter is murderer, let police take her granddaughter. Varun return home and walks to Heera. Heera asks how is Devika. He says she is fighting for life and says Devika had to call him daadi, but she never gave that right to Devika, she tried to kill her in childhood and when she returned in her youth, she tried again to kill her, what mistake did Devika do, she respected Heera like Devika’s father Adhiraj did, Heera killed Adhiraj just because he is her stepson. Heera gets tear eyed. Varun continues confronting her. Maheshwari calls him and informs that Devika’s condition is critical and needs blood transfusion, but her blood group is rare. Heera thinks it is time to give blood. She walks to hospital and donate blood to Devika and saves her life.

Devi returns home and sees Adhiraj’s garlanded photo. She says their love won, though they could not reunite, their daughter is reuniting with her piya/husband. She continues pouring her heart out when Heera walks to her and apologizes touching her feet. Devi stops her and asks not to touch her feet, but she forgives her for all her sins except for killing Adhiraj, what was Adhiraj’s mistake, will she get his life back. Heera cries she cannot. Devi says she will not get her arrested, but she should leave this house as a punishment. Heera agrees, blesses Devi and leaves.

Devika wakes and sees herself in bridal dress and asks where is she and asks Varun who is he. He says they are married. She warns to stay away from him. He tries to remind her their past. Devika laughs and says she was acting. He gets romantic and takes her on bed…

Precap: Saavan Mahotsav’s promo is shown.

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  1. What a lazy ending, should’ve stopped watching when adhiraj died! Doesn’t Kesar deserve a punishment for all her deceit, and evil? Doesn’t heera need to get a punishment also…. Why did she just get a ‘get out of jail free’ card? Doesn’t Varun need to punish the lady who stole him from his real mother!? Also doesn’t that leach jaggu needs to be confronted and punished also??!? What a joke this serial has been! Utter rubbish

    1. Ayushi Johari

      Yep!! You are right ..
      I also wanted to stop.watching it Ayer the day Adhiraj Rajawat died and I did so for some days but my craziness for this serial (though was killed to great extent because of the fate this Jodi suffered) forced me to resume……… For I wanted these pests to be punished but now……………………………………..

  2. i was not expecting such an abrupt ending. So many loop holes yet to be resolved.

  3. Leisa s morris

    Heera would not have changed so easily not after all she has done even killing her step child who regarded her highly so her ending is totally unrealistic. Shouldn’t devi confront kesar and make her c how much of a b.t.h she turned out first tryin to steal her sister in law who treated her as a friend/sister husband then teachin her daughter to do d same. She keep blaming devi for stealin adhi wen adhi was never hers to begin with and she made history repeat itself. Varun should know wat his so called mother did stealin him from his biological mother then sidin with heera and puppets to break them apart and confront her about it smh… d climax of.this serial leaves much to be.desired

  4. there was no point in watching after adhiraj died. what happend to urmi,maasa’s sister,devi family.jaggu? They shouldve shown devi stabbing maasa w/ trishul. devi forgive maasa ,but she seperated devi from family.

  5. WTF!!!!! What a stupid ending someone who was hell bent on killing Devi she walk away Scott free bullshit she even killed her own son and step son what a freaking joke let me shut the ass up before I write about something that I should not write about this series will not be miss trust me good riddance to bad rubbish.

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