Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jeet Gayi
Devi packs her bag. Ambika stops her. She says you can’t give up like this. Don’t let your dream shatter. because of your goodness there was a bit change. Don’t give up. Devi says I have lost, i wanted to tell Adhi truth. But now everything is over. i don’t know whats right and what’s wrong. Ambika says nothing is over. You didn’t sign the papers. Devi says I must leave this house. Kesar comes in. She says please don’t go. She is in tears. Kesar says you brought hope in my life. Devi says don’t be sad. Mukun is back in this house. Keasr says my life is dark. Urmi says to Devi hurry and pack your stuff. Devi takes her bag. Urmi says I am here to take care of Adhi. She gives her divorce papers.

Devi is leaving the

house. She recalls when she entered that house. Devi sits on street.

Suchi says to bhootu we have to stay herre and ask people where is the mela. Bhopal comes. Bhootu says what is he doing here. The mela is going on. Bhootu asks Bhopal what are you looking? He says you have to give my message to devi. She is upset. She doesn’t know what to do. She needs to see the right path. Devi comes to temple and says why did you do this to me God? I did everything. He got to know truth before I could tell him. Bhootu comes. Devi says you here. She says when will this ice melt. Devi says it takes time. Bhootu says I am thirsty so I am waiting for it to melt. Devi says it will melt in a while. Devi takes parsad. She says to pandit ji give her parsad as well. He says who? There is no one here.

Devi looks back Bhootu isn’t there. Devi is shocked. Devi says you came here as Bhootu God to show me the truth. I promise you I won’t give up. From today I am Devi. I won’t change for anyone. I will not leave that house.
Bhootu says to Bhopal what are we looking? Bhopal says you have to find the doctor wwho will prove the truth. Bhootu says how? Bhopal says I will help you when needed. Suchi comes and says bhootu lets go.

Arav comes to mela and says I will find Dr. Shukla here. He looks here and there. He drinks a juice and gets drunk. He sees a woman and thinks its suchi. He says I really love you but I wont meet you until I know the truth.
Suchi sees him and gives him water. He says let me find Dr. Shukla. She says I will show you how hid Dr. Shukla. He says don’t worry about me. You will know the truth soon.

Precap-Devi drinks poison and says sooner or later you will realize truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Cathy ,what is happening in this story ,can you make out?What reaction was Devi expecting from Adhi,why should she pin her hopes on him that he would understand and support her well intended deception ?We have n’t noticed any such noble qualities in Adhi so far,a guy who had planned to murder her not once but three times consecutively,is certainly not capable of loving anyone .He is just a slave to his mother.Infact I felt relieved seeing Devi leaving the house,but like a shameless character,she decides to go back again….to do what? Just to drink poison?It is not clear how the writers want to portray Devi’s character,a spirited ,well educated ,modern young woman who is capable of living on her own if necessary,OR,a 19 th century uneducated Indian housewife whose very existence without a husband was considered meaningless by the narrow minded society of those times? Devi seems to be a mix of the two,for name sake she is a doctor,knows how to use modern technology,has the courage to call a spade a spade but has a mindset of 19 th century Indian women… the name of love,she is glorifying her husband’s non existent positive points and trying to see ‘Ram’in this beast of a man,What a hypocrite she is !

    1. I’m as baffled by this as you are, quite frankly she was lucky to escape being killed on the spot, what gets me is her affirmations to him on how he takes care of her…either she’s trying to ego stroke him or she really believes he had her best interests in mind and this is love?…i’m confused. When she was packing her bag and even when she was leaving she was having all this thoughts of him…see even those memories he was deceiving her so those are not fond memories, she should have been mad and distraught over this betrayal but we’ve come to expect logic where there is none…as for her leaving i was mentally strapping roller skates to her feet so she could do a few rounds and pirouette out the door. So more poison and gun shot wound to come?…happy days Lakshmi happy days.

  2. Didn’t understand the precap
    She returned to Rajawat Haveli?
    Why did Adhiraj gv her divorce?
    Why didn’t Ambika gv her advise to sign n leave n pursue her studies ?

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