Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun saves Devika from Jaggu

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lawyer asks Maasa to give Devika’s hair to him for DNA test, she says why? Lawyer says we will match it with Adhi’s DNA and if Maasa is presenting some other girl as fake grand daughter then you know all cheaters will be in jail. Devika gets shocked. Maasa looks on. Devika says jail? Lawyer says if you are not Adhi’s daughter then you will be in jail, all look on. Devika thinks that I am stuck, they are doing some plotting, what to do.. Maasa says okay. Devika says I wont give any hair to anyone, nobody can touch my hair. She takes pot and says I will beat anyone that comes near me. Lawyer says control her. Devika says its about my long hair, no one can touch them, I wont give my hair.. stay away from me. She threatens them with a pot and runs away. Maasa

says I will bring her hair, lawyer you sit down. He nods as she goes.
Devika locks herself in room and says jail? all my dreams would shatter, I would have to wear jail’s white pale saree too, I have to run. Devika sees window open, she takes her clothes, makes a rope down to ground. She ties one end to window and jumps down using rope. She is about to fall but Varun is leaving and catches her in his arms, they share eyelock, she says you? he says you? she puts her down and asks her to be silent, she asks what are you doing here? he says came here wrongly, running, she says I am running too, will you help me? he says why you have to run? she says you know a girl in this world is.. he says is like an open treasure.. line from Jab we met movie? she says you are clever, he says I dont trust you but lets run. They make noise so guards goes to check that side, they run from palace.
Varun is leaving, Devika says you were saying that you dont trust me? Varun says you stole my wallet.. she says what? He says yes I had to come to your room, and saw you in towel, she gets shy and says what? Varun says like a nice man, I didnt say anything and looked away but you called me when I was leaving in saree and I had to tie your dori.. she says you mean you touched.. if you ever do.. he says I will never see you changing clothes. She leaves. Varun says she is mental but entertaining.. Suddenly Devika bumps into him, they both fall down on a cart and cart starts moving. Varun tries to get up but Devika shows him maasa’s guards searching for them, he hides and says I can handle them. Devika says I will make them sneeze using my herb, she gives it Varun. Varun comes to Jaggu and his men, he says if you are looking for a girl then you have to face me.. goon asks if he saw her? he says yes there she went.. they look towards that direction and Varun blows herbs at them, they start sneezing and runs away. Devika comes from hiding and runs to him. Devika hugs him, they feel something, she says you turned out to be hero.. he smiles and hugs her back, ishq sa plays..

Scene 2
Maasa shows Adhi’s turban to Kesar and says I found it and see what I found it.. Adhi’s hair was inside it. Lawyer can investigate but that girl will be proven as Adhi’s daughter, I thought to bring any girl as Devi’s daughter but my luck is so good that I got same face as Devi’s, now lawyer will agree too. Urmi hides and hears it, she smirks and says do DNA test, I have thought a lot too, I have got to know a secret that will shock Maasa beyond belief.

Varun is still hugging Devika.. Devika tries to pull away but he doesnt move, she hits him in crotch, he cries in pain and says I am not even married. Devika says I gave you thank you hug and you got flat on me, I have a lot to do, I have to make house for my parents, I am not free for love. Varun says if you were free then you would have loved? Devika says you.. he says leave it, if we meet again then we will see. Devika says I dont have time for love.. Varun starts saying filmy lines, he starts leaving. Jaggu comes there, he sees Devika and kidnaps her. Varun feels some muffled sound, he turns but Jaggu is already gone with Devika. Varun leaves.

Jaggu brings Devika back, Devika says leave me. Maasa says you did deal with me so you cant leave. Devika says I thought it was a simple deal but not something that involves a jail, I am scared of jail, I did some cheating but not something to go to jail. Maasa says you think I would go to jail in this age.. daughter.. you are like my grand daughter, I didnt bring you to send you to jail, I have given that hair of Adhi to lawyer and now he would do DNA test on it and we will get money. Dhani sees it and says to Kesar that I want to know if Devika is really Devi and Adhi’s daughter and if she is then she should get her right. Kesar says she snatched everything from us and you are saying all this. Dhani says Devi didnt snatch any right from you, you were daughter in law of this house and will remain so, I know my mother is not like that, please dont say these things, Kesar nods and leaves.

Maasa is in car with Jaggu. Maasa says once I get my money then I would never beg to that lawyer. Suddenly car stops, Maasa says this cab is not even running. Jaggu says lets go, I will find another cab. Jaggu brings Maasa to a mandir.. he goes to find a cab. Maasa hears a nice song, she asks who is it? Boy says what a beautiful face even in this age, Maasa blushes and asks who is it? Varun comes there and smirks.

PRECAP- Urmi says to Maasa that Devika will get Adhi’s property only when she is married. Maasa says I have found a groom for Devika.. meet Kunwar Uday.. Some boy in nice blazer and clothes confidently enters palace like a royal.. they all turn to him and he is Varun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. leisa s morris

    U would tink with d passage of time and d provision left to her child by adhi dat kesar would’ve realized her mistake and stop blamin devi but she still vex even though she was d one to betray a friend. At least her daughter isnt tinkin like dat ( for now)

  2. As Hasan and Mehar are on their way back home ,Amina gets ready with her baggage again to leave the house.Fari stops her saying that the video might not be the fault of Mehar but Bila’s ,then wonders how could he have access to the washroom of their house if not for his clandestine visits to Mehar in their absence….,changing the topic quickly ,she begs her aunt not to leave the house as she loves her son very much .Amina ,completely disgusted at Fari’s inference that Bilal must have visited their home many times in their absence,makes it clear that she has already proved her love for her son and now it is his turn to prove that he loves and respects his mother..Fari tries to comfort her saying ‘ that Hasan may not marry Mehar now after this scandal,Amina says even if he wants ,she won’t allow him to marry an indecent and characterless girl.
    Samina ,surprised te see her sister all ready to leave ,asks her is she is really leaving,,,Amina,angry and tensed,says she is if Hasan comes home with Mehar.Samina,feeling bad for her sister,asks Fari where is Hasan,,,she replies that according to his secretary’s info he left the office in the evening itself…as Samina wonders about his wherabouts,Fari suggests he might have gone to pick up Mehar from the hospital.
    Just then ,Hasan comes inside with Mehar,holding her hand…infuriated with his impudence ,Amina asks him whether he is aware of bringing Mehar here…Hasan tries to explain that she doesn’t have any other place to go…but Amina completely out of control now,shouts that if Mehar doesn’t have an alternative.,then let her stay here…but she is going back to Multan.Hasan,helpless begs her not to leave as this is her house but Amina adamantly declares either she stays or Mehar but not both of them under the same roof.Mehar ,devastated to see Amina ready to leave,explains that she is not an indecent girl and she too saw the video for the first time on her collegues’s phone in the office …other than that she had no knowledge of that vulgar video.As she pleads with Amina not to leave her own house because of an orphan,Amina asking her to keep shut says that it is because of her only Hasan has disobeyed his mother for the first time and brought a disgraceful woman to her house.Unable to bear her insults any longer,Mehar begs her to believe in her innocence,but seeing her unconvinced,Mehar,raging with fury,screams at Fari that she is responsible for her misery and did all this to stop Hasan from marrying her and to disgrace her.To the horror of everyone including Hasan ,an otherwise gente girl ,Mehar gets violent and starts shaking Fari ,who by now looks really scared.As Mehar screams that Bilal is Fari’s accomplice in all this,Hasan takes her in his arms to calm her down and Fari,acting to be taken aback,mutters that Mehar has gone mad,Amina furious at her son’s impertinance to hug and comfort Mehar in front of her own eyes ,shouts at them to stop this nauseating drama as she is leaving the house.As Amina takes her bag and moves out to leave,Hasan ,feeling miserable but not leaving Mehar ,tries the last option and tells his mother that if she leaves him now,she will see her son’s dead face tomorrow…..and Amina comes back.
    Later Hasan goes to his mother to explain that he had to bring Mehar here as he couldn’t have left her on the road to die ,weak and traumatised.Amina,still fuming ,says that all his excuses don’t matter,what matters is he has no respect for his mother and her decisions…instead of bringing her here he could have left her anywhere .To Amina’s astonishment ,Hasan replies that by doing so,he too would have become one of her tormentors….when Amina asks how he is holding himself responsible for Mehar’s destiny ,he replies that by leaving her to her fate,he would indirectly have joined hands with her conspirators and helped them to turn her insane.He explains how ,even before the police would reach Bilal’s place,someone had already informed him so that he could abscond …if not Fari,who could have informed Bilal…..because he saw Fari outside his room when he was speaking to the police to lodge a complaint against Bilal.Amina,not willing to believe him ,says that he is speaking Mehar’s tongue only,and blaming Fari for everything.Reminding him how Fari has changed her attitude towards Mehar in the recent few weeks and how concerned she has been for Mehar throughout this scandal,Amina questions him why he is so concerned about Mehar with whom they don’t have any relationship…she is just the widowed daughter in law of her sister….and tells him sternly to get ready to go to Multan with her .Hasan tries to convince his mother that leaving Mehar here is nothing less than leaving her to die .the way she suddenly cries ,screams and becomes violent shows that she has n’t yet come out of her trauma….when Hasan suggests that they should take Mehar along with them as a change of place might help her to recover fast ,Amina ,stunned by her son’s obsession with Mehar ,asks him how can he put up such an absurd proposal knowing fully that Mehar is the precise reason why she is leaving this house.Hasan explains that there is a reason for him to do all this and she knows very well that he won’t be this stubborn unless there is a valid reason for it. Promising that he will make some other arrangements for Mehar once she recovers fully ,he requests his mother to give her consent.Inspite of her reservations ,Amina agrees to take Mehar with them on the condition that he too should promise her not to entertain the idea of marrying Mehar,and Amina takes his silence for acceptance.
    As Hasan gives instructions to Shanu to pack up Mehar’s things as she will be coming to the village with them ,Fari who is there only,gets stunned by this unexpected decision of Hasan ….Hasan watches her reaction and saying nothing leaves .Fari,all her cool and pretensions forgotten,storms into her aunt’s room and demands how can she accept to take along with her a characterless girl,particularly after seeing her video.Amina ,packing her things ,notices this sudden change in Fari….almost the same old rude and conniving one….and asks her bluntly if she had masterminded all this dirty scandal out of love for Hasan or hatred for Mehar.Fari,startled ,demands if she too ,like Hasan suspects her to be guilty of conspiring with Bilal…Amina coolly replies that hers is only a suspicion but Hasan is fully convinced of her guilt.Samina comes in hearing Fari’s raised voice….Fari complaints that her aunt is also accusing her of all the things that has Hasan said and they are taking Mehar with them to Multan.Amina confirms that she is taking Mehar out of this house not to get her married to Hasan but to help her recover fast as she considers it her duty to make her alright particularly after what Fari has done to her,…..and now she too is almost convinced of Fari’s hand in all this as Bilal couldn’t have gone absconding without some one from this house informing him. As there is nothing to argue about now ,Samina tells her sister that they too will make their own arrangements as there is no point in staying there now ,but Amina tells them that it is also her duty to look after them and requests her sister to stay there only ….as they don’t have any other alternative. Samina and Fari keep quiet.
    Bilal is on the run and he keeps checking nervously if the police is following them and Fari ,behaving like a nut ,,starts sobbing that she has lost Hasan to Mehar in spite of her best efforts.When Samina consoles her saying that her aunt , though agreed to take Mehar with her,will never allow Hasan to marry her….Fari says she doubts as her aunt couldn’t keep up her earlier promise of not allowing Mehar inside again,the same will be the case with this promise also…..after going to Multan ,Hasan will definitely marry Mehar and she won’t be able to do anything.
    As they travel in car ,Hasan reminisces about Mehar’s appeal to marry her…but looking at his mother ,he thinks that she will definitely get convinced of Mehar’s noble qualities during her stay in their house in Multan.
    Fari is heart broken and promises herself that if Hasan can not become hers,she will see to it that he doesn’t become anyone’s.
    To be continued

  3. I am sure the writers are going to turn Kesar’s daughter as bitter as her in no time. Not sure why they have to make nice people change. In real life people use common sense not BS to blame others for events….sheesh.

  4. Episode18 Continuation
    Amina and Hasan reach their ancestral home …on seeing Mehar,one of the house maids enquires if Mehar is the fiancée of Hasan.Amina sternly replies that she is only the widow of her sister’s son ….asking her to show the guest to her room,Amina tells Mehar to go to her room and take rest.As hasan stares after Mehar ,Amina stares at her son as if to remind him of his promise not to marry her.
    As Fari doesn’t come out iof her room in the morning ,Samina comes in to wake her up and gets concerned to see Fari already awake but depressed and dejected ,Samina coaxes her to come out and have breakfast with her saying she will prepare her favourite dish and feed it herself as Fari would love her mother to do.
    Hasan tells Mehar that it has already been a month since she came here with them and by now everyone in Karachi must have forgotten about that video .Informing her that he got it blocked,he asks her why does she still look so tense as if ready to flee….why can’t she relax in this small town where no one even knows what is Internet.Mehar replies it is not her fault that she always looks ready to take off. and reminds him that she is an orphan who doesn’t have a home of her own .When he asks her to consider this as her , home,Mehar replies gloomily there is a lot of difference between reality and imagination…how can she consider this as her house when she knows thst she is only a guest of a few months here.Hasan ,helpless ,begs her to become normal first and stop feeling guilty ….Asking her to come out of her shell ,he says that the more she shuts herself and avoids society, the more it will be curious to dig out her past.Advising her to come out and mix with people,Hasan tells her in no uncertain terms that he still loves her and willkeep doing so for the rest of his life ,though not sure whether he will ever be able to set things right for them… he pleads with her to stop torturing herself for god’s sake ,Mehar without responding goes inside leaving Hasan despondent as well.
    Amina’s friend ,who comes visiting her,informs that her niece ,who is a graduate and very pretty ,is the best match for Hasan.Amina feels very happy and tells her that she will visit the girl’s parents this week itself as she is exactly looking for such a girl only for her son.Noticing Mehar going into the kitchen.,she asks Amina who is this very pretty girl. When told by Amina that she is her niece from city who is here to see village life,the lady comments that Mehar ,from her shy demeanour , doesn’t look city bred.Amina ,saying that she is traditionally brought up ,asks Mehar to go and see if lunch is ready.
    Hasan ,in the middle of s business call ,notices Mehar sitting outside as despondent as ever…he leaves the call ,sitting beside her he tells her that her silence and self pity are really killing him…instead she come out with her complaints against him….even if he has no solutions ,he won’t feel this miserable .Wanting to bring her out of her depression ,he takes the offensive wAy and calls her a coward who is no even t brave enough to run away from him and his love,,Mehar,still not reacting says that she can not believe he still loves her when she herself finds her not worthy of any pity ….even if she dies also,no one will call her respectable …she explains how she was at her desk in the office that day ,the way people looking at her while the video played and her colleagues’ cheap comments……what has she doneto deserve all this.Hasan tells her firmly that the video is blocked now ,,,but Mehar continues explaining her insecurities after Umar’s death and asks him why can’t he marry her if he really loves her.Hasan ,inspite of his love for her,doesn’t reply and committ .
    When Mehar takes breakfast into Amina’s room ,she calls her to show some jewellery.Asking Mehar if it is not too old fashioned to be given as ‘shagun’ to Hasan’s bride ,Amina informs her that she will be visiting the girl’s parents that evening to fix Hasan’s marriage.Mehar,first dumbstruck ,recovers fast enough not to show her disappointment to Amins ….and suggests brightly that she should instead take a ring now for engagement and give this exquisite piece after bringing the bride home.When Amina asks Mehar to accompany them that evening ,Mehar refuses saying she is a widow and she better see the arrangements at home.
    As the mais packs the things to be taken by Amina ,Hasan ,perplexed asks her what is this all about.The maid informs him that his mother is going to the girl’s house to fix his marriage.As Amina gets ready in her room,Hasan knocks and goes inside ….Amina explains that the proposal has come from the girl’s parents themselves as he is the most eligible bachelor in the town…..reminding him of his promise ,she tells him that she is doing all this for his happiness only.Saying that he won’t be happy ,he leaves her room.Amina,though concerned,takes her shawl and comes down …and asks the maid if everything is ready.The maid replies that everything is already kept in the car according to the instructions of Meharbano.
    Hasan confronts Mehar that after accepting to marry him, how can she send his mother to see another girl .Saying she did a wrong thing,Mehar tells that she is happy for him as his mother will be bringing a suitable bride for him.Hasan.,fuming ,tells her that if she too wants that only,,then he will ring up his mother now itself to fix the marriage date also….and leaves her to her grief.

  5. Agree with you Cathy,Bashar’s character is a combination of both negative and positive traits,…aggressive ,brash ruthless in achieving whatever he wants and then the completely opposite …family oriented,kind and considerate towards his employees ,contributions to charities…quite a complicated personality. Whereas Hasan is a gentleman to the core who wears his heart on his sleeve and follow all the rules of ethics.He looks up to his mother for her approval as he has the utmost regard for her that she truly deserves…..though people like Fari and Samina take her for a ride often ,the moment she realises,she knows how to be firm with them and put them in their place .But Bashar’s background is completely opposite …his insecurities and frustrations are due to his mother only…Both characters are the product of their family backgrounds and the circumstances in which they are brought up,but the traces of ruthlessness in Bashar’s personality do make him more attractive .
    Coming to Mehar and Rudaba I must say I like Rudaba…regarding Mehar a complicated and confused one..on one hand .she says she loves Umar only and wants to remain her widow for life long…but the moment Samina and Fari tell her to get out of the house ,we see a sea of change in her attitude.There is nothing wrong in loving another guy and move on in life but without loving him ….asking him to marry her …..because in this serial Mehar will never be seen confessing her love neither to Hasan nor the third guy who is going to make his entry shortly….means she is just interested in her own security and wants to take advantage of these two men’s weakness for her,infact Umar is the only one to whom she confesses her love….Whereas I loved the way Rudaba confessed her love for Bashar …Rudaba ,though shy and traditionally brought up like Mehar has the courage and will power to face a tyrant like Bashar and bring out the human in him ,she too loved her fiancée but wholeheartedly loved Bashar after marriage.And Meharbano …I don’t know what to say and why the character should be glorified so much…is it because of her sufferings. ,but who asked her to suffer…after getting the job,she could have gone to a hostel and led an independent life…As Hasan says in this episode,Mehar is a real coward…

  6. Bheegi Palkein Episode 19
    After telling Hasan that he should marry the girl of his mother’s choice Mehar ,feeling wretched ,comes into her room and cries for her never ending woes.She reminisces Hasan calling her a coward…and Hasan in his room is tensed too.
    Amina comes back from her visit to the bride’s house and asks Shajia to inform Hasan that she is calling .Amina elated and in high spirits congratulates her son as the girl is not only beautiful but knows all household jobs also.She informs him that she gave her word to them and fixed the marriage date as well . Hasan,not a trace of joy on his face ,tells her in an indifferent manner that if she likes the girl ,there is no need for him to see her…and if she wants ,he is ready to get married the next day itself.Amina,seeing him disheartened ,says the marriage is for his happiness,not hers.Hasan ,feeling guilty ,admits that he can never be happy with anyone other than Mehar,,,,asking for her forgiveness for not keeping up his promise he explains that inspite of his best efforts to not react to Mehar’s pain,he would end up feeling more miserable…because he has done the mistake of falling in love with her without his own knowledge.Amina ,stunned ,doesn’t have anything to say.
    Later, after retiring for the night,Amina ,recollecting the pain and helplessness in his eyes comes to a decision.
    Samina ,to her pleasant surprise ,gets a call in the morning from her sister but her happiness soon turns into to gloom when Amina informs her that she has decided to do the marriage of Hasan with Mehar,Samina ,dazed asks her how can she do it,Amina apologising explains that she can not sacrifice her son’s happiness for anyone. Samina feels numb and disoriented,Fari comes out of her bedroom and seeing her mother in such a state almost guesses from whom the call was and what was it about.Still she asks but as Samina only stares and doesn’t reply ,Fari concludes that her worst fears have come true.
    Shanu ,in the kitchen ,watches the misery of both mother and daughter…Fari,as if in a trance mutters that Mehar has snatched Hasan from her just like she spoilt her marriage with Bilal….mad with fury she screams how can her aunt accept Mehar whose video the whole world has watched….still shouting mad,Fari goes into the kitchen and to Shanu’s horror starts shaking her,,,Samina follows her and tries to cool her down but Fari,completely out of senses demands her mother how can Mehar marry anyone if she still loves her brother Umar… Samina tries to put sense into her head saying that Umar is dead now and with him her love for him also …and Mehar is free to marry anyone of her choice now.Begging her daughter to forget about Hasan as it is useless to keep hopes on him now,Samina tells her that she will look for a better guy than Hasan for her so that she too can lead a happy life,but Fari ,almost crazy and uncontrollable now ,takes out a kitchen knife screaming hysterically that she can not live without Hasan .Samina ,terrified now that Fari will harm herself ,tries to pacify her that she will plead with Mehar not to marry Hasan and she is sure Mehar will never refuse her request,but seeing Fari trying to cut her wrists ,she faints.
    Amina calls for Mehar ,when she comes to her room with tea,she asks Mehar to sit with her.Saying that she has miserably failed in understanding her,Amina asks for her forgiveness,Mehar ,thoroughly embarrassed ,tells her that as a mother she did nothing wrong and if she were in her place ,she too would have done the same.Amina still feeling bad says that she, who is obsessed with her reputation in the society,done her bit to humiliate an innocent girl like her by listening to Fari and her sister.On her insistence ,Mehar says she is not the one eno keep grudges and already forgiven everyone.Amina feeling happy ,sends for son ,in the meantime gives the engagement ring to Mehar and tells her she is happy to accept his son’s choice as her daughter in law.Hasan ,coming in ,just then ,feels relieved as well as elated at this happy turn of events.
    Hasan meets Mehar when she is alone and asks her if she is happy and what is she praying to god now.She smiles and replies that she isn’t praying but questioning the almighty if this happiness too is temporary.Asking her not to spoil these happy moments,Hasan says that she should not worry about anything now as he will be always be there by her side for the rest of their lives…as he asks her to keep smiling ,Mehar asks him how did he manage to convince his mother for their marriage….in reply he says he didn’t do much …he simply told her that he would be happy only with Meharbano and later her wish….being a very loving and considerate mother,she understood what he wanted and gave her consent happily. When Mehar expresses concern that his mother might still hsve some reservations but has to accept her for his happiness ,Hasan tells her not to entertain these unnecessary fears now and be happy as they are going to get married now.
    As Hasan is getting ready ,he gets a call from Fari but he doesn’t receive it…she calls twice but he disconnects.He comes out of his room hearing Mehar talking to Fari,Mehar ,very concerned for Samina ,informs him that the call is from Fariya and her mother got a heart attack and is in the I CU now.Hasan ,saying that Fari must definitely be lying ,tells her not to inform his mother but Amina hears and enquires what is the matter.When told that her sister is in the hospital ,Amina gets ready at once to go to Karachi ,but Hasan stops her that it must be one more conspiracy of Fari.As Amina looks confused,Mehar says she should call Fari and talk herself.As Amina rings up the landline number,Shanu attends the call and explains what all happened in the morning after her call to Samina…how samina fainted after Fari created a ruckus and tried to committ suicide ,Amina,,feeling guilty ,tells Hasan that Fari is right and he should book their tickets immediately.When he tries to object ,Amina says that Fari is all alone and it is their obligation to stand by her in her hour of need.
    Fari calls Shanu from the hospital to enquire whether her aunt has called,,,when she says yes ,she demands to know whether they are coming from Multan or not .Shanu says she doesn’t know that but she conveyed the message.
    To be continued

  7. Continuation Episode 19
    Hasan is quiet disturbed at this turn of events as he fears that Fari is up to something dangerous again.Mahar comes into his room asking why she can n’t come along with them as her mother in law requires her now.She says Fari,a pampered girl .,won’t be able to manage this serious condition all alone.When Hasan is adamant to take her to the same house and environment which was the cause for her becoming so sick,Mehar comforts him that she is absolutely fine now and nothing is going to affect her now.still apprehensive. he tries to stop her that Shanu is there and he will employ a nurse also to look after his aunt,,Mehar ,feeling hurt asks him why s he treating her like a glass doll in a show case.Hasan replies that she is exactly like a doll for him which got broken and shattered many times and which pieces,he had collected and amalgamated with lot of difficulty….now he wants her to stay secure here away from the humdrum of city life …..finally he agrees her to take with them .
    Fari is in the hospital when Shanu brings food for her,refusing to have anything,she asks her if Hasan has come….Shanu says’ no ‘but has sent money through his manager…Fari ,in a grumpy mood ,says that money is not everything ,,,Hasan is happy with Mehar there ,leaving her all alone here.When Shanu comforts her saying they will be here any moment,Fari goes in to see her mother and says sorry as she is responsible for her condition.
    Shanu comes in to give Fari her mobile that she has forgotten outside and informs that her aunt has called from the airport and they are coming straightaway here only.Fari ,with her scheme already in place ,tellsher mother what she should do…..she should make her sister feel guilty for her heart attack and force her to cancel Hasan’s marriage with Mehar……quite unmindful of her mother’s condition,,Fari,in a conspiring tone tells her that she too will take the doctor into confidence and request him to tell Hasan that his aunt should n’t be given any distressive news. Samina ,,weak and still not fully recovered from her ordeal ,looks at her daughter as if she is looking at .a stranger for no daughter can be as callous as Fari,Saying that she has seen death from very close quarters,she tells her daughter that she can no longer fight against god’s will and want to leave everything to His wishes.When advised she too should do the same,Fari ,to her mother’s utter disgust ,snaps at her saying that when she is still alive why can’t she help her daughter.She threatens her shocked mother if Hasan marries Mehar ,then she will eat poison committ suicide.When Samina advises her not to think about Hasan,Fari ,becoming hysterical again demands to know if she too wants Hasan to marry Mehar only… and why does a mother want that….because her daughter is bad??? Saying she has no right to live now,Fari repeatedly whispers she will die….and Samina again bows down to the wishes of her cynic daughter.
    Warning to act as if it is a matter of life and death,Fari waits for the three to enter the room .The moment ,Amina comes in along with Hasan and Mehar,Fari begins to sob complaining that everyone has left her to her fate with her sick mother.Amina tells Mehar to take Fari outside as she would like to be alone with her sister,and Mehar takes her out followed by Hasan.
    Hasan tells Fari to go home and relax but Fari refuses saying she wants to be with her mother. Hasan, goes out with Shanu leaving Mehar alone with Fari,both don’t say anything to each other..
    In the room when Samina raises the topic of Hasan’s marriage with Mehar,Amina tries to dissuade her by saying that they can it discuss later on. …not in this condition.When Samina still persists,Amina comforts her that Fari is like her daughter and she will take full care of her.Samina asks if she considers Fari her daughter,why is she hesitant to make her daughter in law… it will hasten her recovery.
    As Amina wonders where is Hasan and why is he taking so much time,Samina tells her to let them relax at home for some time.Mehar brings morning tea for Hasan and he comments that she looks pale this morning.Mehar smiles and says she is fine ….when asked where is Fari,Mehar replies she has to go and wake her up.Hasan remarks that now he can not believe in whatever she says or does….even her tears and grief look fake.Mehar reminds that whatever she is ,she needs them now and it is their responsibility to care for her.When Hasan taunts her how to set right people who love to put themselves in trouble,Mehar smiles and replies ‘with love and affection’ and reminds him they have to go the hospital .
    Mehar goes into Fari’s room to wake her up but finding her asleep ,she tells Shanu that she is going to the hospital with Hasan and inform Faro and Fari ,on waking up,fumes that Hasan is gone and along with him Mehar without taking her whose mother is actually sick.
    Amina ,leaving Mehar to look after Samina ,goes home to take rest and Hasan with her to drop her home.
    End of the episode.

  8. First of all,I don’t like the idea of taking out adhiraj,they hardly had time to spend with each other…they could’ve bring him back as varun..but hope this Devi makes Maasa suffer and teach ungrateful Kesar a lesson

  9. Bheegi Palkein Episode 20
    As Mehar attends to Samina,Hasan’s phone rings…Mehar attends as he is with the doctor…Fari .on line fumes why is she attending Hasan’s phone…and rudely tells Mehar to send him home to take her to the hospital with instructions that she should n’t come with him and stay in the hospital only to take care of Samina…When Mehar tells Hasan that Fari is waiting for him to be picked up,he says he will go after speaking to the doctor.
    Fari,waiting for Hasan,dresses up and applies lipstick and perfume as if going on a date.Looking at herself in the mirror,she gets satisfied with her
    appearance.In the hospital ,the doctor informs Hasan that Samina is fit to be discharged now.Fari rings up impatiently to ask why is he late and to her terrible disappointment ,Hasan gives her the good news that all of them will be back in an hour as her mother is discharged , ,furious ,Fari disconnects and smashes the perfume bottle to pieces.
    When Shanu opens the door ,Amina,first coming in asks what is this strong ,nauseating smell,Shaniu informs that Fari’s perfume bottle is broken…..Amina asking her to open all the windows,takes Samina to her room to take rest
    Shanu goes to Amina’s room ,who is doing Namaz,to tell her how relieved she is to see all of them back,Saying that she is increasingly getting scared of Fari’s rather crazy behaviour,Shanu narrates how the perfume bottle was broken intentionally by Fari, but Amina doesn’t believe saying that It might have slipped .Denying Shanu informs that Far smashed it against the wall and she cleaned up all the mess.After Shanu leaves,Amina becomes thoughtful.
    Fari doesn’t even go out to receive her mother,when Samina comes in to take rest,Fari ,quite unmindful of her condition,directly comes to the point and demands whether she has spoken to her sister and what is her decision.When Samina replies,that her sister hasn’t yet taken any decision ,Fari becoming aggressive says that there is nothing much for her to decide except for the marriage date as she is already Hasan’s fiancée.When Samina ,unable to make her daughter understand that everything has changed because of her only, says that she will talk to her aunt tomorrow,Fari,looking dangerous tells her mother that she should talk now only .
    Amina gets concerned to see Samina coming into her room and asks why is she stressing herself when she should be taking rest.Samina replies that now her recovery and well being are in her hands,and pleads with her to convince her son to marry Fari as it will be his obligation to do so since Fari is his fiancée.Amina ,a bit annoyed ,reminds her that the engagement was already broken on the day when they fixed Fari’s marriage with Bilal ,without even informing them….She tells her firmly that circumstances have changed and she can not sacrifice her only son’s happiness for Fari who is an opportunist to the core… First she didn’t even want to see her childhood friend and fiancee saying he was an illiterate ,small time business man from a small town and then seeing the sea of change in him,suddenly changed her colors like a chameleon. Samina, without accepting their mistakes,again requests her to convince Hasan for the marriage.Amina explains how Hasan got ready to marry a girl of her choice in Multan at the same time pleading that his happiness would be with Mehar only….she asks Samina why shouldn’t she,Hasan’s mother ,accept her son’s choice like she consented to Umar’s choice and brought Mehar as her daughter in law.Appreciating Hasan’s choice ,Amina tells her sister that Mehar is beautiful both in body and mind and wonders how that video was made.When Samina tries to make dirty allegations again saying Bilal must have visited Mehar in their absence,Amina losing her patience tells her sister to stop being callous towards Mehar as both of them know very well that Fari had done all this .Having nothing to argue now as the truth is stark clear,Samina begs her to consider Fari’s position.Amina advises her sister to have a big heart for a girl,who ,inspite of their endless humiliations and allegations after Umar’s death,insisted on coming there so that she could look after her in the hospital.Samina ,crying now ,says that Fari won’t be able to bear this and will certainly become mad.Saying that Fari is already showing such symptoms,Amina says that she knows Fari to be grumpy and stubborn as a child but gradually her stubbornness and selfishness are making her inhuman and insane as well and if she ,her mother she couldn’t manage her how is she expecting Hasan to live with her.When Samina tries to convince that Fari will become normal once she is married to Hasan ,Amina replies that Hasan won’t be normal if he doesn’t marry Mehar….just like she wants Her daughter’s happiness,she too wants her son’s happiness.When Samina asks her not to be self centred,Amina retorts is n’t she ….and advises Samina to make her own daughter accept her faults and face the truth.Amina consoles her sister that she will look for Fari a good match and get her married,when Samina,still not relenting suggests that she can do it for Mehar,Amina sternly tells her that Mehar is her son’s life now.
    To be continued

  10. Bheegi Palkein 20 Continuation
    Seeing Shanu happily humming in the kitchen,Mehar asks how come she is so happy today.Shanu says there is every reason as she is going to get big ‘jhumke’ fron her mistress as gift at the time of their marriage…imagining Mehar as bride ,Shanu tells her she will indeed make a lovely bride in all those bridal costumes and jewellery ….after marriage ,she will be the mistress of Hasan’s huge house giving instructions to maids and hosting parties.When Mehar says that she is very simple and will remain same ,Shanu complements that it is exactly why Hasan loves her so much.When asked ,what is that she likes in Hasan,Mehar says that he is a good man in every respect.
    After dinner when everyone retires to bed,Mehar sees Samina sitting in the lounge alone and thinking.Concerned she asks if she is not getting sleep…Samina ,asking her to sit with her,talks about Umar and how he would think a lot before taking any decision.Saying that she is remembering Umar more than any other day today,Samina tells how much her son loved his wife and how she too reciprocated and proved herself to be a devoted wife.Reminiscing Mehar’s words that she would wish to stay Umar’s widow for life long and take care of her,Samina apologises for the ill treatment meted out to her by not understanding her love for Umar and his family .Mehar ,requesting Samina not to embarrass her, conveys she doesn’t have any complaints against her nor anyone else.Samina ,emotionally blackmailing her now ,tells Mehar that she won’t send Mehar anywhere now …they will stay together, talking about Umar,preparing his favourites dishes….Mehar ,concerned now,asks her not to reminisce about the past and spoil her health as it will really hurt Fari.Samina,looking for this opportunity,becomes more gloomy and says she is the only one who can save her from this misery .As Mehar seems not to understand, Samina with folded hands beseeches her to return Fari’s happiness..for Umar’s sake and the happiness he gave her,she should help his sister by refusing to marry Hasan.Mehar asks her is she sure ,if she refuses ,Hasan will marry Fari..Samina replies she is certain and begs her to not to refuse her request.
    Hasan goes to his mother’s room to discuss about Samina’s health.He tells her that they should go to Multan now as his aunt has almost recovered.Amina reminding him that still some tests and check up are pending ,asks him to be patient till Samina fully recovers…and now they have to think about Fari’s marriage also.Hasan ,agreeing with his mother,says Shanu is there to take care of the house jobs and his manager will visit twice to do the needful…they should leave now as his marriage with Mehar is getting delayed by staying here.Amina replies even if they go to Multan ,she can not perform his marriage immediately as many arrangements have to be done…saying that she can not do a simple marriage to her only son,she decides that they will stay here for a few more days and take Samina and Fari also along.Hasan,looking worried , confesses that somehow he is getting the premonition of some impending disaster and requests his mother to do his marriage here only in a simple manner after two days which is an auspicious date.Amina ,asking him not to be stubborn,says she will do everything on a grand scale in Multan in the presence of all relatives and friends after Samina fully recovers.Hasan ,still not convinced pleads with his mother either she should do his marriage here only after two days or convince his aunt to come with them to Multan so that marriage arrangements can be made …and Amina agrees to talk to her sister…..and Fari. standing in the doorway hears everything .
    Fari ,slamming the door shut ,wakes up her mother to tell her rudely if she sleeps like this ,everything will be over in two days,,,she informs her tired mother that her aunt is planning the marriage of Hasanand Mehar in two days and if she can’t do anything,,then she has to do something herself.Samina,by now exasperated with Fari’s tantrums,counters her what is she going to do…committ suicide …and warns her if she persists with her madness ,then they are going to lose this roof and security also.Fari,not caring about her condition,screams that she is only worried about her weak heart but what about her heart that is going to stop if she loses Hasan….Samina asks her to have faith in her as she has already spoken to Mehar and taken her word not to agree to marry Hasan….as she lies down tiredly ,Fari ,looking unconvinced,becomes restless with anxiety.
    Amina calls her sister into the lounge as she doesn’t want to go into her room and discuss in front of Fari.When Samina enquires what is the matter,Amina says that she wants her to come to Multan along with Fari as Hasan’s marriage arrangements have to be done ,Moreover,she wants her consent to seek Mehar’s hand for Hasan as she is now Mehar’s mother.Just then mehar brings them tea and Samina says that she can take her permission for granted ,if Mehar consents….certain that Mehar is going to refuse to marry Hasan for Fari.Amina ,smiling brightly ,says she will do that infront of her only and asks Mehar if she has inhibitions to marry Hasan…as Samina looks tensed but confident ,Mehar ,to her utter disbelief and shock replies that she is absolutely willing to marry Hasan.And Samina,first dumbstruck,recovers and says that she too is happy for Hasan and Mehar.
    Fari coming to a decision ,mixes poison in a glass of lassi.As Mehar gets ready to go for marriage shopping with Hasan she notices the glass of lassi on the side table and wonders how many times she has to tell Shanu not to bring her lassi in the afternoon.Her mobile rings and Hasan is online to enquire whether she and his mother are ready as he is coming back from his office.Mehar says yes just then Amina comes in and asks where are Samina ,Fari and Shanu.Mehar replies Fari went for shopping too and took Samina and Shanu along .Amina says if they too want to shop now only it is ok but why to take Shanu…now where to leave the keys…mehar says not to worry as they have taken keys with them.Amina noticing the glass asks Mehar why she hasn’t yet had her lassi,,,Mehar replies she is n’t in the habit of drinking too much of it.Amina smiles and says she must make it a habit now as in Punjabi ,people drink lassi like water.Mehar taking the glass from Amina says she will certainly develop that habit after marriage but for now she should drink it …Mehar gives back the glass and Amina smiles and consumes the lassi with poison.Hasan rings up he is waiting in the parking …but Amina not even finishing collapses.As Mehar tries to revive her,Hasan who comes up to see his mother lying unconscious .asks Mehar what happened .Mehar , already dazed,blabbers that she gave her lassi after which she collapsed.Asking her to hurry up and call the ambulance,Hasan tries to revive his mother but invain.
    In the evening Samina and Fari return home to see the front door left unlocked.When Samina wonders why they have to be so careless,Fari says Hasan might have done so in a hurry.Saying she will go in check,Fari hurries into Mehar’s room and feels elated to see the lassi glass half empty.She comes out and innocently informs Samina that no one is inside ans suggests to ring up Hasan to enquire where are they ,Samina advises her to leave him all alone now as he is going to start his new life with Mehar.Pretending to be generous,Fari says that should n’t exhibit their bitterness and take part wholeheartedly in their happiness ,,,Afterall,Mehar is her Bhabhi and Hasan her cousin….so shouldn’t hold grudges,As Fari says she will ring up,Samina goes inside.
    As Hasan and Mehar wait outside the emergency , worried and tensed ,thedoctor comes out with the devastating news that Amina is no more.When Hasan asks in disbelief how is it possible,he informs that Amina died of poisoning ,,,whether she took it intentionally or given by someone ,the police will investigate…..murder or suicide.As Hasan stands shattered and and keeps muttering how is it possible,his mobile rings …not in a position to talk he gives it to Mehar to answer.Hearing Mehar’s voice Fari sounds aghast but Mehar too confused and devastated ,doesn’t notice this surprise and disappointment in Fari’s tone and informs that her aunt is no more.Fari, herself feeling guilty collapses and Samina comes out to see what is going on gets the bad news that her sister is dead.
    Police reach the hospital …Hasan asks when can he take his mother’s body ,,the inspector replies that first they are going to record statements ,then they will handover the body.Fari and Samina reach the hospital and call they arecomin g to the emergency.
    When the inspector asks Mehar to give her statement,Mehar ,miserable and astonished asks why hers.He says the lassi was given by her only to Amin a after drinking which she died…so she is the prime suspect.When Mehar ,already looking nervous says she didn’t mix poison….the inspector asks her to explain in detail.She blabbers that she came out of the washroom to get ready and noticed the lassi kept by Shanu on her table…Meanwhile Amina came in ,ready to go for shopping and as she doesn’t like lassi much ,she drank and collapsed immediately.When the inspector asks her to repeat her statement,Mehar says she came out of the washroom and saw the glass on the table…when the inspector looks suspicious and questions why is she changing her earlier statement that it was kept by Shanu,Mehar scared now,says that before she came out,Shanu had kept the glass and gone out.The inspector asks her to come with him to the police station and give her statement ,,,,,all the time Hasan stands and watches indifferently and not say anything when the police lead her away.
    End of the Episode

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