Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika Suggests Varun to Get Engaged To Her

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devika and Varun fall on bed aand get mesmerized into each other’s eyes. Dhaani walks in and fumes in jealousy seeing this and shouts what is happening. Varun tries to get up, but s chain gets stuck in Devika’s clothes and cannot get up. Devika says he has stuck to her like a magnet. Dhani pulls Varun up and asks Devika why did she come to this room. Devika says to clean dust. Dhani says this is also her room and asks Varun who all they are inviting for their engagement. Varun asks her to invest his producer personally and let producer know that he did not make any mistake by signing him for a lead role. Dhani nods yes happily. Devika silently watches smiling. Dhani calls her maid and taunts if she tries to act oversmart, doe she remember what this house’s women

will do to her. Devika taunts does she remember howmuch Varun used to love her. Dhani gets more jealous.

Devika gets busy in decorating house. Hira taunts her not to leave anything incomplete. Devika walks to Dhani’s room and sees beauticians doing Dhani’s makeup, mehandi design and manicure/pedicure. Dhani asks if her dress is pretty, Varun got it from Jaipur’s best designer. Beauticians praaise her. Devika silently watches. Beautician asks Dhani to lift her feet on a stool for pedicure. Dhani orders Devika to bring stool. Devika says there is no stool at home. Dhani orders her to bend like a stool for her. Dhani does. Beautician asks Devika to mix water in face pack. Dhani asks not to give it to Devika, else she will mix something in it. Beautician asks Devika to mix it here itself. Devika diverts everyone’s attention and mixes something in face pack.

Hira orders her puppets to be careful and not let Devika around guests, she is very intelligent and will plan something evil.

Beauticians apply face pack to Dhani and praise her face will glow like pearls soon and her fiance will be mesmerized with her beauty. Dhani happily looks her face into mirror seeing it turning black. She shouts at beauticians and send them away. She locks door and cries. Devika knocks door and says she brought juiced and snacks for her. Dhani shouts at her to go away. Devika taunts if she does not come out, she will get engaged to Varun. Varun passes by and asks what is happening. Devika says she brought juice and snacks for Devika, but she is not coming. Varun asks Dhani to open door. Devika says her dress is not fitting well, he should attend guests while she comes later. Devika says Dhai will not come, so he should get engaged to her. Varun shouts if she is out of her mind. She says he has no other option now. Varun warns Devika to open door, else he will break it. Devika taunts if he will use force like a villain. He fumes.. Devika continues taunting him and thinks Varun and Dhani’s engagement will not happen.

Precap: Hira boasts in front of reporters that Varun is whatever today because of her and he even got lead role in a big budget film because of her. Reporters see Maheshwari and rush towards her ignoring Hira. Varun also walks ot Maheshwaari. Hira gets jealous.

Update Credit to: MA

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