Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika makes an agreement with Maasa

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 20th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Hero comes to Rajawat palace, he says to guards that I have to go inside, guard says you cant go inside. Hero says Devik went inside, my purse is with her, please let me take it, guards throw him out. Hero says I will find a way to go inside.

Urmi says to Dhani and Kesar that she cant be Devi. dhani says I dont know how she came here. Jaggu is running behind Devika and trying to catch her, Devika says run run.. kabaddi.. kabaddi.. she fools him and doesnt let him catch her. Urmi, Kesar and Dhani grab her, Devika says you all are fools. Maasa says dont do all this, this whole house is yours and you are my grand daughter, I am your grandma. All look on. Devika says leave me, grand daughter? me? yours? Maasa says yes. Devika laughs and says this Jaggu is my father then?

this Heera have gone crazy, Maasa says you dont trust me? right, I will show you. She drags Devika and shows her picture of Devi and Adhiraj. Devika is shocked to see Devi’s face exact copy of her features. Devika breathes heavily. Devika says wow.. she is like my xerox, Maasa says what? Devika says she is same to same, you think that she is my mother and that guy is my father? Devika thinks that Maasa is mistaken so I can have fun. Devika says so this is my house? Maasa says yes. Devika says all these things are mine? she says yes. Devika breaks a show piece, Maasa is miffed. Devika says dont worry, these are mine so I broke it. Maasa says it was yours.. Jaggu give her more, she gives her more pots and things and says break them too. Maasa says these are mine so I wont break them all. She puts them back. Maasa says calm down, dhani she is your sister, take her to room, she must want to rest after such big news. Devika leaves with Dhani. Maasa says oh God, all listen, we have to do anything but make her believe she is Devi’s daughter. Urmi says why? because her face is same? I look like Zeenat Aman too but I dont call her mother. Maasa says we have to make her believe she is Devi’s daughter so we have the money, Kesar says I hate Devi’s face. Maasa says we have to get the money, I have kept a pooja for devi and Adhi, called lawyer, we just have to make him believe that this girl is their daughter then we will get money. Urmi thinks this wont happen, money will go to trust and I will become head of this house. Jaggu says Maasa says you are great, we will make her heir and get property. Urmi says you will make some stranger as heir of this house? Maasa says once I get property and money then I will finish game of that girl too.. they hear clapping and turns to see Devika there. All are shocked. Devika says conspiracy with me? I heard everything, you thought I am a fool like you, I know you need me, I have to take advantage of this face, now listen, we will have agreement. All look on. Devika says on my conditions otherwise.. Maasa says what you want? Devika smirks.

Lajjo takes out a chunri from trunk but it tears mistakenly, Lajjo cries and says this is chunri in which Devika fell down and we got her, I kept it safe but now its torn, I am worried about Devika, she didnt return for much time. Father says dont worry, I will go and check, he leaves. Lajjo prays to God that dont separate Devika from us, she is our life.

Scene 2
Hero says to guards that you can check my jacket, just let me go in palace. Guard stops him. Devika’s father comes there and says my daughter came to treat Heera. Guard says you are from herbs doctors tents? go and check on your daughter, they let him go inside. Hero says you let him go but wont let me inside? Guard says that person knew why he came here, he was not overbearing like you, dont comeback. Hero thinks I have to do something, I will get my wallet.

Devika says to Maasa that I want money to make house for my parents and my other condition that till I live here, you people will treat me as princess, all look on. Maasa says I accept. devika says no one will stop or taunt me here, Maasa says agreed, Devika says my parents will live at palace too. Maasa wants to say no but agrees. Devika says remember if anything happens to me then I will inform police, I heard everything, you were planning to kill me, I can smell jerks from far. Maasa says I need you thats why you are doing all this, I accept all your conditions. Devika says then deal is done.. grandma.. she hugs her tightly. Maasa says grandma? devika says let me call you dadisa, its our deal. Father comes there and asks what deal you are doing?

Hero jumps in palace from back window, he sees Devi’s photo with garland on it, he thinks that she died? God she was such a young lady, why did you do it. He does acting. Servant comes there and says our owners died 18 years back and you are crying for them? he leaves. Hero says what? they left 18 years back so that girl Devika is a ghost?

Devika pulls her father aside and its small job and we are getting money, father says what is this job? I dont feel good, you were talking about a deal, what wrong job they can give? Devika says work is a work, I am helping them and getting money, dont worry about it. Father says I am your dad so I worry. Devika says I have told that you and mom will live with me here and then we will get our house with money they give, please let me do it, swear on me, just bring mom here, Father says you have given me promise so I cant do much.

PRECAP- Hero hides under bed. Devika comes in room in towel, he sees her bare legs. Devika drops off towel, he close eyes and looks away. Devika gets dressed. Hero takes saree, wraps it around himself and turns to leave but Devika sees him and says stop! who are you?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Man I am confused yeah confused.The lead pair is dead or so I am to believe so here is my take kill this frikkin series too.

    1. Cathy

      LOL Amen to that Jayashree!

    2. Jayashree, I know it confusing but only half of the original lead pair is dead. Devi is still alive and Devika is her daughter that was lost a birth (Massa tossed her off a cliff). She was found and raised by a childless couple. According to the stories, the actress who plays Devi will play both roles, so she will be both Devi and Devika. Not sure that is supposed to work. But that is those crazy writers for you. And the good Lord only knows where they found this new male lead.

  2. Bheegi Palkein Episode16
    As Hasan keeps reminiscing about Mehar’s statement that a man can perfectly give shelter to a woman without any relationship between them and how if she agrees to marry him ,all the allegations of Fari and Samina …that she refused to marry Bilal for Hasan,would come true ,,Amina comes in to talk to him.She says that she has already promised her sister that he would marry fari only.Saying that without even consulting her,he brought Mehar into the house,Amina warns him that she won’t allow Mehar to come into his life.Hasan replies that Mehar is already in his life and explains that he realised Mehar’s importance in his life after she had left the house.He makes it clear that now no one can keep him away from her..while advising her son to forget about Mehar,she says Mehar is a widow and still she hasn’t forgotten her first love ,Umar,and might never forget also,,but Hasan tells his mother that it doesn’t bother him,what he knows is he loves Mehar.When ,Amina makes it clear that she won’t allow Mehar to become his wife and she won’t accept her as her daughter in law,Hasan becoming emotional ,asks his mother if she can give any one good reason for him not to love and marry her…other than being a widow,which is not her fault ,Mehar has all the qualities to become an ideal wife…He promises Amina that if she gives any such negative aspects of Mehar that he is not aware of ,he will go to Mehar now itself and send her out of the house and out of his life as well.Amina ,getting angry that Hasan is not able to understand her concern,shouts at him that he is behaving as if blindfolded and not able to see that Mehar is a widow and she has already shared all marital joys with Umar.Asking her to point out any other bad qualities in Mehar ,other than her being a widow ,Hasan reminds her that it was Allah’s wish to send early summons to Umar…why should Mehar be made responsible for that.Amina ,becoming aggressive ,reminds him that a girl who has spent one whole night in another man’s captivity ,is not worth marrying particularly if the guy is a rogue like Bilal.Hasan explains that Bilal had just kept her in his custody,,,never touched her ..and Mehar is as pure as she was yesterday.Amina reminds him that they have an extended family and status In the society,,,what should she answer them if he marries a widow…and why should she select a widow as a bride for her unmarried son.Telling her to do whatever she feels like,he declares whether Mehar likes it or not ,or Fari and Samina bring down the sky itself on his head….he will marry Mehar only if he has to marry.Stunned at his determination ,Amina leaves his room terribly annoyed.
    When the three are at the dining table ,having lunch,Shanu asks Amina if she should call Mehar for lunch,as she looks very weak and washed out.With Amina’spermission ,she goes and calls Mehar who is in the balcony ,to have food.As Mehar comes out to the table,Fari returns from shopping with her strategy already ready.As Shanu opens the door ,Fari,pretending to be unaware of Mehar’s return asks her brightly what has she prepared as she is ravenous today.Seeing Mehar standing beside Samina,Fari ,apologising profusely says that she had behaved so callously in a moment of weakness and hugging Mehar ,she asks for forgiveness and Mehar reciprocates Fari’s feelings by hugging her back.
    As Amina comes out ready with her baggage,Samina ,sitting in the lounge ,gets up surprised and asks her I if she is going out.Amina replies ‘for some days’ and conveys her displeasure atFari’s changed attitude towards Mehar…how she is treating Mehar not as her widowed sister in law but as an elder sister and how she seems to have already compromised with the fact that Mehar is the would be mistress of this house.Samina defends her daughter saying that if she,Hasan’s mother could not convince him ,what can she or her daughter do?Amina tells her that Hasan ,though determined to marry Mehar,can never actually marry her without his mother’s consent and Mehar is also not that shameless or fearless to encourage Hasan to marry her. She makes it clear if Hasan is n’t willing to marry Fari,then she will see to it that he doesn’t marry Mehar either.Hasan comes out and offers to drop her at the station ,but Amina refuses saying that the driver is there to drop her,but Hasan says that as a son ,it is his responbility.Amina ,seething with anger,says that it is god’s wish he is her son but if he wants to prove in letter and spirit that he is her son,then once she is back he should decide and tell her who else he wants to marry if not Fariya,Asking Samina to take care of the house ,Amina goes out leaving Hasan guilty for hurting his mother’s feelings.
    When Hasan is in his cabin,the receptionist informs him that One Mr Bilal is there to meet him and if she should send him inside.Hasan. Tensed ,he takes a few moments to say ‘yes’ …When Bilal comes inside Hasan says he should go out the same way he has come in as he not interested in conversing with him.When Bilal asks him isn’t he curious to know why he is here,Hasan tells him to get out as he is not interested in whatever he is about to say.But Bilal takes a seat and explains that how both he and Mehar loved each other and now because of him,she is refusing to marry him.He recounts how after leaving the house,She had spend the whole night with him,but suddenly in the morning ,she disappeared leaving him devastated and searching for her everywhere.When he cheekily adds that he has an intimate relationship with Mehar,Hasan,unable to tolerate his nonsence any longer,shouts at him to stop and how dare he is to insult Mehar in front of him.Warning Hasan not to talk about his guts,Bilal tells him if not for his guts,he wouldn’t have come to his house in his absence and done things that Hasan doesn’t even know.To Hasan’s horror ,he shows a clip in his cellphone and asks him is n’t it the washroom in his house and isn’t she Mehar and if not for his intimate relationship with Mehar,he couldn’t have got this video.Utterly disgusted and fuming with anger,Hasan slaps him …Bilal taunts him by asking how many he can slap,by now many would have watched this video as he was forced to post it because she deceived him…..she deserves this punishment as she has ditched and refused to marry him for her new boy friend ..Bilal further alleges that Mehar ,having spent the night with him on her own,is pretending to be kidnapped now as she wants to win Hasan’s sympathies.As Bilal reiterates that he loved Mehar only to be ditched,Hasan ,saying ,he can not believe a single word of his,asks Bilal to confess that whatever he has blabbered so far is utter rubbish and not true.Bilal asks Hasan why he is n’t able to accept the truth even after seeing the video…..the truth is very plain that he loved Mehar and she too loved him but ditched him for her more affluent boy friend.Hasan ,by now feeling miserable demands to know the truth about the video and how he got it because he can never believe that a girl like Mehar would have stooped so low to allow Bilal shoot a vulgar video of hers in the washroom.Bilal tells Hasan coolly that he is not able to believe because he doesn’t know anything about Mehar and what sort of girl she really is ,whereas,he Bilal ,has known her since Umar was alive.Bilal asks Hasan to think for himself why he would be after Mehar ,had she refused his advances in the beginning itself,Hasan ,still not wanting to believe him,tells Bilal that Mehar couldn’t have done all ths as she hates him and doesn’t want even to see his face.Bilal smiles and tells Hasan that a girl will say this only if she decides to ditch an old relationship for a new one .When Hasan tells him to get out,Bilal,before leaving taunts him that he ,Hasan who claims to be madly in love with Mehar,couldn’t even convince his mother to marry her but he,Bilal has already convinced his mother and sent proposal two times,,,,,,now what else he should do to prove his love for Mehar.Hasan ,saying that Bilal doesn’t even know the meaning of the word loves reminds him had he really loved Mehar,he would never have thought of damaging her reputation and maligning her character.As Hasan asks him to leave,Bilal tells him that he has actually come here to inform him that he is not interested in Mehar anymore ,,not only he but any man would do this only as Mehar is not fit to be brought as a wife.When Bilal tells him why he had to malign Mehar’s reputation as he has always been in the habit of destroying things that are unavailable to him ,Hasan ,furious ,holds Bilal by his collar and threatens to bash him up,but Bilal ,reminding him that he is a white collared guy and can go out on his own ,leaves Hasan’s cabin.
    To be continued

  3. Continuation
    When Mehar is at her desk in the office,she notices one of her collegues checking his mobile and then giving her dirty looks.She goes inside her boss’s cabin asking if he has called her.He too,watching his laptop ,takes a long look at her before inviting her in.As she places the file on his desk,Mehar gets disturbed to notice the change in his attitude….after coming out ,one of the girls comes to her desk and enquires who has shot the video as she looks too good in that,Mehar ,confused ,asks her which video,the girl wonders how can she look so naive after uploading such a video on the Facebook.Mehar replies that she doesn’t have any facebook account.As the girl persists with her comments that she looks very good in the video,Mehar gets up to see what video she is talking about and totally devastated to see it.Trying to snatch the mobile from the girl ,Mehar screams that it is not she who has done it but Fari.As she keeps screaming that this is the handiwork of Fari ,the other office staff gathers there.As Mehar shouts and begs to delete the video,as she hasn’t done it ,the senior officer ,hearing the commotion ,comes out of his cabin and cautions her to behave herself.she collapses and cries and begs the onlookers to delete ths dirty video as she s not that type of girl and shouts and requests others not to look at that video….the phone rings in Hasan’s house.
    Fari attends the call ,then rings up Hasan to inform him that she got a call from the office that Mehar is taken to the hospital and admitted..Hasan ,already troubled and distressed shouts at Fari why is she informing him…when Fari innocently asks if not he ,who is going to marry Mehar,who should she inform.Hasan ,furious with Mehar,tells Fari that he is least bothered about Mehar and let her die.Fari ,pretending to be concerned,asks him what happened and why is he talking like that,,,,as Fari waits for his reply,Hasan asks her which hospital,,, Fari tells him National Hospital and requests him to take her along with him as she wants to see her Bhabhi.
    Samina asks Fari what is this Mehar’s new drama is about …how can she faint…Fari ,pretending to be innocent ,says that Mr Khan has called her to inform that Mehar,after watching a video,became unconscious.Amina ,who is back from the marriage,comments that this must be the new drama of Mehar to put pressure on her and make her agree for the marriage.
    Bilal sitting in his room thinks how he loved Mehar and wanted to marry her and how she in turn rejected him thinking he was only flirting with her.He defends his actions by thinking that since she didn’t treat him well,he too had to do what he did and Mehar had really underestimated him if she thought that he would just leave and forget about her. he concludes that no one will marry her now ,neither he nor Hasan.
    As Fari gets ready to go out,Samina asks her where is she going when she replies to see her Bhabhi in the hospital,Samina tells her not required.Fari,pretending to be tired of her mother’s attitude ,tells her they should go and see Mehar as she has no one other than them .AsSamina looks unconvinced,Fari asks her to be positive as Mehar must have really fainted and not pretending and it is their duty to care for her as she is her brother’s wife …moreover Hasan also loves her now.Samina ,exasperated at this sudden change in her daughter’s attitude,says Mehar must have really done some magic on her for this sudden change.When Fari explains it is better to come to terms with reality and accept that Mehar is Hasan’s choice now,Amina interrupts her that nothing has changed and whatever she wants only will happen.She tells Fari to go to the hospital if she wants and she will stay with her mother as she is not well.
    When Hasan reaches the hospital ,he finds three of the office staff there discussing about the video.One of them says the video must have been definitely shot by one of Mehar’s family as they only can have access to the washroom of their house.Mehar’s immediate boss tells them to follow some decency as Mehar is seriously ill.As Hasan listens,the girl taunts the boss why is he still having a soft corner for Mehar even after watching the video.Meanwhile Fari comes there and Hasan asks her why is she here,when she asks why can’t she be here when her Bhabhi is not well,Hasan takes her aside and explains the reason for Mehar’s fainting.Fari,first pretends to be speechless ,then asks him how did he come to know,on being told that Bilal himself came to his office to show the video and inform him that he had already posted it on the Facebook, Fari,pretending to be disgusted exclaims what a mean guy he is to stoop down so low.When Fari remarks that Mehar has done right to not marry such a guy,Hasan looks at her for a long moment and Fari,scared that her game is over ,asks him why is he staring at her like that.When Hasan says nothing. She heaves a sigh of relief.
    Fari,impatient to see Mehar asks Hasan how much time the doctors will take to tell them what actually has happened to her sister in law.Just then the doctor comes out and informs them that Mehar’s BP is very high due to serious traumatic stress and she will be fine in a day or two.As Fari looks relieved Hasan thinks how innocent Mehar looks to believe in all these allegations.
    Bilal informs his mother that he is no more interested in Mehar and asks her to look for another girl.When Farida asks him if he is in his senses to say this to her,Bilal ,replying that he is absolutely fine ,asks her to look for another girl for him.When Farida confronts him why he is not interested in Mehar now,Bilal says that Mehar doesn’t attract him anymore as he has already seen what he wanted to see.As Farida looks confused ,he explains that Mehar’s character is not good ,that’s why he has to take this decision.
    Fari ,acting to be very disturbed,tells Hasan that she wants to go home as it is not advisable for her to stay here.Hasan tells her to go home as the vehicle is ready outside and asks her not to say anything to anyone at home till he comes back.Requesting him to take care of Mehar,Fari leaves the hospital .
    As Hasan comes inside ,Mehar comes into consciousness ,she tries to explain that she she is not guilty in any way but a big conspiracy is going on to defame her.Just then ,Fari comes inside and seeing Mehar conscious and talking ,asks her with a bright smile how is she doing now.Mehar,wondering at this girl’s ruthlessness says first she used to take her things only but now she is playing with her character and self respect also.As Fari pretends to not understand ,Mehar,calling her a liar ,shouts that she s going to kill her as she was the one who kept Bilal’s cell phone in the washroom and recorded the video.Hasan tries to calm her down ,but Mehar ,behaving like a nervous wreck ,repeats that she wants to kill Fari.Hearing her screams the nurse comes inside and Fari pretending to feel hurt at her allegations ,leaves the room.As Hasan watches ,Mehar starts crying inconsolably.
    Samina advises her sister to call back Hasan from the hospital as it s already evening .Amina ,wondering what must be happening there,says that her son should n’t have got himself involved in all this.Samina.looking disgusted says that Mehar has really spoilt the reputation of Umar in the office ,who would command the utmost respect of both his juniors and seniors.Amina ,thoutfully says that everything happens for our good only and once Mehar is back from the hospital,she should be married to Bilal as early as possible and now Hasan also won’t object
    The doctor tells Hasan that to do a correct diagnosis the doctor should be told everything.When Hasan replies that he understands what he is inferring,the doctor directly questions him if any video of his patient is leaked,the reason for her condition nowWhen Hasan asks him how does he know all this ,the doctor says that this type of things will come out somehow or the other,and he should have been told earlier.when asked how he is related to her,Hasan ,after lot of hesitation ,says that she is his aunt’s widowed daughter in law who now stays in their house only.
    When Fari returns. Samina ashes her where is Hasan ,she replies that Mehar is very sick and how on seeing her, she became very hyper.Amina comments that Mehar is very smart and it is better to get rid of her before she sits on their heads…when she suggests that Samina should talk to Bilal’s mother regarding the marriage,Fari ,showing concern ,asks them to wait till Mehar returns from the hospital.When Amina asks Fari about the video ,she quickly changes the subject and tells her to talk to Bilal’s mother if she wants to and Amina asks her to fetch her phone .
    End of the episode.

    1. Cathy

      Thank you Lakshmi~

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