Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Adhi does pooja with Devi

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The manager of marriage beureau says this girl? Is she mukun’s wife. We have heard she had an affair and her lover killed Mukun. Devi insults him and leaves.
Devi and adhi come home. Devi says where is everyone? Maid says they have gone out with Kesar. She says I am sure something is wrong. We have to go and find Kesar. Devi and Adhi look for Kesar.
Masa is taking Kesar to a place to burn her alive. she says this how she will become Sati. Kesar says Masa please leave me, please.
Adhi and Devi look for them everywhere. Devi takes Kesar’s name.

Kesar screams. she says masa please let me go. They are about to lit the Kesar alive. Devi comes and says stop. Masa says this is the ritual. Make keasr sit on the woods. I will see who can stop me. Adhi says I can stop you. Enough. you killed my brother but I stayed silent.But I can’t let you do this sin. They take Kesar home.

Scene 2
At night, Adhi looks at Devi’s picture. He says your smile is so pretty. When I drink I fall in love with you a little more. I want to tell you all these things. I want to marry you in front of everyone. We will marry with all the rituals. he says these are the divorce papers. He burns them. Adhi says I will always stand by you. will always be yours. I will always protect you. I will help you in everything you do. I will always love. You will be respect. He sleeps.

Adhi does pooja with Devi. Adhi says I promise you I will help you in taking care of Kesar and making her life better. She gives him parsad.
ADi calls his man and says Saradh needs to be released. He says Saradh has ran from jail. Adhi says what will I answer Devi? Who will marry Kesar?
Urmi says that Devi is here for a few days only. I will kick her out of this house.

Precap-Devi asks Adhi what happened? He shows her jewelry. Masa says Kesar you should marry Adi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I’m not sure why they got Adi drunk promising Devi happiness, i think it would have meant more if he took her out and just got to know her, like he did with the ice cream…Lakshmi, can you tell me what Urmi and her mother were talking about? I’m sure they said much more then what the update indicates.

  2. Liliya

    Guys what’s going on in this show..??? Girls on Russian site are discussing that Adhi is going marry Kesar…i still don’t have today’s episode with english subs, i can watch it only tomorrow but I’m beginning to doubt whether it’s worth watching this show on….i suppose that the imagination of writers has no limits but after we are what almost 6 months in serial Adhi at least could say those three magic words of love to Devi instead of drunk promises to Devi’s photo!!! It’s unbelivable…I’d better continue enjoying Bashar Momin! LOL

  3. Hey Liliya!! it’s my understanding that Masa is only suggesting Adi marry Kesar just to get back at Devi, i doubt it will actually happen. like you i’ll watch todays episode tomorrow with the english subs. Oh bad bad Bashar he’s so bad he’s good. LOL

  4. Shital

    I completed watching bashar momin n loved every bit of it.
    I think I m completely loosing track n interest in jeet gayi now…..
    Any other shows like bashar momin?
    I also plan to watch it all over again ?
    Can’t get over it
    But didn’t like his look in the last episode he looked completely different

    1. I know right, who knew he was such a baby face…but i understood why he did it, im watching it all over again too!! Glad you loved it Shital, i posted earlier a link to a turkish police drama that is Sooooooooo good if your interested i’ll post it again, as for other shows like Bashar, i’m sure there are but i am limited by my need for english subtitles but if your not then you might find something here.

      1. Shital

        Sure thanks ?

  5. Cathy,thanks for introducing us to ‘Bashar Momin’ what a man he is ,this Bashar,,certainly a negative character,Rudaba is justified in calling him a beast.Had anyone else acted this role,we would have hated him,I don’t know the name of the actor who enacted Bashar,I must say he has breath taking charisma.A man who is a money launder ,who can go to any extent to get what he wants and that includes Buland for his sister and who can pretend to love Rudaba and then get ready to ditch her…..certainly a ruthless man,but Cathy,there is such a charm in his ruthlessness that inspite of his hateful deeds,I want Rudaba to choose him over Buland .Now I am in the 25 th episode,as you remember,Bashar ,after reminiscing about his painful past,decides to not divorce his wife and bring her home,Ofcourse for the sake of Tayyaba.I don’t know how he is going to woo Rudaba in the remaining 7 episodes,but I wish they stay together as there is awful chemistry between them and to tell you the truth I don’t like this guy ,’Buland’ though a positive character ,I find him too dull.
    Coming to our serial.,The state of Rajasthan is famous not only for courageous kings and their beautiful wives but also superstitious beliefs and inhuman practices.One of them was already shown in this episode,it is called ‘Sati’or Jowhar ….according to this terrible custom,a young widow was expected to follow her husband in death also.So in an eloborate ceremony attended by scores of admirers,the young woman would be made to sit on the pyre with her dead husbsnd’s head in her lap and she be burnt along with the dead man.But the same would n’t be true with the widowers,on the very second day itself ,they can re marry.Such are these shameless practices.Actually,royal womenfolk from a defeated side would committ mass sati voluntarily after the conclusion of the war to escape from marauding troops. Gradually if trickled down to commoners and people like masa used to take advantage and force it on young childless widows.
    What Urmi talks to her mother is also about such an old tradition,taking advantage of that ,Urmi plans to get married to Adhi as Devi will be leaving her ‘sasural’in another 23 days.Ofcourse I have never heard of such a custom and Devi,who overhears ths conversation also gets confused because she is also not aware of a such thing.Let us see what all weird customs will be unfolded in the upcoming episodes.And masa suggesting to kesar that she should get married to Adhi ,is absolutely repulsive.I have never heard of widows marrying their brothers in law,this is followed only by forest tribes because their numbers are very limited and they don’t want to marry out of their tribes,but Rajawats certainly don’t look tribals.

    1. Shital

      Lakshmi from what I understood of Bashar momin is that he always loved rudaba n hence wanted her for himself. But he was
      Scared to admit his love die to his past n obvious to the fact that rudaba didn’t love him so he wanted to divorce her. As u see it ahead more details will be revealed. How w she falls in love is what I actually don’t understand m hence will watch it all over again
      Also there are few scenes which are cut on u tube as there is no link
      But the story moves fast unlike JPTpM where u don’t loose much even if u don’t watch a few episodes.

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