Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Daksh Lies Against Devika

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Heera with her team reaches godown and with man’s help break open door. Devika and Varun’s pheras is about to finish when Heera shouts to stop and asks Pandit if marriage is complete. Dhai says this cannot be. Basanti says marriage is complete. Kesar says it is for sure. Pandit runs away. Heera shouts if marriage is complete or not. Devika says it is not. Varun asks why did she stop, let us complete pheras. Heera asks why did she stop. Devika says she is not trickster like Heera, she will marry Varun when he is in his senses, she gave hypnotic injection to Varun, so he agreed to marry her. Dhani hugs Varun and says even now he can marry her. Varun pushes her. Devika unties her and Varun’s bond.

Police walks in. Basanti asks to arrest Devika as she is

marrying her son forcefully making him inebriated. Devika says she stopped this marriage. Inspector says she saw them breaking door open, arrests her and throws her in jail and ask why is she crying after doing heinous act. Devika says she is crying as she is arrested even after not marrying Varun and don’t know if Varun got sober or not. Inspector asks if she is mad. Devika says yes, she is mad, her husband is being brainwashed against her after he lost memory, so she is staying there as servant to get back her piya. Inspector salutes her and asks if there is no other way to get back her husband. Devika says Dr. Daksh would have helped her, but his plane crashed. Inspector asks which plane. She says US plane, which crashed yesterday. Inspector says that plane was intact and got off radar for sometime. Devika says now Dr. Daksh will clear Varun’s misunderstanding. Inspector asks if she has someone to bail her out. Devika says Maheshwari Devi. Inspector asks to give her number.

Varun gets up from sleep dreaming about marrying Devika. He thinks what is truth and what is lie. Dhani walks in with milk and says good he got rid off servant Devika. Varun asks to tell truth if they tried to kill Devika and she married Doctor to save his life and doctor transferred all this property in my name. Dhani lies that Devika is lying. Varun says now he is clear. Dhani says she has arranged party with her friends for him and thinks she can go to any extent to marry him and can snatch him from her sister.

Party starts. Dhani’s friends dance and then play a game where if they add ball in a glass, they will drink a peg. Varun does not react. Dhani says let us interesting game now and asks her friend to get dart board. She then fixes Devika’s photo on dark and asks her friends to taarget Devika’s photo. Friends do same. Varun watches angrily. Dhani asks him to vent out his anger, else he won’t be able to move away, Devika deserves this. Friends cheer him. Varun picks dart to throw when Dr. Daksh comes and holds his hand. Varun asks who is he. Doctor says he is Dr. Daksh. Varun reminisces Devika telling about Dr. Daksh. Devika hopes Dr. Daksh will reveal her truth to Varun and prays god to let them meet. Dr. Daksh reveals Varun that he came to treat him from US, during that time Devika came and insisted to marry him. Varun asks why. Dr. Daksh says Varun’s mental condition was like a 10-year-old kid, so Devika did not want to marry Varun, Daksh returned back as he did not want to marry greedy girl.
Dhani asks Heera how did Daksh backed off. Heera says she has solution for every problem, wait and watch. Devika walks in and hears Daksh telling Dhani is perfect match for Varun and not Devika who is greedy. Devika shouts at Daksh and raises hand to slap him, but Daksh holds her hand. Devika asks why is he doing this. He says to save someone’s life and says her truth will not change. Varun says he will marry Dhani right now and holds her hand. Devika stands crying.

Precap: During Dhani and Varun’s wedding, Dhani says Devika will do their gathbandhan. Devika gets a letter which reveals she is Devi and Adhiraj Rajawat’s daughter.

Update Credit to: MA

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