Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Varun Partially Remembers Devika, Devika and Varun’s Wedding Rituals

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devika sees Varun keeping boxes table and asks what is he doing. He says he will go out via window. Devika asks him to remember she was getting married to Alek named guy, they were stuck in godown similarly and he wanted to stop marriage, power went off and he tightly hugged her. She pushed him away and tried to get out of window via table but could not reach, he called her. Varun says batli/midget. Devika says he said same. She continues how she wanted to marry Alek in adamancy and he is doing same, she had called him flop star that day. Varun shouts stop manhoos/inauspicious, go away from him. Devika gets happy that Varun is remembering his past.

Maheswhari walks into Ratjavat haveli. Heera and her puppets ask why did she come. Maheshari says her film’s hero didn’t

reach sets, so she had to come here. Kesar says Devika kidnapped Varun. Maheshari laughs that she means a servant kidnapped Varun, looks like this house belongs to servant. Heera shouts this haveli belongs to her. Maheshari taunts she this house belongs to Varun. Heera says Varun is her would be son-in-law. Maheshari warns if Varun does not come, she will incur losses worth crores, then she will throw defamation case on them. She prays god to help Devika in getting back her piya and leaves from there.

Varun gets severe headache and collapses. Devika gets worried and applies sandalwood paste on his forehead and massages it. Varun wakes up and angrily asks what is she doing. She says he got severe headache and collapsed, so she applied sandalwood paste on his forehead. He shouts to stop acting as taking care of him, she is just jealous of Dhani, so she is adamant to marry him for money. She says she wants him and nothing else matters to her, she can even die for him. She walks near havan and tries to jump in. Varun stops her and asks she wanted to show something. She says about doctor whom she was marrying and he was coming from US to explain about her and Varun’s marriage and their love for each other, but plane crashed and all passengers died.

Heera with her team shouts where Devika must have taken Varun. Dhani says if he does not return, Maheshari will slap defamation case on them and they will lose everything, she is not habituated to sleep without AC. Heera shouts to shut up. Basanti says now she realized her son is just a means for them. Heera shouts she does not have a stature to confront her. Basanti shouts how dare she is to comment about her height and tries to hit her, but Heera pushes her away. Basanti tries again, but Heera pushes her. Someone enters and asks where is Devika, she had ordered to deliver wedding items to godown and gave torn 2000 rs note. Heera asks where is that godown. Man asks to give him another note and once he gets says he can take them there. They all get into car with him and he shows them way.

Varun says he does not know whether to trust her or his mother as she cannot lie. Devika hopes she could tell him that his mother is not real, says she will marry him at any cost. She gives him injection and he forgets everything. She comes out wearing bridal dress. He emotionally hugs hher and says she was waiting for this day. Pandit comes and asks when she wants to marry. She says right now. Their wedding rituals start. Man drops Heera and her puppets near godown. Devika and Varun pick garlands to exchange….Wedding rituals continue..

Precap: During party, Dhani asks Varun to vent out his anger if he wants to stay peacefully. Varun tries to hit dart table with Devika’s photo. Doctor stops him.

Update Credit to: MA

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