Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kesar to Marry Adhi

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 16th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode highlight: Devi gets to know Kesar helped Masa. She says I wont let her marry Adhi. Urmi kidnaps Kesar so she can marry herself.

Scene 1
Masa says to Kesar I have prepared everything. I told you this will happen. Kesar says I heard all that you said. But enough now. Devi says in heart I knew Kesar. Keasr says I was such an idiot. You always thought about me. But I could never see. You did all this for and my child. Thank you. Devi is dazed. Kesar says I can marry him this is my right and devi was taking my right from me. I helped you in kicking her out. I gave him those sweets. Thanks for doing all this for me. Devi says in kesar how can she do this? Masa says get ready for the wedding.

Urmi breaks stuff in anger. Bansuri says what happened? She says I waited all my life to marry Adhi. Kesar came and took him. Bansuri says calm down. Urmi says heera said Kesar will marry Adhi. Bansuri says there is time left. SHe covers her face and says when he picks this ghunghat you will come out. But by then he would have married you. I will do an emotional drama. Masa will have to accept you as his wife.

Devi recalls her moments with Kesar. She says anyone can get selfish in this condition. Adhi loves me and I love him. I can’t let Kesar marry Adhi. Adhi will never make her happy. Masa is ruining three lives with this game. I can’t give up like this. I will get my husband back.

Scene 2
Everyone prepares for the wedding. Bansuri says to Devi what are you doing here? She says came to take water. Bansuri says its in coolers. She says sorry. Bansuri says go and prepare for dance.

Devi dances on nagray sang dhol bajay. Masa says my heart is so happy today. She gives money to poor people. Masa says we will do pooja first.
Masa comes to Keasr and says I am very happy today. See this locket. You will wear it. No more colorless clothes. Urmi comes in. Masa says make her a bride. MAke sure she looks pretty. Devi has installed a camera there. She is seeing everything. Urmi faints kesar and kidnaps her. Devi is dazed.

Precap-One groom and three brides.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Why is Devi running from pillar to post,if she really loves Adhi and determined to stop the nonsense that is going on ,she should straight away file a police complaint.Doesn’t she know her legal rights,as of now she is legally married to Adhi ,and the divorce is not yet granted.He will be straightaway arrested for committing bigamy and thrown behind the bars .Law doesn’t recognise each and every stupid thing that is practiced in the name of customs,they should be reasonable to be recognised, But we all know police and courts don’t come to our houses to see the injustice and set it right.The aggrieved ,in our serial Devi is educated enough to know her rights ….Come on Dev ,teach a lesson to masa,Adhi and even Kesar,I have never expected that she will turn ou to be so selfish .

  2. leisa s morris

    She should turn d tables on all of dem if she dont want to involve police then simple. At d ceremony show her face to masa dem and threaten to tell d guess dat she wants to honor her dead bro-in-law by showcasin how he lived and how he died dat should shut all of dem up and dat her in laws want to take away her rights as a wife to give to kesar who is pregnant with her dead husbands child. Or go to d women ngo and have them come and do wat dey do best after all pragya did it on more than one occasion one such occasion was wen abhi was goin to marry pregnant tanu. Arent these families always talkin bout public perspective

  3. Is there anything left to watch?
    Why can’t India serials be more sensible n have limited episodes so that the writers don’t need to drag the serials!

    They have all even forgotten that there was a rivalry between the families ! The story suddenly becomes a live triangle rather square!

    Really annoying

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