Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Adhi agrees to marry Kesar

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode highlight: Devi comes the house as dancer. Devi hears Masa convincing Adhi for marrying Kesar. Adhi agrees.

Scene 1
Masa says you have to marry. Adhi says marry who? Masa says marrry Kesar. Devi listens she is dazed. Adhi says how can I marry her? Masa says people will talk about us if they return. Your dad’s name will be ruined. People will appreciate you. It will be good for her coming child as well. This is your responsibility. Adhi says i can’t do this. Don’t ever say this again. He leaves. Devi says I should talk to him.

Adhi comes to his room. he is angry. Adhi recalls his moments with Devi. Devi comes in. Adhi says you.. Why are you back? She says to laugh at your condition. I pity you. You are crying now. So bad. People are right.

Men go mad in love. Remember the day you forced me to marry and there is today when I broke up to avenge. You can’t show your face to the society. I had fun with my friend adn then there is you alone and pathetic. I am happy with my friend. He throttles her and realizes he was dreaming all this.

Adhi is in his room. He laughs and cries. He breaks devi’s photo. He burns it. Devi is looking at it all. He burns everthing related to her. Adhi sits there crying. Devi is crying too. Masa comes and says what are you doing. Why are you paining yourself for that characterless girl? She fooled you and ruined your life. Don’t be mad for her. You deserve someone like Kesar. SHe respects everyone. Marry her. I am your mom. You have to prove that Devi that you are not upset and you can go ahead with your life. Show her that she lost. Marry Kesar. If she won we will be lost forever. She called you uneducated and ilmannered. Don’t miss her like this. I am leaving. I will tell Kesar that Devi had made you weak. Adhi says stop. Tell Kesar I will marry her today. Devi is dazed. Adhi says I will forget that devi forever. Masa says thank you I am very happy. Masa announces in the house. Devi is crying.
Guests are wondering who will Adhi marry? DEvi comes to store and cries.

Urmi says to Bansuri go and talk to Masa about me. Masa comes and says Adhi will marry today Kesar. Urmi is dazed. Masa says celebrate everyone. Devi says I am sure Kesar will never marry Adhi. she can’t do this to me. Adhi is my husband and I will marry him.
Adhi says I will show that devi. I will make that child mine.
Precap-Adhi has three brides in front of him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Sanaa.khan

    It’s nothing new …same old story where they only show the leads playing ” she loves me, she loves me not”. Only three brides, Adhi could have married a hundred if is Masa told him to do so. …such a spineless man. As for Devi , she is running behind a street dog…who only knows how to bark at others. Devi , u are an educated girl , leave this village and make your dreams come true . Go back to study medicine or marry a guy who will respect u and not treat u like a kids toy. Soooo frustrated ?

  3. Cathy he is one lucky guy three brides disgusting what do these directors thinks of themselves that we women are toys? jeez man cut the crap out,and then again no one is forcing him and then he can do anything for his mother hmm lets wait and watch

    1. Jayashree, i’m not watching it anymore, just keeping up with the updates and to chat with everyone here, if i see a change worth reading here, then i’ll start watching again but i doubt that will happen anytime soon.

      1. Hey Cathy same here ?
        I finished watching BM2nd times m still watching 3rd time. Can’t get enough of BM ?
        Also m watching another Russian serial called Celeste. It’s quite old n I used to watch it when I was little.
        V sweet story line
        Also saw an Indian old tele Farman which was also a cute love story
        If h come across more more shows like this do share

        Am also planning to watch bheegi palkein s starring Faisal querishi (the bashar)

  4. Never seen three brides standing in a line for one man,the writers seem to be setting a new trend,but I fear it is a wild one.In India where I hail from,a sister in law or Bhabhi is respected as a mother by her husband’s younger brothers and treated as a sister by his elder brothers.I have to check the net to see whether this particular custom being shown here is really followed in Rajasthan or not but it is really embarrassing to watch and as an attorney practicing law ,I know that marrying three girls is certainly not allowed by Hindu law in any part of the country.

    1. Lakshmi out of curiosity i hope you can clarify for me, many of the serials depict a marriage without the Priest officiating for instance in many shows it’s just the lead pair in front of the holy fire and doing the rounds without witnesses, is this just t.v or are such marriages legal?

      1. I mean legal as in if a couple does that in real life does it have legal validity?

  5. No disrespect but you only see them going around the fire I want to know if they are legally married or that does not count?because in Guyana if you are not legally married people tend to look at you as if you have some kinda contagious disease the rituals do count but without marrying legally the men normally do what they feel like and Cathy I hardly ever watches any series I only read so if you ask me what anyone looks like on the series I am gonna say I am sailing lol

  6. In Canada we call unions without benefit of full “religious marriage” or a “civil marriage” in front of a Justice of the peace, a “common law marriage” where i believe the couple must co-habitate for a year then it becomes semi legal<(im not using the right words) but meaning if the couple leave for what ever reason then assets are divided up like a legal divorce and children born of unions like this have full legal rights meaning the father has to pay child support. So the man has to think twice before having unprotected s*x.

    I'm behind in a lot of my serial viewing, once the Winter Olympics start i instantly become an armchair athlete. Hockey, Figure skating, skiing, snow boarding biathalon LOL i watch it all, i almost overdose on it. LOL, my poor books lye unattended. and my Sister who live quite near me has to listen to all my talk on it. she indulges me every four years.

  7. Cathy,according to the Hindu a marriage Act a marriage is considered valid only when it is performed according to the Vedic rites .All Hindu rituals ,starting from poojas to marriages,have their own set of specific hymns ,only a specific caste from Hindus like Brahmin community is privileged to learn and practice these hymns which are in Sanskrit language and laid down is our religious texts called Vedas.They are not taught in any normal schools where we folks go.They are passéd down from generation to generation in Brahmins.So a hindu marriage is solemnised only if all the specific rituals are performed in the prescribed order by a competent priest to the chanting of hymns or mantras.These rituals can be elaborate or short depending on the competency of the priest and the financial status of the family that hires them.Rich can afford a really competent priest and marriage duration will n’t be less than 3 hours,the more elaborate the ceremony ,,the more auspicious it is for the couple and the very poor who can n’t afford ,go to any temple and the priest there performs the marriage in a brief and simple manner.In other words ,without a priest conducting the rituals like Ganesh Pooja , Saath phere etc, no marriage takes place in India.Nowa days ,after conclusion of the ritual marriage ,people are getting it registered, but it s still not that popular here.When a marriage has to be proved Iin the court,it is the marriage photos ,witnesses and the priest’s word who performed the ceremony that counts.Interestingly Catthy ,only males from the Brahmin community are eligible to learn Vedas and practice them,the reason why we don’t see any priestesses performing these ceremonies

    1. Thank you for the explanation.

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