Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Adhi tries to learn English

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Masa says to Urmi you better chained her. Today is Adhi’s bigg day. She should stay away from him. Kesar sees Devi. Devi says I have to go. Today is an important day for me. I have to be with Adhi. Devi says the key is with Bansuri. kesar says let me try something.
Kesar sees Saradh and tells him everything. He says where is key? She says bandsura has keys. Saradh comes to Bansuri and says I wanted a safety pin. You look so beautiful. You look so young. You look like her younger sister. She is shy. She says I was very young when I got married Saradh says everyone in party would be looking at you. He looks at the key. He says you look tired. Put a rose on your eyes and you will feel better. Her applies rose water on her eyes. He says I am going. he takes the

key from her chuni.
Devi says I want to be with Adhi. Kesar comes there with key. She opens the lock.

Everyone comes to the party. Adhi welcomes all his guests.
The guests ask Masa how she is. Urmi says to Masa don’t worry Devi will be in store and locked.
Adhi is trying to read english. He is worried. Devi comes there. She says don’t you need your assistant? Adhi says you have no permission to be in this party. Devi says why are you so nice. he says don’t butter me. You can’t come to this party. She says I know its Masa’s order. As a husband do you want me there? he says I only think what Masa thinks. SHe says I am your assistants. Mr. Jonathan will ask you about. He says go from here. Devi says okay if you want then be it. She says at least I can tell you. I will tell you how to greet them. Adhi says go from here.

Adhi says this day is very important for me. She handcuff his hand with her. She says we will be together in whole party. He says guests are waiting for me open it. She says key is here tied to my waist. he says take it and unlock. She says you take it. She throws the key. Their hands are tied together. Adhi takes out his pistol and places it on her head.
Everyone hears a gunshot and are dazed. Saradh goes upstairs to check. Masa says everything is okay don’t worry. Adhi tried to shoot the chain but it didn’t break. He says I don’t know what to do. She says it had only one bullet? He says I am very angry. She says there are guests downstairs. you wnt the contract right? We can go and make this party better.

Precap-Devi says we have to go with each other. They hold hands and go. Devi and Adhi dance together.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Day by day Devi is becoming bold ,determined and hilarious as well.She is not afraid of Adhi now as she is confident that he will never hurt her on his own.He is still obeying his mother but I doubt if he will ever committ that barbaric act again even if his mother instructs him to do so.I am happy that unlike ADDN ,there is good chemistry between Devi and Adhi and I hope the precap is not some dream.Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

    1. Lakshmi! i’ve seen other comments about Prem and Teja’s lack of chemistry is there problems on the set with each other is it dislike? (i don’t tend to read celeb gossip as they’re often misleading and i really don’t care about their private lives lol) anyway, im excited for this party and hoping it isn’t a dream sequence

    2. Thank you so Lakshmi to narrate the story in 13nov2017 written episode ……nd abut adhi nd devi dance it was dream sequence… In party urmi nd her mom add something in devi drink then our devi was in dream that she nd her husband dancing in party…. It’s is not true iss kahate hai khuli aaakho sai sapna dekhna??

  2. Cathy ,even I don’t go read celeb .gossip and go into the private lives of actors.But I do believe that whatever be their relations ,they should n’t affect their characters so much that the difference is quite visible .Afterall, acting is their profession and they should keep their personal problems away from their work.As for Prem and Teja ,our friends on ADDN forum say that the problem started with Pranav revealing his married status recently.I don’t understand why this info should affect the characters Prem and Teja so much unless Jyoti was in a relationship with Pranav unaware of his married status.Pranav shouldn’t have done this to Jyoti which is the reason for their off screen tensions and adding to that is the rumour that Pranav’s wife is very possessive and jealous .Since then we can see that that they are not comfortable with each other on screen also and I am sad that they are not mature enough to not have allowed their personal tensions affect two lovely characters that all of us fell in love with .Hope they will sort out their problems and come back strong again.

  3. Trisha,good that it is a dream only .If it were real,it would have looked very awkward as couples from traditional Hindu families don’t dance and romance publicly in front of elders and guests.And Devi and Adhi for name sake are a couple but not in the real sense.But this beautiful day dreaming of Devi shows she is in love with Adhi ,hope Adhi will come out of his mother’s clutches and reciprocate Devi’s feelings which we know won’t be that easy.I have forgotten the names of the actors portraying Devi and Adhi but they are doing full justice to their characters,Sometimes Adhi looks so ignorant and innocent ,that he almost behaves kiddishly.I think as of now ,it is much more interesting than other Zee serials.

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