Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi and Adhi recall each other

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode highlight: Adhi asks devi to leave the house. Masaa asks him to marry Kesar.

Scene 1
Devi says Adhi please listen how can you say that. He says enough. I trusted you and cheated on me. He shoves and says stay away from me. She says please its not right. He says you food me all the time. I now know why you did all this. You wanted to run from here. My family kept telling me about you but I chose to trust you. I loved you and did everything for you. I stood in front of my mom for you. Devi says please listen. He says I won’t listen at all. You don’t deserve to be in this house. Devi says its our wedding today. he says I will never marry you. He shoves her. she falls on Virat. Adhi says people like you aare called characterless. Devi says enough. Listen

to me now. Hee says shut up. she says you shut up. Devi says I did everything for you and this is how you aare returning me? I wont apologuze because you have stooped so low. You put on such allegations on me. WHat can I expect from an illmannered man like you. He says you belong outside this house. He shoves her and shuts the door.

Devi and Adhi both sit crying on each side of the gate. Devi cries and recalls her moments with Adhi. She says how can you forget our moments. devi recalls when he danced with her. Virat comes to DEvi and says I am sorry. I shouldn’t have come here. It all happened because of me. Devi says its not your mistake. Its not his either. His mom did this. She has always been doing things like these. It was all masa’s game. Adhi says but he loves you he should trust you. Virat says should I talk to him? She says no I have to fight this.
Masa comes to Adhi and says don’t cry like this please. She says I am sorry this is all my mistake. I shouldn’t have got you married to her. Adhis ays I am sorry. We are better than these city people. I am sorry. Now see how I forget her. She will pay for this.

Virat says you should enter the house one way or other. Devi sees some women. Devi says these are dancers. I will go in with them. Devi comes in the house as a dancer. Bansuri says who are you? She says i am dancers. Bansuri says go to hall then.
Masa says to Adhi guests are coming. What will we do now?
Precap-One man and tthree brides. Adhi has to choose from three wives.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Going going goooooone. i’ll peek in every so often to see if anything has changed, but i’m not watching this anymore.

  2. The same with me Cathy,there are better shows,why to waste our time here,Better the writers wake up and do something to save the show before it gets too late.

  3. The man has three women to choose from:- the horny sister-in-law, the pregnant sister-in-law, and Devi whom he married to take revenge upon her relatives at his mom’s bidding. He better choose wisely or he would be in hell because of his poor decisions

  4. i want to ask one question,why is it on almost on every indian soap these guys do not trust their wives? i mean she did lie to him about being pregnant,but why are most of the boy’s mother do not like their daughters -in-law?is that a norm?and Susan your theory is so damn funny the horny sis-in-law eh lol

    1. I think there are to many men writing supposed love stories for women, a lot of men that have issues either with there wives or with their mothers…since im not Indian i just gave you a western angle on it since it’s the only reference i could give. This is why i think women write and women read romance novels and why the industry is huge, is we write about the kind of guy we would hate/love have a big adventure then Marry..we know what we like. IMHO

  5. Jayashree ,the reason for mothers in law not liking their bahus or even hating them are many but the first and foremost is our beliefs.Here the society and the families are male centric or patriarchal,a boy is considered very important as he will carry forward the family tree …a girl is just treated as a guest,she will be looked after well till she gets married and leaves the family. The count down starts from the moment a young bride enters her in laws house ,,she carries on her shoulders the huge responsibility of giving birth to a son or more precisely a heir to her husband.If the couple gets a baby girl,the daughter in law will be blamed ,leave alone the in laws ,even educated husbands also blame their wives for not giving birth to a boy,completely ignoring that his chromosomes play an imp role in that aspect,now the situation is changed a lot but even now there are cases of husbands divorcing their wives for not giving him his heir.And if she gives the family a son ,she will be the cynosure of her in laws and husband .
    So with this tension and stress at the back of her mind ,the young wife ,when she becomes a mother to a son ,she will be very proud of herself and get attached to her son, in everything he gets preference over his sisters and due to this pampering ,the boy also gets too much attached to the mother so much so that he almost comes to worship her.Naturally when he gets married,his mother feels that her son is neglecting her and the wife has taken her place ,and the joint family systems contribute a lot to these jealousies and Saas bahu conflicts and tensions.Sandwiched between wife and mother,the boy always takes his mother’s side ,and he is expected to do so.If he takes his wife’s side,he will be taunted as hen pecked husband.Having been treated like this,the young wife,when she becomes a mother in law in future,will behave the same way with her bahu and the cycle continues or would have continued ,if the society had n’t changed in recent years.
    Except in rural areas,joint families which are the reason for Saas bahu jealousies ,are almost gone,,Now the don like a daughter moves away from his parents after his marriage and a girl child is given the same importance as her brothers ,let it be in education or property rights,no discrimination.Now couples don’t even wait for a male child ,they are proud of their daughters.But this is applicable to only 25% Indian families who stay in cities and have a cosmopolitan outlook ,In villages and small towns,same system is being followed,not openly ,because law is very strict now with mothers in law torturing their bahus or husbands divorcing the wives for want of a male child,but it takes a few more decades for the transformation of the complete society.Sorry for the lengthy post but these are the reasons for all indian family problems.

  6. thank you so much Lakshmi no no it was not lengthy when i was having my first child i said to my husband i want a daughter most women that was pregnant at the said time with me wanted sons i was the only one among them who wanted a girl and my prayers were answered my eldest is a girl and her name is Kavita my second is a boy whose name is Ajay and the smallest is Vijay and i would have been happy also if they were all girls thanks Lakshmi i am an indian living in guyana who loves indian music

    1. Jayashee…That’s a wonderful story, My father was delighted with his four daughters and our brothers were the apple of our mothers eyes so the six of us had differing relationships, not that our mother didn’t love us girls she did but we girls belonged to our daddy, or as i called him “poppy” I miss them both dearly.

  7. Jayashree,you are very fortunate to have a lovely daughter,my biggest and only disappointment in life is I don’t have daughters.I am from Bangalore ,have two wonderful sons ,Sriram and Kishan,both are software engineers ,sriram is in USA and Kishan, in Australia.They are very affectionate boys and I am waiting for them to get married and bring their wives so that this vacuum in my life is filled .Sriram’s engagement is already over and my future daughter in law from Seattle is a lovely girl. And I can n’t even think of becoming one of those insensitive mothers in law and I hate those who differentiate between daughters and daughters in law .By the way Jayashree ,one of my cousin’s name is also Jayashree,she is just not a cousin but we were classmates and very good friends also .After marriage she has become very aloof due to saas bahu problems ,her mother in law was typical masa type ,not that horrible but more or less the same but her husband has always supported Jaya.It is more than two decades since I met her,but whenever I see your name ,I remember her and our college days….

  8. Cathy,today seems to be the day to go back in time and remember our dear parents ,like you and your sisters,we two sisters were the darlings of my father and my two brothers were the apple of my mother’s eyes,it is not that she didn’t love her daughters but as you said we were our papa’s little darlings and pampered to no end.More than four decades back,when girls’education was not considered important ,he wanted his daughters to get professional education and sent me to Law school and my sister to Medical college,And in those days he agreed to my love marriage and my mother,…she was almost like a friend to us,yes ,they are gone but their sweet memories will always stay with me.

  9. Friends,hope the writers of this serial take a page from our memories and write something positive,in India also there are/were parents and in laws who love/loved their daughters and daughters in law.Why keep on persisting with Masa’s character ,should be a limit to everything ….everything can be changed ,if not,leave it after some time,why to bore us with her never ending antics.

  10. All are made angle adhi – devi-virat- kesar….
    Bakwaas show….after 6th month the show is spoiled by’s a dumb series..

  11. Sorry for typo error ?mad angle

  12. oh dear Lakshmi i wish you all the best on your son’s engagement and may that void be filled with all the happiness you so deserve and no hun you should not be disappointed for not having a daughter everything happens for a reason your daughters-in-law will fill that emptiness that you will not even realize that they are not your daughters and Cathy so sorry for your loss but time heal all wounds be brave and always stay happy by the way i am going to complete my 52nd birthday on the 17th of next month but i do not feel it one bit lol i heard about Banglore Lakshmi and indeed the directors should read our stories and try to put it on a reel because this is real and everyday happenings stay happy dear you are truly a nice individual no wonder Naz likes you so much hey Naz Cathy take care

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