Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Adhi wants to take Devi to party

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Adhi recalls Masa’s words about keeping her as a servant. Saradh says I feel like someone from office was involved in the fire. Saradh says devi heard someone talking on call about it. Sometimes small damages help us in bigger benefits. Also we have to plan a party for investors. You have to bring Devi as well. Adhi says will have to take Maasa’s permission. Saradh says investors will expect her there.

Devi acts like Adhi. She says I have to go with him to the party. Devi comes to his room for arti. Arti is thinking. Adhi says you don’t do anything on time? She says you could directly say that I should apply tilak. I will come on time tomorrow. He leaves. Devi says he didn’t ask me about party.

Adhi comes to Masa and says how are

you now? Eat your medicine one time. he says I am throwing a party for my investors. Masa says sure do. Adhi says I don’t want to do any mistake. The investors.. I was thinking that girl. Masa says don’t worry I won’t let her come near your party. Adhi says you know foreigners will speak in english. She will help me. Masa says she wont go anywhere. She says we brought her here as servant. She wont go there. Adhi says okay will do what you say. He leaves.
devi overhears.

Scene 2
Devi says to Saradh all employees will be there in party. He says no we can’t ask aabout the person in the party. Kesar says did he ask you? She says no. But he wants to take me. He took Maasa’a permission but she said no. Saradh says but you will come for sure. Will see you in the party. Devi gives him high five.

Masa prays for Adhi. Adhi comes. Masa says good luck. He leaves. Saradh says Adhi this is how you will go there? adhi says that party is my careeer’s good turn. I am worried. I hope no mistake happens.
Masa says I have to be careful. Won’t let her go there. Today is Adhi’s big day.

Devi gets ready in black and gold. She says wow I look so good. Don’t know what he wore. Kesar comes and asys you look so pretyy. Bansuri and Urmi come there. Devi says you don’t want me to go to the party and you came here to stop me. You can’t stop me. They ties her with the trunk. Devi says leave me. They tie her and leave. Devi says you can’t stop me. Urmi says but we did. Try to get out of here if you can. Devi says I have to go. Urmi says don’t shout. They leave. Devi says I have to go. SHe tries to break the chains.

Precap-Kesar says who did this. How will I open this lock. Devi says I have to go. Devi and Adhi dance in the party.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nothing new,still Adhi’s only interests are his mother first and next his business.But whatever his mother says ,he certainly believes that Devi is auspicious for his business to flourish.As of now he is sandwiched between his business interests and Masa’s instructions not to allow Devi anywhere near the party venue.Ofcourse,the precap shows a very romantic scene between Adhi and Devi by which it is evident that Devi escapes and goes to the party.(I hope that it is not a dream sequence dreamt by the chained Devi in the storeroom).I think that day is not far away that this business interest of Adhi changes into attraction for his beautiful wife and Friends ,I would love to see the faces of all the three black robed witches on that day ,who for the time being ,are hell bent on treating Devi as a servant maid.By the way Devi looked lovely in that black lehanga.Waiting to see their romance in the coming episode.At the same time I feel that it is high time Adhi expresses regrets for his previous wrongs,if not for his mother’s atrocities .

  2. Saw some sneak peeks on youtube about the upcoming party, looks interesting for the next week, i wish Adiraj would have taken Devi with or without masa’s imput after all buisness is buisness and Devi’s English is an asset especially if foreign investors are involved although i suppose for “dramatic” purposes they hindered Devi…And why is urmi and her stupid mother always having influence over the household? including the way they treat Kesar i would imagine that she would have more status then her widowed sister in knowledge of the hirarchy in a hindi house hold is limited so if i missed something please forgive me 🙂

  3. Waiting to see the dream sequence they look so sweet together

  4. its devis dream that she was dancing in the party.

  5. who is kaser husband?? Is he saradh?? Plz reply

    1. Ok to shown that Kesar husband has left her and gone after marriage. He was never introduced.
      Sharad is Adhirajs friend who is also a lawyer works closely with Adhiraj
      Looks like Sharad has a soft corner for kesar

      Also adhis family’s devis family were business partners. Post some major issues they are now arch rivals. (Details are not yet revealed) masa got Adhiraj married forcibly to devi so that she can make her a servant and take revenge

  6. Plz someone narrate these story …. why adhi mom hate devi nd devi family???who is kaser husband??

  7. Trisha,I think Masa has three sons, Urmi is the widow of her eldest son,how he died ,I also don’t know.Her second son,who is Kesar’s husband has left home after his marriage and his whereabouts are not known.The reason for him leaving his wife and home ,again question mark.So Masa ,who herself is a widow,is now left with her youngest son Adhiraj who thinks that his existence in this world is mainly to keep his mother happy,So he does whatever she says without asking any questions.
    Coming to Masa’s nastiness to Devi and her family ,the complete flashback is not yet shown.We could gather this much from the conversations of Masa and Adhi that there were serious problems between the two families in the past,I think Masa suffered some great loss due to Devi’s family members.So to take revenge , Masa plans to bring Devi Chauhan as Adhi’s wife ,so that she can torture the poor girl and give back Devi’s family in the same coin .In the beginning ,Devi refuses to marry him but Adhi ,with his influence,creates so many problems that living there becomes impossible for Devi’s family,particularly her little cousin Trishu gets terrified with Adhi.So ,Devi finally marries Adhi not only for her family’s peace of mind,but to mitigate the hatred between the two families.In the early days of their marriage Adhi behaves as wretchedly as his mother.But slowly Devi gets to see the softer side of her husband and he starts finding her auspicious for his business.As of now there are no signs of love or friendliness between this couple but atleast Adhi’s attitude softens a lot and Devi starts liking her husband ,And Masa’s atrocities still continue and her accomplices are Urmi,( her eyes are always on Adhi ,her brother in law,shameless character) her widowed daughter in law and her mother.Sharadh is Adhi ‘s close friend and a lawyer who helps in his business .He is almost considered family and everyone respects him including Masa.Whenever he finds time,he brings laughter into Kesar’s otherwise colourless life with his jokes.As of now there is nothing between Kesar and Sharadh.This is the story so far in short .And the reason for the animosity between Rajawats and Chauhan’s is not revealed yet.Hope you will find this helpful.

    1. Thank you so much to Lakshmi to narrate the story… Nowdays im watching the show so i don’t known the story thats why i want to known the story….you known what guys i like kaser nd sharadh chemistry….

  8. You said nothing wrong Cathy,Infact you are absolutely right in your observation.In Hindu families,traditionally ,a daughter in law loses her status and importance if she becomes a widow at a young age as she has to relinquish all the symbols of her suhaag like sindhur ,mangalsutra,colorful clothes ,jewellery etc and lead a non existant and colourless life.They used to be confined to indoors as seeing their face first thing in the morning or while going out on an important errand was considered inauspicious.Ofcourse times have changed now but still many families adhere to their traditions particularly in rural areas with uneducated background .So Urmi and her mother’s importance might be due to the fact that Masa’s characteristics and theirs match and Masa needs someone from the family to execute her sinful plans as She knows Kesar is a noble soul and servants are not dependable.Since the mother ,daughter duo exactly matches the bill and enjoy the blessings of Masa ,they are getting all the importance next to Masa and Adhi. And the way ,Urmi dresses ,I don’t know how Masa justifies that.

  9. Sorry for any ty.po errors in my comments

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