Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi’s daughter grows up

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devi gives birth to baby girl, she names her Devika.. Maasa’s goons and Jaggu comes there and surround her. Maasa comes there and snatches baby, Devi cries. Maasa says lets burn her, Devi pleads to not harm her baby. Maasa says okay we will not burn her, we will throw her from cliff. Jaggu throws Devika down the cliff. Devi cries and breakdowns.

Some family is praying in mandir at the end of cliff. Suddenly Devika falls in their cart from above. They all are stunned. Priest says this is blessing from God, this is Devika. Woman says to her husband that I will raise her as my daughter, she is sent to us from God, Husband says we will name her as Devika as she is blessing from Devi. Mother cries and says its my Devika.

Jaggu says to Maasa that now you own

all property but what about Devi? Maasa says enough.. no one will take her name in my palace.

Lawyer comes to palace, Maasa acts and cries, she says my fate is bad. She greets lawyer. Jaggu says she lost her daughter in law and son in this age. Lawyer says its written in Adhi’s will that if anything happens to Devi or her baby then his wealth will go to poor kids orphanage, we havent found Devi’s body or Adhi’s body so court have decided to wait 18 years and see if their baby comes to claim it, we will wait 18 years to find their baby. Maasa says how will I run house now? how will I handle women of my house. Lawyer says Adhi thought about everything, Adhi’s companies will be run by his managers, you will get monthly 50 thousand and Kesar will get 50 thousand for her baby, he wants education for that baby. Maasa says my Adhi was nice, he was was not literate but he wanted babies of this house to be educated thats why he have given 50k per month for Kesar’s daughter. Maasa says I am Kesar’s giver. Lawyer says I will come to take report of Kesar’s daughter Dhaani’s studies after every six month, please sign on this paper. He calls Kesar and she signs on papers. Lawyer gives her money for Dhaani. He gives money to Maasa and leaves. Jaggu says how we will get property now. Maasa says we have to find Devi from anywhere.

After sometime, Lajjo(who became adoptive mother of Devi’s baby) talks to her husband, she says I have to go to market, she gives Devika to him and leaves. He smiles at her and says I will do work while you rest. He makes her lie on mattress and starts working on camp. Lajjo comes there and says why did you put her on floor, she is blessing of God. Husband says we will treat her like human. Lajjo says no she is a blessing, we will pamper her, see how calmly she is sleeping, lets put her in baby cart. Husband says if you raise her like this then she will be spoilt and she will not get any groom, we should treat her like human. He makes cart. Lajjo says she will get a prince, we will take away all her troubles.

Scene 2
Lawyer comes to Maasa’s house and shows her papers, he says this is your lie, you tried to show any baby as Adhi’s baby but Adhi gave DNA before dying so we can know who his baby is and who is not, this is your first mistake so I am forgiving you otherwise I cant send you to jail, money can make you do bad things but we take money to stop bad things. Maasa says to Jaggu that whose baby did you bring? what did you do? I am a fool that I listened to you and thought its my Adhi’s baby, because of you my respect is gone. She says forgive us, it wont happen. Lawyer says contact us when you get real baby of Adhi, he leaves. Maasa says we are stuck, where will we find Adhi’s baby.

After some years, Maasa and Jaggu are walking in market. Maasa says we have to walk so much, dont know where we are, she says that Adhi destroyed our lives, I wish I didnt kiss Adhi and Devi’s daughter, lets go. Devika and her adoptive parents are in market too. Maasa is walking in market and says I am tired. Devika passesby Maasa and grabs her saree. Maasa looks at her, Lajjo asks if she is alright? Maasa glares at Devika and says she jerked my hair, Lajjo says she is just a kid, I am sorry, Maasa asks her to control her girl, she scowls at Devika and leaves. Lajjo laughs and says they must have some animosity in some other birth.

12 years later, Devika is a teenager, she is working in village with Lajjo, Lajjo asks her to not work, Devika says let me work too,she says no you wont work, just sit, dont work. Devika says you dont let me work. Father smiles at her, Devika asks if he needs help? he says no, I will get scolded from your mother. He slips and blood comes out from his foot because of his torn shoes. Devika sees hole in his shoes and looks on. Father limps away. Devika looks on. She sees a rat there and catches it, she asks if he is hungry? I gave you roti in morning, we will live here in this tent for 6 months, I wish we dont have to change places then papa wouldnt have to walk so much, we can arrange some shoes for him.

PRECAP- Devika grows up young, she runs around in fields. New hero opposite her is shown getting dressed in suit in sophisticated style. Devika is flying kite in park, she has same face like her mother Devi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The new lead Shoaib Ibrahim is a fine actor,and I am sure that he will make this show interesting with his charm .As Devika is a young girl now,I would like to see how Masa has changed in these intervening 20 odd years.It is obvious that both Kesar ‘s daughter and Devika will fall in love with the same guy …so a love triangle is in the offing.Will Urmi’s character retained ,we have to wait and see,,,,,otherwise also ,this character has not added any value addition to the original story…better to scrap it or she might help Devi and her daughter in the second half.
    Cathy ,Bheegi Palkein will become interesting now ,it is difficult to analyse Mehar’s character in this serial.In Bashar Momin ,though she loved her fiancée,she hardly knew him and didn’t get to marry and spend marital life with him.So ,it looked quite natural when she fell in love with her husband,Bashar ,after a few months of her marriage.Here Mehar was really in love with Umar who made her feel like a queen and never allowed his overbearing mother and psycho sister to come between them .So she can not be portrayed as a wife forgetting her late husband within just a few months and fall in love with another guy ,even if he has all the qualities that a girl wants in a guy.But still she will agree to marry Hasan, though Hasan is absolutely in love with her ,from Mehar’s side ,you can’t say that. If you remember ,in Bashar Momin ,Rudaba confesses her love to Bashar and says ‘your wife loves you ,Bashar’,only to be slapped by him.Here you don’t hear Mehar saying this to anyone except to Umar.Anyway ,once you finish watching ,we can analyse this character.

    1. Looking forward to it. Thanks Lakshmi.

  2. Episode 14
    When Mehar refuses to marry Bilal,Fari ,blind with fury asks her who does she want to marry then,.Not even to listening to Mehar ‘s reply that she wants to marry none,Fari asks her in a low and dangerous tone does she want to marry Hasan and to support her statement Fari tauntingly explains
    that sleeping in the lounge and then shifting to her aunt’s room ,getting locked in the washroom…..all ths drama is to attract Hasan .As Mehar pleads with her to stop for god’s sake,Fari turns to her mother and states with finality that as long as Mehar is here ,her marriage with Hasan won’t happen..she explains how Hasan ‘s eyes are always on Mehar only ,how he is always concerned about her only and how he doesn’t even bother to listen to his fiancée and childhood friend and how he goes into his files the moment he sees her.Mehar ,horrified at her allegations tells Fari that she has no such intentions and will ask Hasan to marry her( Fari) only.Amina ,her ego hurt confronts Mehar that who is she to influence Hasan in his personal matters….Hasan will listen to what his mother says.Fari,in a dangerous voice conveys to her aunt that Mehar is infact right ,Hasan will listen to her only but she will never ever tell him to marry his fiancée .Samina,disturbed by her daughter’s inference ,declares that Mehar should get married to Bilal,otherwise she can leave the house and do whatever she feels like .mehar starts crying and says firmly that she can n’t deceive Umar by marrying Bilal,but Fari,behaving as if taken over by Devil,says that she has no choice ,she has to marry and leave because this is her would be’s house .Frightened by the mad determination in Fari’s eyes,Mehar looks at Amina for help,,finding no response from her,she pleads with Samina to let her stay with her only but Samina ,crudely tells her to go to hell if she doesn’t want to marry Bilal.Fari,determined to throw her out ,gives her mother an ultimatum that if Mehar stays here,she will leave.As Fari goes to the door,Samina calls her back saying it is not she who should leave the house but Mehar.Stunned ,Mehar begs for mercy but as all the three look adamant ,she leaves the house As Hasan drives out of station to attend business,Mehar steps out of the house not knowing where to go.Fari ,after throwing her out, goes into her room and calls Bilal to inform him that Mehar was forced to leave the house as she refused to marry him .Saying that Mehar must be somewhere nearby only,she suggests him to go and search for her.
    Mehar aimlessly roams around the city ,sitting somewhere when tired ,otherwise walking on and on.A white car follows her ,seeing her on a lonely stretch, the car stops and some one drags her inside.
    After doing the heartless deed,all the three sit for dinner,Samina ,trying to defend herself says that they have done nothing wrong by throwing her out,otherwise also ,Mehar would have left on her own but after some days.Fari,eager to take all the credit says if not for her determined effort,this wouldn’t have been possible.Amina thoutfully says that Hasan’s not being in station proved to be a blessing in disguise.Fari supports her and adds that Hasan should never be told about what happened in his absence AND all the three get a shock when the calling bell rings.
    To be concluded

  3. Fari opens the door and gets stunned to see Hadan who is expected to return only after two days.
    The car enters the gates of a lonely house and Bilal carries an unconscious Mehar inside and places her in a chair.
    Inside her bedroom ,Amina still not recovered from the shock of the unexpected arrival of her son tells Samina that she was so scared of seeing Hasan there that she thought it was the end of the world….he looked as if he knew everything that they did with Mehar.Samina,very much perturbed at the turn of events says whether it is coincidence or not, it is indeed very strange that Hasan’s meeting got cancelled in the last minute….Fari calms them down saying that whatever had to happen has happened….Mehar had to leave ,she left…Hasan had to come back ,..he came back….there is nothing strange or surprising in this.But Amina still restless tells Fari that Hasan should never come to know that Mehar was forced to leave the house… the same tone she thanks the almighty that Hasan hasn’t enquired about Mehar and gone straight into his room,otherwise what would she have answered .Fari reminds them that ,having forced Mehar out of the house ,it is better they get ready with a reasonable reason for Mehar’s absence,before Hasan catches them off guard.Samina asks Fari what should they tell Hasan,…then all the three go off track and start defending their cold blooded attitude by abusing Mehar with all sorts of allegations.
    Hasan knocks on his mother’s door and coming inside ,feels a bit odd to see Samina and Fari there ,they look as if they were in a clandestine meeting.When asked what is the issue ,Fari hesitates for a moment but replies that her mother is crying for Mehar.Hasan looks at them enquiringly and asks what happened to Mehar…all the three look at each other but no one answers.On his insistence ,Samina says that Mehar has left after getting married.Hasan ,unwilling to believe his ears ,asks his aunt who did she marry.Samina meanly replies that she got married to the same guy with whom she had been in a relationship even when Umar was alive.She explains how Mehar, in front of their eyes ,left with Bilal holding his hand.Hasan recollects how ,just a day back he had suggested to Mehar that she should marry Bilal but she refused saying he is not a good guy.When he conveys the same to Samina that Mehar couldn’t have married Bilal .Samina tells him that he doesn’t know Mehar well,she is not what she looks like..looking innocent and helpless,she is capable of doing anything.Seeing him confused,Fari ,pretending to be kind asks him ,is he feeling sad? ‘ Not sad’,he replies ‘but certainly surprised’.Amina gets up and explains that they had to see off Mehar as she came home already married to Bilal.Hasan appreciates her mother for accepting Mehar’s decision and giving her farewell as she ,like any other girl,has every right to choose her happiness .Hasan goes back to his room leaving all the three schemesters congratulating themselves for their success ,
    Mehar is in Bilal’s captivity and is still unconscious .He ties her wrists to the chairs and goes out closing the doors.
    Sitting in his room,Hasan feels restless and reminisces the way Mehar hugged him the other day when she came out of the washroom.At the same time he controls his feelings and tells himself that Mehar had to take this decision as she can not stay in his house for ever…..then asks himself why is he feeling so miserable for this girl who is more or less a stranger for him and whom he hardly knew.
    As Bilal guards outside ,smoking ,Hasan still not able to reconcile with the fact that Mehar had left without even informing him,decides to give her a call.Bilal hears Mehar’s mobile ringing in the car and seeing that the call is from Hasan,disconnects the call.Hasan concludes that Mehar doesn’t want to talk to him as she doesn’t need his help anymore.Hasan tells himself that he should feel happy for her as she is no more alone and settled in life.
    To be continued

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