Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Adhi kicks devi out of house

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode highlight: Adhi sees Virat and Devi together. He kicks her out of the house.

Scene 1
Kesar is taking food to Virat. Adhi says where are you going? Why are you picking all this weight? I should take it. She says I am taking all this for Virat. He doesn’t eat food from here. Adhi takes it and goes to his room in anger. He is angry. Adhi looks at his sherwarni. He recalls Devi being close to Virat.
Kesar comes to Virat. He says I brought these sweets for you. He says thanks. she says Devi sent food for you. Adhi snatched it from me. Devi was really worried for you. He says I caan’t believe that Devi is marrying an idiot like him. He doesn’t turst her. Devi spills sweets on his shirt. Kesar says give me your shirt I will wash it. Kesar takes that shirt.

Kesar tells Devi that I have given these sweets to Virat. Devi says he is allergic to pumpkin I told you. Adhi says I need to calm down.. I should apologize Devi.
Kesar tells Masa devi is going to him.
Devi runs towards Virat’s room. He is in a bad condition. He says I am really sorry. She didn’t know you are allergic. Masa writesa fake love letter. Devi gives Virat his med.
Masa says I think someone is coming.
Adhi is looking for Devi everywhere. He reads the love letter. It reads last night was so romantic. I loved it. I will take you with me from here. This place is full of uneducated people. Adhi looks for devi. He sees her with Virat. Adhi claps Devi. He says he.. Adhi says to Virat I told you stay away from Devi. He hits Virat. Devi says please stop. Adhi beats VIrat. Adhi says shut up. You cheated on me. I came here to apologize you. You are a characterless woman. Devi says its not like that. He says I saw everything with my eyes. Adhi drags her and says get out of this house. You dont’ belong to this house anymore.

Precap-Devi says enough. An uneducated man can only stoop so low and think this way. Masa asks Adhi to marry Keasr.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Writers ,you can see very well that there is not even a single comment,if you continue with your weird imagination,there won’t be a single viewer for this show.And what an ugly scene you guys have created ,really is there no end to your stupidity ,how can a dry sweet like pumpkin burfi stain Virat’s shirt so much so that he has to take it off and give it to Kesar for washing,and after that keeps waiting for it bare chested ? Doesn’t he have anything else to wear ,and Devi ,what was she doing after giving the allergy antidote ,is leaning on virat’s bare chest the only way of faning his face? Where have you seen a family girl behaving like this? And your Devi wants her husband to be magnanimous enough to understand the situation ,when he refuses to listen to her explanation,blames his illiteracy for his backward thinking.All of us commenting here are well educated,but I can never support Devi in this regard ,one odd instance is ok,but since the arrival of Virat,she is upto something or the other.I remember her giving lecture to Saradh when she overhears him expressing his interest to kesar that too with subtle hints .Have we ever seen Saradh behaving in this vulgar manner with Kesar,but still,when Saradh comes out,Devi warns him to be careful as Kesar is a married woman from a traditional family and she loves her husband.When her turn comes,Devi forgets all these things that apply to her also ,behaves shamelessly with her friend and calls her husband an illiterate……you have really degraded both your leads so much so that we don’t feel anything for them now.

  2. Agree Lakshmi
    Have already stopped watching it

  3. leisa s morris

    Wouldnt it b hillarious if virat is gay lmao…just a thought

  4. leisa s morris

    I dont know y u sll r so surprised by devi’s behaviour as shes never once portrayed d typical indian wife and has always been a modern one. These writers just took dis too damn far

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