Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika Locks Herself And Varun In Godown

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun reminisices Devika’s challenge that she wants to save him from wrong and once he will find out she is right, he himself will marry her and not Dhani. He angrily exercises with rope and thinks whom to trust and whom to not, Devika is a lier. His good inner self asks what happened to him, Devika is staying as servant in this house to get his love. His bad inner self says Devika came for his money and does not love her. Good inner self suggests to listen to his heart. Evil suggests to listen to his brain. Varun shouts shut up. Dhani walks in and asks what happened, whom he is speaking. He says he is rehearsing film dialogues and asks if she wants to say something. She says yes, they are getting married, but why he does not come near her. He says he wants to wait till

marriage, and he goes near Devika as she is nothing to him.

Devika prays god why she is not helping her get her Piya, sometimes she feels Varun is coming closer to her and sometimes going far away. If she is not trying hard to get back her piya, why her hard work is failing.

Dhani shows her mehandi to Heera, Kesar, and Basanti while Devika mops floor. Printer delivers wedding cards. Dhani excitedly says her wedding cards came and tries to pick them, but Heera stops and says she will see first. She opens card and is shocked to see Varun and Devika’s name instead of Dhani’s. Varun checks card and shouts she checked sample card, then how did she make such a big mistake. Heera asks why he is scolding her in front of everyone. He says then what, how can she make such a big mistake and walks away from there. Devika smirks and thinks god is helping her.

Dhani cries, and Kesar consoles her that Varun loves her and will marry only her, she need not worry. Dhani walks in and asks if they know who changed name. Kesar says must be her. Devika says Varun and gives Dhani to wipe her tears, taunts her and leaves. Dhhani walks in corridor thinking of meeting Varun and confronting him why did he do this. She paasses by Devika’s room and sees Varun inside. She thinks what is he doing here and opens door. Metal box falls on her and she collapses.

Varun checks her wedding sherwani. Devika walks in and says his preparations are on full speed. He says yes.
She says this has already happened between them. He says he is actor and can understand what will happen. Devika challenges he will not marry Dhani. He says he will see who will stop him.. Devika says when Dhani will not be there, whom he will marry. He says he did not understand. She says whoever does not understand is dumb. He asks what does she mean. She smirks and says to find out and leaves. Varun walks to living room calling Dhani. Kesar asks what happened. He asks where is Dhani. Kesar says she was going towards his room to meet him. Varun says Devika must have done something. They all search Dhani and don’t find her. Varun says Devika must have done something for sure. Kesar says mother and daughter must have harmed Dhani. Varun asks what does she mean. Heera says she means tribal woman who comes as Devika’s mother. Basanti asks to go and search Dhani.

Varun gets a lady’s call who says if he wants to meet Dhani, he has to come to back side’s godown and not inform anyone about it. He gets into godown. Someone locks door from inside and sings Aaj Phir Tumpe Pyar Aya hai… He asks who is it. Devika comes in front. He asks where is Dhani. She says at home. He asks to open door. She says if she does not get her right, she will snatch it. Varun says she does not have right on him, give him key. She asks if marriage is a joke for him. He asks what. She shows wedding havan and says they will marry here and burns havan stick, says havan kund is ready, bride is ready and groom should also come. Varun tries to snatch key. She throws it in fire and says either they will marry here or die due to hunger.

Precap: Kesar says Heera that Devi is helping Devika. They hear sound from trunk, open it, and are shocked to see someone in it. Devika challenges Varun he will marry her today. He says he will not apply sindhoor on her forehead. She challenges she will marry even then.

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