Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Adhi brings Ambika home

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kesar asks Devi to drink milk. Devi gets a call from Ambika. Ambika says how are you? Devi says yes I am fine. Devi says I was missing you. I will call you back. The rat comes and spills the milk. Devi says what did you do. She cleans the milk. Devi sees churned glass in the milk. Devi says someone mixed glass in the milk. Kesar says what.. Devi says this small Adhi saved me. Kesar says masa has forgotten all limits. Kesar says go to your house to save your child. Devi says no I wont go anywhere. I will fight whatever comes my way.

Adhi takes Mukun to office. Mukun says what about the money. Adhi gives him. mukun says thank you so much. Adhi says I had to. i hope you will live with us now. Mukun looks at the money. He calls kiran and says I have arranged the money.

We can start our life anew. No one can understand our plan here. We will go to Mumbai. Mukun turns back. Saradh is standing there.

Masa says hope my plan works out. She hears DEvi screaming.
Saradh says to Mukun why are you living awway from your family? I beg you don’t ruin kesar’s life. She waited for you all those years. You are living a dual life.
Mukun says I know how difficult it is to live an unacceptable life. People like you can only blame.
Kesar comes to Masa and says I spilled the milk. I am sorry. MAsa is angry.

Scene 2
Mukun comes to meet Kiran. He says where is Kiran? Kiran hugs him form back. He says you left me alone. Kiran says just came to help my brother. Kiran says he gave you this office? Will you start a new life. How will you tell your family that you love me. Mukun says you are not getting me. Kiran says we promised to live together. Mukun says I came here for you. Kiran says you have a rich family and a wife you will forget me. If you leave me I will tell your family the truth. Mukun says I really love you I wont’ ever leave you.

Devi asks servant to make foods. Masa says who is coming? Devi says my bua. Masa says none of your family members can come here. Adhi comes in. Devi says I feel so alone here. I want someone to talk to. I want to go to my house for some days. Masa said she wont let anyone from my house in this house. Adhi says you wont go anywhere. Wait. He goes out and brings Ambika. Devi hugs her. She says wow I am so glad to see you. DEvi says thank you Adhi. He says I am your husband. Devi says thanks for doing this for me. Masa is angry. Ambika says he is such a good son in law. He knew devi would need me in this time, Devi says bua will take care of me these days. Ambika says to Adhi you take so much care of devi, are you doing this for devi or your child only?

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Just an observation really, when the milk fell over on to the floor and Devi saw the glass shards, it would have been an excellent opportunity for Adhi to walk in and see Devi’s blo*dy hand and start to wonder what is going on.

  2. Liliya

    i’m starting to think that Adhi is not going to start wonder about somethig for a long time..and it’s not going to be any romance or love between the lead heroes for another 1000 episodes….and we shouldn’t wait revealing the past in the nearest future…Each further episode disappoints me more and more…i don’t have any hope on writers because they overplayed too much…i agree with Lakshmi…we should react to it like to comedy show…

    1. Liliya, i’ve stopped hoping for the best in this show sometime back, i don’t even look at Adhi as a romantic lead, just an abusive husband and Devi lost her intelligence when she gives the soppy love looks to Adhi, the rest of the cast just floats around not really adding anything but background noise, i think this story would have been more along the lines of Beauty and the Beast if they had the Beast as an updated fairytale with an Indian take on the story instead of a repeat of all the other serial dramas shown on T.V. I did mention this show once before a few months back and i noticed it on the Russian t.v link you gave’s a Pakistani drama called Bashir Momin and it was exactly what Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre should have patterned itself after.

      1. Liliya

        Cathy i’ve read most of the comments on Bashir Momin on that russian t.v. link (while without watching the episodes) and they are not positive as well and yes it seems like Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre is copied in some way from Bashir Momi…i’m gonna to watch some episodes of Bashir Momin when i’ll have some free time…

    2. I totally agree

  3. Cathy,Liliya ,actually the writers should tell us how to react to what is being shown here.Do they want us to sympathise with Devi …but She is too happy with her husband to be sympathised …..Infact she loves to be tortured by him.Coming to Adhi ,we can not dare to be angry with him…..if his wife feels heavenly in his presence,who are we to say anything? No one can question Masa’s atrocities against Devi and her family because they are supposed to be the reason for her husband’s suicide…so she is justified in committing anything including murders.So Friends ,what are we expected to say here?

    1. Liliya…i for one would ignore everyones opinion but mine on Bashir Momin…LOL, im kidding of course, the reason i liked it so much is that the character “Bashir” is Flawed and it is explained why and how he came to be, it also show”s great redemption after he does something horrible to Rudaba and her ability to call him on it and forgive him, she lets him have it verbally and this is his turning point where he acknowledges his crimes toward her and changes toward her and his family..Now are there cringy moments where she looks hopelessly devoted to him? oh yes but that just offends my feminist heart but not my enjoyment of the show. LOL

      1. Liliya

        Cathy you and your opinion have made me very very interested in this Bashir Momin)))) thank you for your opinion) First of all I’ve never watched Pakistani dramas so I guess it’s time to try) And second exactly the redemption of the male lead after doing something horrible is what I miss in Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre….And finally i guess i want to have some hope for the best again which i lost while watching Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre. LOL

    2. You hit that right on the head Lakshmi what can we say and even feel about it. Let them all live happily in their madness and everyone say “The End”

  4. Liliya…i noticed on the russian site that the video quality wasn’t so good, if you don’t mind the english subtitles to bashir Momin then this youtube link is much better, you have to turn on the cc button for the subtitles.

    1. Liliya

      Cathy thank you for the link..I’ve started to watch first episodes and noticed the awful quality and sound…Further episodes will watch on youtube!)))

      1. I hope you like it as much as i did…happy viewing.

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