Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Adhi asks Virat to leave the house

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 12th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode description/Highlight: Adhi kicks Virat out of the house. Devi gets mad. He tries to make up for it.

Scene 1
Adhi looks at Devi and Virat together. He is angry. Devi says I slipped. Adhi grasps Virat’s collar and says how dare you. Virat says what the hell. you are doubting your wife? Devi says let him understand. Virat says he can’t trust you. This is the problem with these small town people. Devi says listen to me please. There was oil on the floor. I fell on him. Adhi says he is just here to be part of wedding. He won’t live here. Devi says listen.. Adhi says he will live in guest house. Virat says he is right. I will live there. He leaves.
Devi says okay I won’t meet him. Please control your anger. She goes to her room.


comes and says what happened? Urmi says Devi was just taking her friend’s side. Masa says that guy has a bad eye on Devi. She can’t understand him.
Masa comes to Kesar and says what have you decided? She says I will care for my child. Masa says good. You have to make Devi trust you. For you your child should be everything. don’t think about others. Kesar says okay.

Adhi looks at Devi’s photos. He says I should control my anger. I made a mistake. She cares so much for me and I doubted her. I shouldn’t have talked to her like that. She made a human from a beast.But I can’t see someone else close to you. Love changes everything. How will I fix it?

Scene 2
Devi sees rose on her way. SHe keeps picking them. She comes to a suited man. She says whom do you wanna meet? He turns, its Adi. Devi is surprised. She smiles. He says meet me, your prince. Devi laughs. She says you are so cute. He gives her the last rose. He takes all the roses from her and dances with her. He badly fails. DEvi laughs. He says lets try again. He tries to dance with her. DEvi says don’t do all this. He says your friend told me that you love dancing. She says didn’t hel tell you how to take a girl in arms. Adhi says I will learn. Devi says I like how you are. I don’t wanna turn you innto a prince. You are prince of jungle. He says go to your room.

Kesar comes to Devi adn says you look worried. Devi says Virat didn’t eat. He left the house. DEvi says can you give this to Virat? Don’t tell anyone. Kesar says sure.

Precap-Adhi drags Devi’s hand and shoves her out of the house.
He says you deserve to be out of this house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nigerian girl

    Devi is just dumb…… irritating to watch this days..

  2. Liliya, Lakshmi, Shital I have also grown a bit weary of this show, it’s a mess now and i don’t see it improving much unless they actually hire real writers. LOL, i will read the updates and hope for significant improvements.

    Bashar i have a few scenes that i love, in no paticular order.

    Bashar at the barbers, i don’t think this was a scripted scene, i think he was required to shave his face for the story but i think he was in the midst of changing his mind, his stance and indecsion had me howling with laughter and the look on Khans face said it all.

    When Bashar was talking to Khan and was reacting like a school girl wanting Khan to tell him exactly what Rudaba said to him about him coming home and why he wouldn’t talk to her just was so middle school.

    When Bashar handed control back to Rudaba and asked her to command him to her and up the stairs and presumably to the bedroom (to me the innuendo was quite clear and very
    Bashar in the car when he received news that Rudaba was miscarrying the baby…and his instructions to handle her with care, while i acknowledge this as a difficult to sympathize by the nature of what had happen, his regret was real and you couldn’t help feel a little compassion.

    And this scene that got me hooked on this show and led up to binge watching on youtube, the scene where Rudaba is running up the stairs and knocks Bashars Coffee all over him, he is in his room touching the burn..and the look on his face was well…OMG…how do i put it, it was more then Lustful interest it was at least for me Sensuous with a bit of lechery thrown in.

    Bashar telling of his Sister and to watch her tone and he said she is my wife not your husbands sister…LOVED it.

    But i have to say my most favourite scene is when she is home from the hospital and verbally lets Bashar have it, there was no holding back and what she said having such an impact on him and his shame in what he did…Perfection.

    So you think the Moderators on this site would get upset if we turn this into a Bashar Momin forum? lol

    1. Liliya

      Cathy, your perception and description of “Rudaba is running up the stairs and knocks Bashars Coffee all over him” scene are just perfect! I adore this scene but couldn’t find the right words to describe my feelings about this scene. By the way this scene was the first one i’ve watched after you had mentioned about this serial for the first time on this forum, then i’ve paused my watching to read some comments, comments were not good at all and after seeing my confusion you convinced me not to read them) I really loved the scene in restaurant when Bashar trying to convince Rudaba to show expessions of love towards him in order to make impression on public …how he holds out his hand to her asking for her promise and she touches his hand in answer…it feels to me that it was unexpected for him…and before the restaurant scene there was a strong moment in her room when he invited her to have breakfast with him…one of my favorites scenes is their conversation on Bashar father’s death anniversary when Rudaba suddenly reveals the truth why her husband is the way he is…I like Bashar being feared that Rudaba would ask him for divorce but she surprises him by wishing for a normal life with him.

      1. Oh yes…i had forgotten to put that one down, that was good and surprising when his fear of her requesting a divorce scared him..good scene. It is hard to guage someone elses taste in dramas on tv or books, but i thought as we were all here on this forum we shared a bit of the same interests in this genre and i’m glad my instinct was right.

  3. Finally Adhi’s patience snaps and throws Devi out of the haveli,but what could be the reason? What else Devi is going to do that she hasn’t already done to invite Adhi’s wrath so much so that he comes out of his dreamland and shows her the door.I don’t know what the writers want to convey but Devi and Virat referring to Adhi as ‘junglee’ and ‘gavar'( illiterate ) ,and using these derogatory words not once but many times ,is very ,very poor in taste.As Kesar is already to join the list of antagonists ,let us see what all weird things happen in this story.
    Liliya and Sheetal,Zee’s new serial Kalire is interesting,as of now it is better than Zee’s other serials.Worth Watching if It is kept this way ,simple and natural.

    1. Liliya

      Lakshmi thank for your feedback about Kalire… i guess i’ll try it)

  4. Line 6 spelling mistake ,*all ready.

  5. Shital

    Hey Lakshmi
    Will surely check Kaliree
    But what I feel is Indian serials are never ending n hence I loose interest. While focused n short stories of say 30 or 50 episodes are worth watching even if u know the complete story.
    Like in this JGTPM we’re are still waiting for the past to be revealed even after the 100 episode!

    In such stories we can easily let one or two episodes pass without missing much of the story, whereas inBM we would not like to miss a single second.
    See most of us would like to watch it over n over again remember minute details unlike this where Adhiraj suddenly turns humane in one minute n beast the other. The scheming mother in law who is not even fit to be a mother!
    Seriously I expected a lot from this serial n m totally disappointed ?!

    Cathy if there are some more shows like this do share would be happy to watch ?

    I completed watching BM 2 times n don’t have any particular scene as favourite as the complete serial n every scene is my favourite. But ya the confrontation scene where bashar reveals his dark past to rudaba is the best. I also like the last scene Of Bashar n bulund in jail.

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