Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Adhi returns Devi’s phone

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kesar applies honey on Devi’s bruises. She says your feet are so bleeding. How do you have so much strength. Devi says thank you for being my doctor. Only you care about me here. Kesar says you care about me as well.
Adhi caresses Masa’s face and makes her sleep. He recalls Devi helping her.
Adhi comes to store and sees Devi sleeping there. He sneaks in and locks the store. Devi is asleep. Devi says I know everything. Adhi gets scared. Devi says I will rest all day. She is talking in sleep. Adhi makes sure she is asleep. He falls on her. She is still sleeping. Devi says I wont even make food. Adhi giggles. Devi says Devi is not scared of anyone. Where are my rats? He runs out.

Devi wakes up. She says I acted well. She sees Adhi left a phone next to her. Devi smiles and takes it.

Scene 2
Devi calls all the guests for pooja. Kesar says he gave you phone thats so good. Urmi says who gave you phone? Devi says my husband did.
Adhi gives Masa her meds. Urmi comes and says I wanted to know. I saw a phone in her hands. ADhi says I gave her so she can treat anyone in the house. She saved Masa’s life. She will do that again if she has a phone. Adhi says my masa’s health need her. He leaves.
Urmmi says he has fallen for her. He is doing all this for now.

Bansuri tells Maasa that Devi is doing kaniya pooja. Masa says I wont let this happen.
Devi says why has none of the guests come? Masa has asked all of them not to come.
Devi calls ishu. Bharat says would it be okay to send ishu here? Devi says don’t worry I can send her. Ambika says I will bring her. Devi says press is in loan custody. Devi says why didn’t you tell me. Bharat says I will handle you don’t worry.
Masa says why none of the girls come for pooja?

Precap-All the young girls come in the house. Masa is dazed. DEvi says mata can come in any face. Masa mixes something in Ishu’s food.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Mixing poison in food is too much. she did not remember Devi saved her life?

  2. Cathy

    This show likes to hurt children i am a bit astonished at this.

  3. Can’t Urmi n her mother be thrown out !

    Also once I remember they had shown Adhiraj checking out devi pics on Facebook

    What was the relevance ? He is just not interested in her

    Few bit of his childhood flashback also don’t fit in the story !

    Looks like the cvs have
    Forgotten all about it n are only focussingmon devi torture

  4. Yes ,this show tortures not only women but hurts children also .And what a psycho this Masa is ,had it n’t been for Devi’s timely help,she would have been in her coffin now,still ,there is n’t an iota of gratefulness in her.God has tried to teach her a lesson but some people don’t learn that fast.And all of us ,the viewers ,are shocked to see Devi’s bleeding feet,but ,except for Kesar ,no one ,not even Adhiraj has bothered to call for a doctor .O.K,he has returned her mobile but that is not out of any affection for his wife ,he simply wants her to be on call to attend to his precious Masa in case of a medical emergency.In this episode ,I really hated him for allowing a bleeding Devi to sleep in that rat infested dungeon while his mother was relaxing in all the luxury.I don’t know whether to appreciate or condemn Devi for her patience,but an educated girl ,that too a medical professional ,tolerating all this humiliation is too much for me….what is that the writers want to convey,…that a woman should have all the patience to tolerate all the nonsense and try her best to bring in a positive change in her marital home?With all her efforts ,if they are changed ,it is fine ,,,,what ,if they don’t?

  5. All Indian dramas thrive on viciousness.

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