Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Devi comes to office with lunch

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
In the video, Adhi takes shirt off. Arohi sees his burn mark. She is dazed. She says its just like mine. How? I am sure this is related to my burn. I will solve this but how?

Saradh comes to Adhi and says John is so impressed. Adhi says why is this girl helping me? Saradh says she is your wife. Husband and wife are two wheels of a car. They both need to go forward together. Adhi says but my deeds..
Devi tells it to Kesaar. She says i have to solve this problem. I know who can help me. I am going to office with lunch. urmi comes and says where are you going? She checks her bag.. She says the lunch box was about to fall. She fixes it and says go. Urmi says to Kesar bring my food.

Devi comes to office. She is outside and calls Saradh. Devi says do as

I say and keep your phone on speaker.
Saradh comes to Adhi and says lets go for lunch. He puts hand on his shoulder. It hurts him. Saradh says is there something on your back? Adhi says just a small burnt on my back. Saradh says burn? Masa asked you to do this as well. Enough is enough. How can a motherr do this to her son. Adhi gets angry. he says don’t talk about Masa. Saradh says she can order you anything and you do it. Adhi shouts and says Masa didn’t give it to me. i gave it to myself. I burned. myself. Devi is shocked to listen to this.
Adhi says to Saradh i am sorry please stop this topic. Don’t tell anyone about it. Devi says he punished himself for burning me? Devi comes to temple. She says thank you for telling me that there iss a Ram in that beast. in this was humanity will win.

Devi comes to office with lunch. Adhi says why are you here? She says lunch. Adhi says keep it here and go. devi drops her phone and touches his feet while picking it up. She leaves. Manager comes and says our shed has caught fire. Saradh says let me go and check.
Adhi says was i wrong? She brought this bad luck here. Devi goes to washroom. She hears manager talking on call. He says no one would know that fire was caught but short circuit. Devi wonders who that was.

Scene 2
Devi comes home. She says to her rat and says you know I got a new hope today. His heart is big.
Adhi comes home and he is angry. He says I want water. devi gives him water. He says I didn’t ask you go from here. I don’t want it from you. Masa says you came. He says yes.
Saradh comes and asks devi where is adhi? Our shed caught fire. Devi recalls what she heard. She tells Saradh.
Masa says whenever she comes to office something bad happens.
Saradh says we need to find out who that was.
If it was short circuit we can claim insurance and repair the damage.
Masa says to Adhi we brought her as a servant. Keep her away from your work and yourself. Adhi recalls every time she helped him. Adhi nods. Masa says good.

Precap-Saradh says to Adhi think about the party. you have to bring bhabhi here as well. Masa says to Adhi you forgot the promise. You said she won’t be with you. Devi hears and says my husband wants to take me no one can stop me.

Update in Progress

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I agree with your previous comment Cathy, we should n’t forget about the dark face of Adhi and how he used to misbehave with Devi and her family before their marriage and even after that.Has he ever felt sorry for his misdeeds and for those unspeakable tortures inflicted by his mother on this poor girl.Even now ,she lives in that rat infested storeroom,while others have all the luxuries of the haveli.Is Adhi blind to all this?Just burning himself is not enough ,he should do more to atone for his sins.

    1. Especially the brutal and cruel acts against the little girl( forgot her name) im sorry but throwing kerosene and burning her doll was really disturbing and unforgivable he (or the writers need to address this) and not pretend it never happened.

  2. He now begins the struggle of beginning to realize his mother may not have his best interests at heart and maybe Devi does, i am curious how they will handle the mothers part when the romance between Devi and Adiraj gets serious.

  3. Adhi is still behind lucky n not love ?

  4. Hi girls ,I am new in this forum and loving the show. I think soon the past of adhi will reveal . there is many hidden facts and definitely there is a reason – a gross reason of his behavior. But its good he is changing slowly. Sometimes a child peeps out of his sturdy and manly frame which I am enjoying thoroughly. And I think sekhar and kesars love story will be kick start soon ,and adhi will be its pioneer .

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