Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada… Rivanya SS Part 3

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Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 3
Ritik cupped Shivanya’s face in his hands.
R:Shivanya..I thought you…
Shi:You all thought that I died in the accident.Right?
Ritik was silent.
Shi:Though the driver died I had’nt died.Some people saved me.I was hospitalized.I was in coma.Recently I came out of coma and after i discharged I came back Ritik.I reached at late night as on the way my train got delayed unexpectedly.
Rit:I am so happy that you came back.
Shi:Me too Ritik.
They looked at each other emotionally.
Rit:Now I won’t let you go away from me.
Shi:Ritik..I feared if you remarried thinking that I am dead.
Ritik who came back to reality felt that his heart was torn as he was reminded of his wedding with Shesha.His eyes became wet.
He thought:Why did Shivanya come so late?If she had come one day earlier or a few hours earlier I would’nt have married Shesha.
Shivanya held his face:Now I won’t leave you and go anywhere.

Suddenly Ritik got nervous.
Shivanya tried to get inside.
Rit:No can’t come inside.
Ritik stammered:Because..because…everybody thinks that you are dead and let it be like that.
Shivanya was shocked:Ritik? know that our business was facing loss.It became pathetic later.Only loss.We faced huge financial crisis.Still we are facing it.The relief is death insurance we are getting through your death.So if everybody comes to know that you are alive,it will be stopped.So please for some more time let everybody believe that you are dead.
Shivanya’s eyes became wet:I can understand Ritik.I will do that for our family.But sad that even though I came back alive I have to be away from them.Though I am alive I am forced to be dead again.
Ritik became very upset and his eyes welled up with tears:Shivanya…I am also very upset about being away from you.But there is no other option left.That’s why.

I promise you that once all problems are sorted out I will bring you back.
Shivanya was crying.
Ritik could not bear Shivanya’s tears.He wiped them.
Rit:Please don’t cry Shivanya.I can’t bear your tears.
Shi:I want to see Shivangi.
Rit:Please wait for some more time to see Shivangi.She is sleeping with papa and Maa.Very deep sleep too.
Shi:I miss her.
Rit:I know.I promise you that I will show her to you.
Shi:Ritik..where will I stay?
Ritik was confused.Suddenly he remembered his best friend Samrat and called him.
Sam:Are yaar..why did you call me at mid night?

Rit:Samrat..I need a favour from you.Please pick me up from my house.
Sam:What?Is there any problem?
Rit:I will tell you everything later.But please do what I say?
Rit:But when you come park the car at the junction and give a missed call.I will come there.If you bring the car here others will know that I have left the house.That’s why I am not taking my car out.
Samrat thought:What happened to Ritik?Any problem between him and Shesha?May be he wants to be away from Shesha.But how long can he escape from her?After all she is his wife.

Samrat reached the junction and gave a missed call to Ritik.Ritik went there with Shivanya.Samrat was shocked to see Shivanya.
Rit:Yes.She is alive.She was in coma.Now she is back.As you know we can’t take Shivanya come to my house in this condition.Till things get sorted out she needs a house to stay.Please arrange one.

Sam:How is it possible in late night?Ok know that I have a house near the beach.No one is there.Let Shivanya stay there.
Rit:Thank you Samrat.
Sam:Why thank you Ritik?We are friends.
Ritik and Shivanya smiled.
They reached Samrat’s house.
Rit:Shivanya… will I stay here alone?
Rit:Close the door and be inside always.Don’t come out.Samrat will bring grocery items for you.And kitchen is know that.
Shivanya shed tears:I will miss you.
Ritik felt sad.His tears rolled down his cheeks.
Rit:Me too Shivanya.
Shi:I don’t know how I will stay here without seeing you.

Every evening after office hours I will come here.Happy?
Shivanya smiled tearfully.
Ritik found her neck with no nuptial chain. used to wear mangalsuthra daily.Where is it now?
Shivanya became upset:In the accident it got destroyed.I was scared whether it is a bad omen which will take you away from me.
Ritik became upset.
Rit:No Shivanya.I am always yours.Nothing has taken away me from you.
They shared an emotional eye lock.
Rit:Take care.I need to leave now.
Ritik and Samrat left the house.Shivanya closed the door.
Ritik got inside Samrat’s car.
Sam:Did you tell Shivanya about Shesha?
Rit:No.How can I tell it to her?

Sam:Then what reason did you give her for making her stay away from your house?
Rit:Death insurance which we need very badly.
Sam:Oh..but ho long can you hide it from her?One day she will know about Shesha.
Ritik burst into tears:I am scared about that.My Shivanya will be shattered.How will I face her?I don’t know.But now I can’t tell that to her.I will hide it from her as long as possible.

Look at my fate.Why did everyone maje me marry Shesha?Because of that now my Shivanya is away from me.If Shivanya had come earlier I would’nt have been forced to marry Shesha.
Ritik cried.Samrat was helpless seeing his pain.

Early morning..
Shesha opened her eyes and did not find Ritik on the bed.
Shesh:Where is Ritik?Where did he go?
Shesha came out of the room in search of him.

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    Nice but please unite rivanya as soon as poosible as i cant see them like this

  2. Unite Rivanya soon and give precap

  3. Hi di,love this rivanya as, but can you please tell me who is samrat’s role?

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks.Samrat is Mohit Sehgal.He had played Samrat in Mile jab hum tum.

  4. oh , such an emotional episode . feeling sad for rivanya . poor ritik , he is lying to shivanya that they r having a financial crisis , what will happen when shivanya comes to know that ritik is married to sesha , her heart will be broken . mohit sehgal is a good choice for playing samrat’s role . unite rivanya soon . eagerly waiting for the next episode , i am really sorry for the late comment jasmine di .

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