Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada… Rivanya SS Part 2

Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 2
Ritik:Sometimes the circumstance makes us take such drastic steps beta.But I love your mumma a lot and I can love only her.
Ritik kissed Shivangi’s forehead.

Flash back…

Ritik was bowled over seeing Shivanya in a green saree.He moved towards her and pulled her closer.
Shi:In a mood to romance?Naughty boy.

Rit:How can I not romance when I have a beautiful wife?
She blushed.

He moved towards her forehead to peck her.

She moved away her face. am going to temple.
Rit:So what?Which God has restricted us from romancing?
He moved closer to her and caressed her face softly.Their eyes locked onto each other.They were lost in each other.

Suddenly Shivangi came:Mumma..papa..
They got embarrassed and moved away from each other.
Shi:Are you both going anywhere?
Shi:No beta.Mumma is going to temple.
Shivangi:Can I too come with you?
Shi:You are not feeling well.Right?So take rest.Papa will be there with you and dadu dadi will tell you good stories.I will come back immediately.Ok.
Shivanya patted her cheek:Good girl.
She looked at Ritik:Bye bye Ritik.
Suddenly he held her hand.
Ritik:I don’t know why Shivanya.I feel strange when you are going out today.

Slowly he cupped her face in his hands emotionally.
Shi:Nothing like that Ritik.You simply feel like that.I am going to pray.Lord Shiva will protect me.

Shivanya went out.Ritik too accompanied her till the car.
The driver was drunk.
Rit:Dirty smell.You are drunk.Right?
Driver:Sorry Sir.
Rit:Shivanya..don’t go with him.I will drop you.
Shi:No need Ritik.You be with Shivangi.Otherwise she will feel bad.
Driver:Sir..though I am drunk I am in control.So I will drive well.You know that I am a good driver.
Shi:Don’t worry Ritik.There will be no problem.
Rit:But Shivanya..
Shi:It’s ok Ritik.
Shivanya got inside the car and the car was driven out by the driver.

The drunk driver could’nt drive properly and car was shaking.Shivanya got scared:Please be careful.
But due to his careful driving a truck hit the car and the car fell off the cliff.


Ritik’s tears rolled down his cheeks.
Rit:Lord Shiva..Shivanya was your devotee.She was coming to meet you.Then why did’nt you save her?
Ritik’s mother Yamini came and caressed him:Ritik..I know what you feel now.We too feel the same.We have not forgotten Shivanya yet and we will never give her place to anyone.But you know why we are forced to conduct this wedding.

Ritik’s sister Chaya and brother in law Viren come.
Viren:How long can you live in Shivanya’s memories Ritik?Move on man.If I was in your place I would have remarried long ago.
Ritik and Yamini felt upset.
Chaya took him to a corner and said :Viren..why are you talking like this and making them more upset?

Viren:I just told a fact Chaya.If Ritik lives like this it will be doing injustice to Shesha.Right?

Chaya was silent.

Ritik sat on the mandap.Shesha was brought to the mandap.He felt that the bride was Shivanya and he became emotional.

Suddenly realizing that it was Shesha his heart pained.

Very painfully Ritik made Shesha his wife.Shesha was on cloud nine.

Shivangi shed tears seeing Ritik marrying Shesha. the bedroom…

Shesha came closer to Ritik romantically.Suddenly they heard the door knock.
“Papa”.It was Shivangi.
Ritik opened the door.Shivangi hugged him.
Shivangi:Papa..I want to sleep with you.
Rit:Sure beta.You sleep with me.
Shesha got angry:Ritik..this is our first night and you are making Shivangi sleep with us?
Rit:Shivangi always sleeps besides me.
Shesha:But now I am your wife.How can Shivangi sleep with us?Tell Shivangi to go.
Shivangi pleaded:Papa..please don’t send me out.
Shesha:Shivangi..can’t you understand what I am saying?
Ritik got angry:Shesha..don’t shout at my daughter.I don’t like it.If Shivangi wants to be near me let her be with me.
Shes:But Ritik..
Yamini came:Shivangi are here?Come with dadi.
Shivan:No..I want to be with papa. are a good girl.Right?
Shivangi nodded.
Yam:Then come and sleep with us.Your dadu is waiting to tell you some interesting stories.
Shivan:Then I will come with you.
Yamini:Good girl.

Ritik:But maa..
Yamini whispered to Ritik:Try to understand Ritik.It’s not fair to make Shesha angry now.She is helping us financially.If we make her angry now everything will be in a mess.
Ritik became upset.
Yamini went out of the room with Shivangi.
Shesha was relieved.She held Ritik’s hand and smiled.
Shes:Finally you have become mine Ritik.It is my dream come true.
She caressed his face romantically.Ritik who felt uncomfortable walked away.
Rit:I feel head ache.Let me sleep.
Shesha became dull:Ritik..why don’t you admit that you are avoiding me purposefully as you don’t love me?You married me only because you needed my father;s financial support to save your falling business empire.Right?
Ritik kept quiet.

Shesha:But I challenge you that one day you will fall in love with me.
Ritik wept:I can’t forget my Shivanya.
Shesha got angry and thought:Even after dying you are coming between me and Ritik Shivanya.I hate you.

Ritik was reminded of his first night with Shivanya.

Shivanya was sitting on the bed in bridal attire.Ritik sat near her.

They both looked at each other with a smile.

He caressed her

Tum Jo Paas Aa Gaye Hum Jo Sharamaa Gaye
Raaj Dil Paa Gaye

and Shivanya embraced him blushing.

Tum Bhi Pehle Pehel Hum Bhi Pehle Pehel

They were lost in each other.

Tum Bhi Pehle Pehel Hum Bhi Pehle Pehel

He removed her head veil

and caressed her romantically.

Jab Nigaahe Mili Dil Mein Kaliyaa Khili
Jaisaa Leharaa Gaye

She smiled.

The shy Shivanya tried to move away,

but Ritik pulled her and she fell over him.They shared a passionate eye lock.

Tum Bhi Pehle Pehel Hum Bhi Pehle Pehel

Slowly they came closer and melted in each other.

Tum Bhi Pehle Pehel Hum Bhi Pehle Pehel-Umrao Jaan


Ritik wiped his wet eyes.He saw Shesha sleeping.He went to the kitchen and drank water.He was sweating due to his mental pain.He heard a knock at the door.Nobody heard it as they all were in deep sleep.
Rit:Who has come at late night?
He walked towards the door and opened it.
He could’nt believe his eyes.His lips shivered:Shivanya!
Shivanya smiled emotionally:Yes Ritik.I am back.
They embraced each other emotionally.

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  1. oh my god , so shivanya had an accident and everyone thought she is dead . their eyelock before shivanya goes to temple was nice . ritik seeing shivanya as bride was very sad , feeling very sad for him . sesha is so mean , she is not even allowing shivangi to sleep near ritik . ritik’s and shivanya’s flashback scenes were too too good .what ? shivanya is back , even though i am happy that she is alive i am sad that sesha will create hurdles in their life . hope rivanya get united soon . ur ff is rocking jasmine di ! eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes , rock on ! update soon . cant wait more

  2. Wow ! Loved the twist . Shivanya is back , But give precap

  3. It’s fantastic. Update next episode as soon as possible. Pls it’s an humble request. Unite rivanya and make Ritik to support shivanya only and not sesha.

  4. Rivanyaforever1

    Loving the twist. Shivanya is back so happy????
    Do continue soon.

  5. Is really shivanya alive. Nice epi

  6. Shakaib

    Really great work jasmine, Last scene of rivanya was emotional. Keep rocking.

  7. Siddhi

    Amazing episode dear

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