Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada Rivanya Neil Ragini Prem Simar FF Part 19

Dear Sara and Shakaib…you both want this FF to be extended.But sorry to to disappoint you both as I can’t extend it.actually there is nothing left after rivanya union.that’s why i’m ending it.if i drag, the story will get spoiled.But there is a happy news too.As I told you guys before chapter 19 was supposed to be last chapter of this FF.But for you guys I have decided not to end this FF with this chapter.There will be one more chapter for this FF.So please be happy.

Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 19
Viren:I had told you all before itself that Shivanya is alive.But nobody believed it.Now what say?
Shesha was numb.
Yamini:Ritik..Shivanya is…
Ritik:Yes Maa.Shivanya is alive.
Yamini was shocked.
Ankush:Yes Yamini.Ritik is right.He had told me the truth to me.

All were shocked.
Yamini:Then why did you hide it from me?
Ank:I am sorry Yamini.I had no other option.

Yamini:How easily you said that you did not have any other option.I never expected you to do this.
Ankush felt guilty.
Ritik:Maa..please don’t blame papa.It’s my fault.I only requested him to hide the truth.
Yamini:Tell me why did you hide it from us?How could you do this to us Ritik?
Ritik wept:I am sorry Maa.
Yamini’s eyes were full of tears:My Shivanya is alive.Ritik..why did’nt you bring her here if she was alive?

Ritik:How will I bring her here Maa?I got married to Shesha.If she sees Shesha as my wife here she would have been shattered.So with stupid excuses I kept her away from you all.I was scared of losing Shivanya if she comes to know of my marriage with Shesha.I could’nt imagine Shivanya hating me because of my marriage with Shesha.I was also scared whether Shivanya will even end up her life if she comes to know that her Ritik has another lady in his life.I became a coward.It’s completely my fault.
Yamini wept:My Shivanya was alive.I made a sin by getting you married to Shesha and making your life a hell.
Ritik became did it without being aware of the consequences.It is my fate.
Shesha looked at Ritik:Ritik..
Ritik:Don’t even call me.If my Shivanya is far from me it’s because of you Shesha.
Shesha was in tears:Because of me?

Rit:Yes.Shivanya hates me now.You know why?Because she came to know about our marriage and pregnancy.She thinks that you are really pregnant and we really living like husband and wife.You know Shesha..?Shivanya is still pretending to be dead to save your marriage with me and for your fake unborn child’s future.
Shesha was shocked.
Ritik cried:Now Shivanya broke our relationship too. She told me that she does’nt want to see me again.Earlier atleast on weekends I was about to see my Shivanya.Now onwards I can never see her because of you Shesha.
Shesha’s tears rolled down her cheeks.She ran to her room and cried.She remembered her dirty tricks and cried:What did i do?How could I hurt Ritik..the one whom I love the most?Enough..I failed..I can’t do this anymore.Because of me only Ritik in this state.I should bring back what he lost because of me.
Shesha packed her luggage and walked to the exit.
Shesha:I am leaving this house.This belongs to Shivanya,not to me.

All were stunned.
Ritik:You think if you go from here Shivanya will come back here?Then you are wrong.

She will never come back again.She is not willing to believe anything.
Ritik wept.Shesha felt upset.She left the house tearfully.

Simar came to Shivanya’s room.Seeing her Shivanya wiped her tears.
Sim:Even if you hide your tears I can see it Shivanya.
Shivanya was silent.
Simar:Anyways these tears are going to be temporary only.Your tears will end soon.Don’t be confused.You saved our marriage.So we won’t let your marriage to break so easily.
Shi:Please Simar..don’t try to unite me and Ritik.We can never unite.We have been separated forever.

Prem came:Shivanya..once you only made me understand that I may be wrong in judging Simar and that was true.Now it’s my turn to make you understand that you were wrong in judging Ritik.
Shi:How can I be wrong in judging Ritik?Ok..I understand ..thinking that I am dead he married Shesha.I am not blaming him for that.But he could have confessed it to me when I returned.Ok..I can even forgive him for hiding his wedding from me as he did that thinking that it will hurt me.But saying that he loves only me and getting closer to Shesha and even after she make pregnant she is coming to me hiding that can’t be forgiven.He is cheating not only me,but Shesha too.
Prem:No Shivanya.I agree that Ritik cheated you and Shesha by being with both of you.But physically and mentally he was closer to you only,not Shesha.
Shi:What are you saying Premji?

Simar:Come to the drawing room.Somebody is waiting for you.That person may be able to make you understand the truth.

Shi:What truth and who has come?
Prem:Samrat informed us a shocking truth.We only called that person to convince you.
Simar led her to the drawing room where Shivanya saw Shesha with a shock.Both of them became emotional seeing each other after a long time. too realized Ritik’s reality.Right?He was fooling you too like he fooled me.
Shesha:Ritik fooled both of us by hiding our presence in his life from each other.But he did that only because he feared that he will lose you.He loves you that much Shivanya.

Shi:Shesha…after cheating you how can you support him?
Shesha:Ritik has not cheated me or you,I only cheated him.
Shi:What do you mean?

Shesha told her the truth.Shivanya was shocked.
Shesha cried:Please forgive me Shivanya.My love blinded me.Trust me.if I had known that you were alive I would not have done this.I never wanted to separate you from Ritik.
Shivanya shed tears:How much did I hurt Ritik?
Shesha kept her arm on Shivanya’s shoulder:Shivanya…please don’t ignore Ritik.It’s after your accident that I have seen Ritik so upset before.He is really depressed Shivanya.He needs you Shivanya.

Shivanya wept.
Ragini:Shivanya..won’t you forgive Ritik now?
Nachiket:That poor guy has already suffered so much.Please don’t punish him more.

Shivanya cried.

Ritik was sitting at the place where he proposed Shivanya and crying.
Rit:My life is over.Without Shivanya my life has become empty again.
Suddenly he heard a voice from behind:What if Shivanya is there in your life/
Ritik turned back and looked .He could’nt believe his eyes:Shivanya?No..It can’t be Shivanya.I am simply hallucinating.
Shi:No Ritik.It’s me only.
Ritik was surprised:Shivanya…how come you are here?
Shi:Why?I can’t come here?

Rit:But you said you don’t want to see me again?
Shivanya remained silent.
Rit:Shivanya..that day you rejected Prem’s alliance because of your trust in me.Now you may be regretting it.Right?You could’ve moved on in your life instead of sticking on to a person like me.

Suddenly Shivanya slapped him.Ritik was shocked.
Shi:Premji is my friend Simar’s husband.Should I have married him according to you?I am happy that I rejected that proposal,otherwise we too would have suffered like me,you and Shesha.
Rit:I did’nt mean Prem.But anyone who is nice.
Shi:Just because there were problems between us should I move on with another guy?Will you be happy if I do that?Will you be able to tolerate if you see me with another man?

O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..

Ritik nodded ‘no’ tearfully.

Udne laga kyon man baawla re
Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re

Shi:I have only one person in my life and that is you Ritik.

O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..

Ritik was emotional and happy.
Rit:Did you forgive me Shivanya?
She smiled emotionally:Yes.
They embraced each other emotionally.

Tanabana tanabana bunti hawaa haaye bunti hawa
Boondein bhi to aaye nahi baaz yahan

Ritik:You are too good Shivanya.You are a Goddess.Even after knowing that I cheated you ,you did not even slap me once.
Shivanya:Ritik…don’t talk about it.Let us forget it.
Ritik:No Shivanya.I atleast deserve a slap from you for betraying you.
He held her hand and started slapping his cheeks with her hand.Shivanya was shocked.
Suddenly she took off her hands.

Shiv:Stop it Ritik,Are you mad?Yes you betrayed me.But you did’nt do it purposefully.You were spineless Ritik.That’s why you did it to me.I have forgiven you.I want to forget everything and start a new life with you,Shivangi and our family.Please don’t dig up the past again.
Ritik felt upset seeing her pain:I am sorry Shivanya…for everything I did to you.
Shivanya was silent.She started caressing his cheeks which got hurt by slaps.
He kept staring at her softly.

O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..(Aaja nachle).

Slowly e circled his arms around her neck and looked at her cheerfully:So my natural beauty…shall we go home?
She smiled.

He pulled her more closer to him.She was shy.

Suddenly they heard claps from behind.They moved away from each other and turned back.Ankush,Yamini,Shivangi,Viren and Chaya were there.Ritik was surprised.
Rit:You all..?
Yamini smiled:Shivanya came to our house Ritik.
Ritik was surprised:What?
Shivanya:How long can I be away from my family?I longed to meet papaji,Maa..our darling Shivangi..
Ritik smiled.
Shivanya lifted up Shivangi in her arms and kissed her cheek.
Shiv:I missed my Shivangi so much.
Yamini:Shivanya…now nobody can separate you and Shivangi.
Shivanya smiled:I will not let mumma go anywhere without me.
Shivanya said emotionally:Yes Shivangi beta.I also promise you that I will not go anywhere without taking you.
Ritik:Shivanya..promise me too the same.
Shivanya nodded smiling:Yes.
Ritik held them closer.
Shivangi:Mumma…You know one thing?Once one aunty came to meet me in burka.She was just like you.

Everybody smiled.
Viren:Arey Shivangi was your mumma only in burka.
Shivangi:Phuphaji ..stop lying.
Everybody laughed.
Viren:Why nobody believes me even when I say truth?
Chaya:Because all are used to your lies.
Everybody laughed. was your mumma only came to see you.
Shivanya could’nt believe it:Then why did’nt you tell me when I called you aunty?Why did you wear burka?

Ritik:Mumma had a fancy dress competition.So she was not allowed to reveal her identity.That’s why.
Shivangi:Wow!So mumma must have won the competition.Right?
Ritik:Yes mumma got first prize.
Shivangi:Congrats mumma.My mumma is the best.
Being in Shivanya’s arms Shivangi kissed both Shivanya and Ritik on their cheek.
Everybody smiled.

Ankush:Made for each other jodi.
Yamini:God bless them.Let no evil eyes fall on them.
Chaya:Such a sweet jodi.
Viren:I have always troubled them.But seeing Ritik and Shivanya together I regret doing that.They are too good with each other.Saale saab..sorry for all the trouble I caused for you.
Ritik smiled:I am happy that at least now you started thinking good for us.
Viren was embarrassed.

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