Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada Rivanya Neil Ragini Prem Simar FF Part 18

Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 18

Shivanya:Please tell Ritik..what is the meaning of all this?
Ritik burst out:It is true Shivanya.
Shivanya was shocked.
Rit:When you went missing we all thought that you were no more.In your absence I had to marry Shesha.But trust me Shivanya..I did that only to save our business.
Shivanya was in tears:You married Shesha and you are giving business as reason.
Ritik held her hand:Shivanya..really I am saying the truth.I had no other option to save our family business.Shesha amd her father only helped us.In return Shailesh uncle demanded that I should marry Shesha.

She removed his hand off her.
Shi:Now Shesha is pregnant.
Rit:It happened when I was not in my senses.Trust me Shivanya.I don’t know how it happened.Please believe me.
Shi:Ritik..I would not have found fault with you if you had confessed the truth earlier.But instead you fooled me a lot.You played with my emotions.Now if I had’nt found your truth you would’nt have confessed it now also.
Rit:Shivanya…I did’nt hide it purposefully.I did’nt have the strength to see your pain when you know about my wedding with Shesha.I did have the fear of losing you too.
Shi:Does Shesha know about my come back?

Shi:So that’s why you hid me intelligently.Means you cheated not only me,but also Shesha who loves you madly.Because of you I was even restricted from meeting my own daughter.
Ritik kept his hand on her shoulder painfully:Shivanya..
Shivanya removed his hand off her angrily:Don’t touch me.You have lost the right to touch me.I hate you Ritik.
Ritik was shattered:Shivanya..
Shi:But don’t worry..I will not destroy your married life with Shesha.It will spoil an innocent girl like Shesha.If she comes to know that i am alive she will be in distress and the baby who is growing in her womb will also be in distress.I will not let that happen because of me.So I will pretend to be dead forever.For that I will stay away from my Shivangi too.
Shivanya was crying like hell.
Ritik could not bear her tears.He went near her to wipe her tears.
She shouted:I told you to stay away from me.
Ritik became upset.
Everybody came hearing her shout.
Nachiket:What is happening here?
Ragini:Shivanya..why are you crying?

Shi:Ritik betrayed me.He has another wife now and she is pregnant too.

All were shocked.
Nach:So finally Shivanya came to know the truth.
Shi:Did you all know Ritik’s truth before?
Prem:Yes.Ritik had confessed to us about his wedding to us.
Shi:Still you all hid it from us?
Ragini:We hid it as we did’nt want to see you upset.
Samrat:Shivanya…Ritik did’nt betray you.Only you have place in his heart.Whatever happened was because of the circumstance.
Shi:Samrat..please don’t support your friend always.I am also your friend.Right?Think about my condition.I lost my faith in Ritik whom I trusted more than myself.I considered Ritik as my Pati Parameshwar.But what he did to me wounded my heart brutally.When I lost my family I thought atleast I have my Ritik with me.But I realized now that I have lost Ritik.Ritik is not mine now.He belongs to Shesha.Now I feel the same pain I felt when I lost my parents years back.I have become an orphan again.
Shivanya cried.

Rit:No are not an orphan.
Shi:Stay away from me Ritik.Never visit me again.
Ritik became upset.
Ragini hugged her and consoled her:Shivanya…you consider us as your family.Right?Then how can you say that you are an orphan?We are there for you always.
Shivanya shed tears on Ragini’s lap.
Ritik moved away.Except Ragini and Shivanya all followed him.
Rit:I deserve this.But I swear..I did’nt do it with a bad intention.
He cried.
Nach:We all know that Ritik.One day Shivanya will also understand that.
Rit:Shivanya does’nt even want to see my face.
Simar:That will be only for some time Ritik.Very soon Shivanya will forgive you knowing your heart.You and Shivanya only returned us our happy married life.So we will never let you separated from Shivanya.

Prem:But what about Shesha?How can Ritik and Shivanya unite when Shesha is there?It;s not easy.
Simar:I don’t know Premji.But I feel that Ritik and Shivanya are made for each other and Matarani will never separate us.If they were to separate they would have separated after Shivanya’s accident or even after Shivanya’s come back.
Nach:Let us hope for a better future.
Rit:But i have no hope.
Ritik left sadly.Everybody felt sad for him.

Ritik and Shivanya thought about the moments they spent together and cried.

( Dard Mein Bhi Yeh Lab Muskura Jaate Hai

Beete Lamhein Hamein Jab Bhi Yaad Aate Hai )… (2)
Beete Lamhein…(The Train).

Samrat was in a mall.He was going to the parking area where he saw Shesha handing over money to a woman.It was Dr.Nisha.He hid behind them.
Dr.Nisha:Now I am happy.

Shesha:I thought you were my close friend.But you are black mailing me now.
Nisha:For money I forget all relationships.
Samrat thought:Blackmailing?Why is she blackmailing Shesha?Something is fishy.

I can’t leave them like that.
Samrat took his mobile and started taking their video.
Shesha:You are so cheap Nisha.I never knew that.

Nisha:How dare you call me cheap Shesha?Who is more cheaper than you?You are fooling your own husband by this pregnancy drama.
Samrat was confused:Pregnancy drama?
Nisha:You added sleeping pills in your husband’s milk and made him believe later that he got intimate with you while the truth is that he never touched you.
Samrat was shocked.
Nisha:You even made me make fake report that you are pregnant to get your husband and family’s attention.And then you are calling me cheap?
Samrat was very angry:Ritik was right.He did’nt know what was happening between him and Shesha.I feel like strangulating her.But leaving her now as I have more important work to do.

Samrat met Ritik. said that you don’t know how you got intimate with Shesha.Right?Your feeling was right.You did’nt know how it happened as nothing between you and Shesha that night.
Rit:What do you mean?

Sam:You have not betrayed Shivanya.This video is the proof.
Samrat played the video of Shesha and Nisha.Ritik was shocked.
He smiled emotionally:It means I have not cheated my Shivanya.
Samrat smiled:Yes.It was all Shesha’s play.
Ritik got irritated.

Ritik entered his house shouting:Shesha!
Shesha and all family members came hearing him shout.
Shesha:What happened Ritik?
Rit:You are asking me what happened?You only know what is happening.Right?

Shesha:Tell me clearly.
Ritik played the video of Shesha and Nisha.
All were shocked.
Chaya:Really Shesha did it?
Viren:Oh God!It means Ritik is innocent as he looks like.He loves only Shivanya.
Shesha shivered.He could’nt face him.
Rit:I feel like slapping you.But i am not doing that as I hate to even touch you.
Ankush:Ritik i understand you completely.You can never cheat your true love.I am sorry beta.For one moment I also doubted you.
Yamini got angry:Shesha..I never thought that you can stoop so low.
Shesha:I did all this to get Ritik’s love.

Ritik:To get my love?I told you many times that I can never love you.Because i love only Shivanya.
Shesha was frustrated:I know that you love Shivanya the most.That is why though i loved you madly i never tried to come between you and Shivanya.But Shivanya is dead,still you did’nt accept me.That’s why i did this.
Ritik lost his control and blasted:Shivanya is not dead.She is alive.
All were stunned.
Shesha:What did you say?
Ritik:Yes.Shivanya is alive.
All were shocked

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