Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada Rivanya Neil Ragini Prem Simar FF Part 15

Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 15
Prem:How can you both be so cheap.
Shivanya lost her control and burst out:Enough Premji.I cannot tolerate anyone pointing fingers at our relationship. call this a pure relationship?

Ritik:Shivanya..please control yourself.

Don’t say anything in haste.

Shi: No Ritik.Don’t stop me now.I cannot keep quiet if anybody questions our relationship in a wrong way.
Ritik became upset.
Prem:Tell me Shivanya.What explaination can you give now?
Shi:This sindoor is put by my own husband.

Prem was shocked:You are married?
Shi:Yes…I am married.I am an unlucky wife who had to hide her own sindoor and mangalsuthra. And my husband is none other than this Ritik.
Prem was shocked.He was numb for a few moments.
P:We all trusted you both a lot.But you both fooled us intelligently.But why?What are you going to gain out of it?I am ashamed to say that we all treated you both like our own.

Shivanya shed tears:Yes,we are wrong in hiding the truth.
Ritik:Our circumstance only made us lie.
Samrat:Yes Prem.Don’t misunderstand them.
P:You shut up Samrat.You too hid it from us?Let dad mom return from the function.They shouldknow your true colour.
Ritik,Shivanya and Samrat were upset.

When Nachiket and Ragini returned from the party they were shocked to hear the truth from Prem.
They could’nt believe it.
Ritik and Shivanya folded their hands and apologized:Please forgive us for our mistakes.

Nach:How can we just forget it through a simple apology?You both wounded our heart very badly.
Ritik Shivanya were upset.
Nach:Shivanya..Ritik…we thought we treated you as our own.How can someone cheat their own family members?
Ragini:We considered you as our own daughter.That’s why we even thought of making you our daughter in law.But you did what enemies do.
Shivanya all are misunderstanding us.We did’nt have any bad intention.Please believe us.

Prem:You all said Shivanya is an ideal woman.But she is not different from my ex wife.
Ritik blasted:Don’t compare my Shivanya with your unfaithful wife.No one can be as ideal and pure like my Shivanya.
Samrat:It is not Ritik or Shivanya’s fault.It’s me who started this lie.Ritik and Shivanya obeyed me to act as siblings with a lot of pain.

Nach:What made you lie Samrat?
Sam:Because I did’nt want my friends Ritik and Shivanya to be in trouble.So I hid their identity.
Samrat told that it’s for insurance that they are hiding Shivanya.All were shocked.They all felt sad.
Ragini:Shivanya did a big sacrifice for Ritik’s family.Only a few women do this for her husband’s family.
Nach:That’s true.

Prem:Shivanya..I insulted you and Ritik a lot.Please forgive me.
Shi:Anybody in your position would have reacted the same way as we did mistake.But I just lost my control.
Ragini caressed her:We did’nt know that you suffered so much Shivanya. are lucky to have a wife like Shivanya.
Nach:I agree.Very few men like you get such a nice wife.

Ritik:Yes.Shivanya is my luck.
Shivanya smiled.
Anjali came running.
Anj:Shivanya aunty..please help me to do Maths homework.
Shivanya went to Anjali’s room with her.
Nachiket:But Ritik…you are hurting Shivanya too much.For such a silly reason you are hiding Shivanya from all?You are making your own wife dead in public for money?Is it justified?
Ritik became upset:I know I can never be justified.If you hear the whole truth you will be more angry with me.
Nach:Full truth?
Rit:Yes.the real reason why I am hiding Shivanya is unknown to Shivanya.
All were stunned:What?
Rit:No Samrat.They deserve to know the whole truth.
Ritik told them about his marriage with Shesha.
They all were shocked.
Ragini:Poor Shivanya.She will be shattered.
Prem:Quite some time ago I was angry with Shivanya.Now I pity her.

Ritik wept:But I did’nt do it to betray Shivanya.If I knew that Shivanya was alive I would’nt have married Shesha.
Nachiket:I understand your condition.You married Shesha thinking that Shivanya is no more.You can’t be blamed.But how long can you hide it from her?One day truth will come out.Right?
Rit:I know that.But I fear about her reaction.I can’t see her heart breaking.I have no strength to bear her hatred.So I request you all to hide the truth from Shivanya.

Ritik cried.
All became sad.
Prem:Ok Ritik.We won’t disclose it to Shivanya.
Ragini:Yes.Because that poor innocent girl deserves atleast peace of mind.
Samrat patted him to comfort him.

After some time Ritik was returning.They both were sad.
Ritik:Don’t be sad Shivanya.All misunderstandings are clear now and we don’t have act in front of Nachiketji and family.So be happy.Bye..see you in next weekend.
Shivanya wept:Ok.
They bid good bye.

After a month..

Yamini to Shesha:Shesha..I am busy now.Please teach Shivangi.
Shesha was irritated,but she pretended to be happy:Sure.
Shivangi was aunty should not teach me.

Yamini:Shivangi..why do you say so?You should be grateful to her for being willing to teach you.
Yamini left.
Shesha said rudely to her:Bring your book now.
Shesha tried to teach her.But Shivangi was not able to grasp anything,Shesha got angry:You can’t listen properly?Why are you wasting my time?

She tried to slap her face.Suddenly Ritik held her hand.Shesha was shocked to see Ritik.
Rit:How dare you try to slap my daughter?
Shivangi cried hugging Ritik:Papa..
Rit:Beta…have Shesha aunty beaten you before?
Shivangi cried:She is always like this papa.
Ritik was very angry:How can you beat such a small child just for a silly thing?
Ritik raised his hand to slap her,but he controlled himself.
Rit:You deserve a slap from me.But slapping a woman is not my culture.
Shesha was hurt.
Hearing Ritik shout all others came inside.
Yamini:What happened?
Ritik:You all thought that Shesha will give motherly affection to Shivangi.Right?But her true colour is out.She has always hurt her physically.
All were shocked.
Yamini:Now I understand why Shivangi hates to be with you.It’s because of your nature that she hates you.
Shesha was hurt.
Yamini:We all got you married to Ritik forcefully.That was the biggest mistake by us.
Yamini yelled at her:Don’t call me mummiji.

Only Shivanya deserves to call me like that.
Shesha was irritated hearing Shivanya’s name.
Ritik:I can’t forgive you for hurting my daughter.So I am breaking our relationship now.Get out.
All were shocked including Shesha.
Viren thought:So Ritik is planning very well to get rid of Shesha and bring back Shivanya. mean to divorce Shesha?
Ritik:Yes di.I can’t live with a woman who tortures my daughter.
Shesha thought angrily:Because of this Shivangi I am losing my Ritik.I hate you Shivangi.
Ankush:Whatever decision you take I support you Ritik.
Yamini:I too support Ritik as there is nothing more than important than Shivangi for me.
Shesha shed crocodile tears.
Shesha:How can you break our relationship Ritik?You can’t do that.
Ritik:Why can’t I do that?Because we are living in your favour?Our business is doing well now.I promise that I will return all the money you and your father gave us.

So get out.
Shesha was shattered.Like a wounded snake she thought:Who wants your money Ritik?I want only you.I can’t lose you at any cost.
Suddenly Shesha fainted.All were shocked.
Y:Ritik..what happened to Shesha.Let us take her to hospital now.
They took her to hospital.
The doctor came out after testing:Don’t worry.Shesha is pregnant.
All were shocked.Ritik was shattered.
He thought:My one mistake has become the worst mistake of life now.I can’t forgive myself for this.
They all went to meet Shesha.
Shesha shed crocodile tears:Please forgive me.I admit that i did a big mistake.I promise that I will not repeat it.
They all became upset.
Yamini:Ritik..for your innocent baby in Shesha’s womb please forgive her.
Shesha cried:Please Ritik..give me one more chance.I will not let you get upset because of me again.I will say sorry to Shivangi too.
Shesha looked at Shivangi:Shivangi beta…please forgive me.Please tell papa to forgive Shesha aunty for your little sister or brother.
Shivangi looked at Ritik with a sad face:Papa..for my little sibling please forgive Shesha aunty. .

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    1. Jasminerahul

      u r mistaken.shesha’s pregnancy truth has not come out.They just came to know how shesha treats Shivangi.Please read it again.

      I’ve updated my Ishra ff Fanaa n Ishra Arshi FS Luv n emotions4.plz have a look

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    Di, i also mean by Shesa pregnancy truth come out, that they came to know about it. But I want to know why Dr don’t tell them that Shesa is 1 month pregnant.

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  4. Shakaib

    Oh I don’t know this that consummation was lie from Shesa, really she is very wicked lol. Then who is father of baby..??

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      Shesha made Ritik sleep by adding sleeping pills in his milk n lay near him to make him believe that they consummated.Actually nothing had happened.About her pregnancy..wait n watch

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