Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada Rivanya Neil Ragini Prem Simar FF Part 14

Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyada…I have started living more than before..Part 14
Shivanya:What are you all discussing about?My marriage with Premji?How cab you all even think like that about us?
Nachiket and Ragini were stunned by her reaction.
Rag:But Shivanya..
Shi:You all treat me like your own.But in return to marry I can’t..
Nach:Yes..we treat you as our own.That’s why we thought of uniting Prem and you.
Shi:But i can’t…I can’t marry Premji.
Shivanya was in tears.

Ritik could’nt bear it anymore.
Rit:Can’t you all hear what Shivanya said.She is not interested to marry Prem.
Nachiket and Ragini became upset.
Ragini:Shivanya..may we know why you don’t want to marry Prem?
Suddenly they heard a voice:I will tell why.
They saw Prem coming downstairs.

P:I will say why Shivanya can’t marry me.
Ritik and Shivanya became nervous.
Ritik thought:Did Prem know our truth?
P:Shivanya is a perfect girl.She is from a good family.Educated and beautiful too.Then why should she marry a man who is already married?No girl will prefer to marry a man with a kid.Every girl wishes for a man who was not married before however rich and handsome he is. Shivanya too has dreams about her marriage.

Nachiket and Ragini felt sad.
Ragini:Prem is right.I never thought that much about that.Sorry for that.
Nachiket:Me too did’nt think about it due to selfishness.Please forgive us.
Ritik:Please….please don’t feel sorry.
Nach:Ritik..anybody else in your position would have shouted at us for bringing an already married man’s proposal for his sister.
Ritik felt upset.
Nach:Shivanya..please don’t keep this in your mind.
Rag:Yes.Please forget this proposal and continue to live with us like before.
Shivanya did’nt look at Prem.
P:Shivanya..don’t hesitate to look at my face.I never loved you and crave for you.I just agreed to marry you only for Anjali.So don’t think I will disturb you coming after you.

Ritik and Shivanya were relieved knowing Prem’s mind.
P:I promise you that now onwards no one will hurt you with this proposal.Please forgive me too for involving in it.
Shivanya wept:Please don’t hurt me like this with sorry.All of you are misunderstanding me.I rejected this alliance for some other reason…not because Premji was married before.
Everybody looked at her in confusion.

Rag:Then why?
Shivanya’s lips shivered:Because…
She could’nt complete her sentence.
Nach:What are you hiding from us Shivanya?Tell.

Seeing Nachiket pressurizing Shivanya Ritik burst out.
Ritik:Yes.Shivanya can’t marry Prem because she is….
Shivanya got nervous whether Ritik will burst out the truth in frustration.So she talked in between.
Shi:Because I love somebody else.
All were shocked.
Ritik stared at Shivanya.
Nach:Oh…if we had known about it before we would not have even thought about this alliance.
Rag:Why did’nt you tell this before Shivanya?Who is that lucky guy?
Shivanya looked at Ritik emotionally.Ritik looked at her painfully.
Shi:Please don’t ask me more about him.
Ritik:He does’nt want his identity to be revealed to others until he gets settle down.Shivanya is waiting for him to settle down.
Nach:Ok..all the best for you and your man Shivanya.
Ragini:Whoever he is..he is very lucky to have you in his life.
Shivanya smiled.
Nach:By the way Ritik ..why are you not getting married?
Ritik was silent.Ritik and Shivanya became upset.
Rit:Or do you also have a girl in your life.
Rit:Yes.I have a girl who loves me unconditionally.

They all smiled.Shivanya looked at him emotionally.
Rit:When the right time comes I will tell you all who that girl is as you all have become like our family members.
They all smiled.
The phone rang.Nachiket atended the call.It was Samrat.Nachiket put the phone on speaker.
Samrat:Hey Neil uncle…how are you?
Nach:We all are fine and even your friends Ritik and Shivanya are fine.
Sam:That’s great.I just rang up to invite you all for my birthday party in the evening at Blue rose hotel.It’s a small get together of only friends.My friends in Bombay wanted a party from me.So that’s why I am conducting it here.
Nach:So you have reached our city.
Nach:But sorry Samrat.We can’t come as we need to attend our relative’s wedding reception.We are leaving for the party after some time.But anyways happy birthday wishes from us.
Sam:Oh…that’s so sad.
Rag:Don’t worry Samrat.We will give you a birthday gift later. are always welcome.By the way can’t Prem attend the party?
Prem:Sorry Samrat.I have an important meeting in the evening.So I can’t come.
Sam:So sad yaar.
Nach:Anyways your best friends Ritik and Shivanya will be there for the party.
Samrat smiled.

Nackiket saw Ragini gloomy. are thinking about how our hopes got shattered.Right?
Rag:Yes Neil.I am sad that we are not lucky enough to make Shivanya our daughter in law.

But at the same time I am happy for Shivanya’s love life.
Nach:Someone somewhere is made for our Prem and Anjali.She will come to us at the right time.
Rag:I hope so.

After some time Nachiket,Ragini and Anjali left for the wedding reception.Prem left to his office.
Ritik saw Samrat’s missed calls in his mobile and called him back.
Sam:Hey many times did I call you?you never picked the calls.I called to invite you and Shivanya to my birthday party.
Rit:So many things happened,so I did’nt even know when you rang up.
Sam:What happened?
Ritik told him about Prem Shivanya’s alliance.Samrat was shocked.
Sam:Anyways it’s been solved.So don’t take tension.And get ready for the party.

Shivanya wore a red saree.Ritik was lost in her beauty.
He went closer to her:You look beautiful.
She blushed.

Shivanya took a sindoor tin:Ritik..all these days I did’nt wear sindoor fearing the society.But now in this party we don’t need to fear anyone.So please fill the partition of my hair with sindoor.

Rit:Sure.I am also longing to apply sindoor on your forehead in my name.

Ritik took a pinch of sindoor from it and applied it on the partition of her hair.She became emotional.Her necklace became loose and fell down.But Ritik caught it on correct time and placed it around her neck.

He put it’s hook with his mouth.Feeling his lips on her skin she felt magical.

After making her wear the necklace he smiled at her.She made him wear the overcoat.
Rit:Shivanya..why you look so dull?
Shi:Ritik..still the morning incident gives me tension.We said so many lies to those nice people.I feel guilty.

He held her hand.
Rit:I am also guilty.But after sorting out the problems we will tell the truth.I am sure that they will understand us.

He cupped her face in his hands:Don’t worry about that.Now we will attend Samrat’s party.

They went for Samrat’s party.

Unexpectedly Prem’s meeting got cancelled.
P:Damn it.If I had known about this before i could’ve joined dad and mom to the reception party.They have already gone and now I can’t go there as it’s too late for that.Since the party is far even if I start now by the time I reach there it will be too late.
Suddenly he remembered Samrat’s birthday party.
P:Good.I can attend Samrat’s party now.I will give him a surprise.

Music was played at the party.
Samrat:Ritik..Shivanya..nobody is here to recognize you both.Neil uncle and family are also not here.So you people are free to dance here.Have a romantic dance.

Ritik-Shivanya smiled.They started dancing romantically.

Kaise kahun ishq mein tere
Kitna hoon betaab main
Aankhon se aankhe mila ke

Chura loon tere khwaab main (x2)
Mere saaye hain saath mein
Yaara jis jagah tum ho

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..
Wajah tum ho.. (x2)– Hate Story 3

Prem reached the party.His eyes fell on the most charming dancing couple Ritik-Shivanya.He was shocked to see their intimate dance.
Suddenly Ritik Shivanya saw Prem and stopped dancing.They shivered as they were almost caught red handed..
Prem was staring at them.
P:You both are siblings.Then how can you both dance like this?Disgusting.
Suddenly he saw sindoor on Shivanya’s forehead.
P:Shivanya is unmarried.Right?Then how come sindoor on her the partition of her hair?
Prem was restless:Can somebody tell what is the meaning of all this?

Ritik Shivanya were nervous and upset.They were sweating.Samrat who witnessed this was also upset.He did’nt know what to do and how to save Ritik Shivanya from this situation.

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